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  1. Jackspital liked an article by Jack³, How to make a custom lot with the Lot Editor   
    How to make a custom lot with the Lot Editor

    What you need:
    • SC4BAT
    • Plugin Manager
    • Lot Editor Make sure you download all 3 files on the page.
    • Gmax

    1st: Open the SC4Bat.

    Zoom in on the Top view in the Top-Left corner. Make a box that is very small.

    See? Very Small.

    #2: Click on the hammer button on the top-right corner of the right part of the screen. Click BAT>Quality(Select Draft)>Export. Make sure you save it as draft quality.

    Save it as anything you want but I will save it as project001. This is very helpful for later. After you press save it will show pictures of the little box in different zooms and angles. Do not X out of the box. When it is done it will tell you.

    When this comes up press yes.

    #3: Open the plugin manager

    Find your item and drag it into the parks category.

    Then follow the instructions in the following picture.

    When you are done with that click Apply. Then close the Plugin Manager.

    #4: Open the lot editor. When it asks you for a lot to edit, search pz1x1 and click the one selected in the picture.

    Change the highlighted areas to 90 and 50.

    Now delete all of the props by dragging a box over them on the right part of the screen. And change the base texture.

    Go to the building tab and press “replace item”. Find a select your building, I named it project001. Then put it in the back corner of your lot.

    Now add props and trees and you're almost done!

    Then click the Save As button and save your new park.

    And that is how you make a custom lot using the lot editor! You can do this with other things like editing police stations or schools. Just drag your building into the right category in the plugin manager and open a building (in the lot editor) in the menu that you want your lot to show up in.

    Have fun making parks and buildings!
  2. Jack³ liked an article by deadwoods, Creating Custom Lot Icons   
    Level: Intermediate
    Please PM STomnibus if you have any questions about this article.

    This tutorial walks through my approach to creating custom lot icons that show up in the game menus.

    The tutorial assumes the following knowledge:
    A basic understanding of graphics formats, such as PNG
    Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop (a recent version, such as 8.0CS)
    Familiarity with loading icons using one of; DarkMatter's EasyGen, iLive's Reader, or iLives LEProp
    If using the Reader, you will need to understand TGI's and IID's.
    This tutorial walks through how I've been creating custom icons. There are some slicker mechanisms created by Andreas_Roth and GasCooker, but I'll leave it to them to upload these. Attached to this tutorial is the Photoshop template I use.


    This tutorial arose out of my frustration with the existing custom icon creation mechanisms. Currently there is:

    The icon files generated by LE. Yep, say no more.
    The sample template supplied in the "Help with Icons" download by Metabomb. It creates close to what the game supplies, but the corners are angled rather than rounded.
    DarkMatters EasyTweaker - but this doesn't create icons using the full 44x44 image you supply, it takes roughly the top/left 75% of the image (he was working on fixing this at the time of writing).
    iLives LEProp - but it doesn't create the four icon "strip", just loads what you give it.
    Now I like to create stuff for the game that is in sympathy with how the game does it. With menu icons this means rounded corners, transparency and the right thickness borders (yes I know it's pretty anal).

    So I started to play with a new copy of Photoshop and then Adobe ImageReady. Why ImageReady? It has a Rounded Rectangular Marquee tool that I thought the vanilla Photoshop didn't. I later found a way to do rounded corners with the Photoshop Marquee tool. So the rest of this tutorial uses Photoshop.

    Before we Start

    Before we start you will need the following:
    Adobe Photoshop (preferably a recent version, this tutorial may not work on older versions)

    An image you will use for your icon (the icon portion will be 44x44 pixels)
    The icon strip template (see icon_base.zip). Be aware that the "highlighted" icon (the one on the right of the four) has a 3px solid white border that curves around the icon. So you need to be careful of anything within 4 pixels of the edge and 7-8 pixels in from the corner. Don't expect something on the edge of your 44x44 pixel image to show up properly.

    FYI, the icon strip template was built in ImageReady (you could do it in Photoshop). It has the four 44x44 icons as per the standard game ones;

    The "locked reward" greyscale icon. It has a 1px rounded border, black with 40% opacity, created with a Style of "1pt Black Stroke No Fill".

    The "normal" icon. It has a 1px rounded border, black with 40% opacity, created with a Style of "1pt Black Stroke No Fill".
    The "currently selected" (last one used) icon. It has a 1px rounded border, black with 80% opacity, created with a Style of "1pt Black Stroke No Fill", and a 3px rounded border, white with 40% opacity, created with a Style of "3pt White Stroke No Fill".
    The "highlighted" (mouse currently over) icon. It has a 3px rounded border, white with 100% opacity, created with a Style of "3pt White Stroke No Fill". This is about as close as I could get it to the ingame ones.

    Steps to Create the Icon

    To create a custom icon in Photoshop using the template:
    Open the icon_base.psd file and expand the view to 400% (Ctrl+=). This will make it easier to work with later on.
    Open the image you want to use for your icon. I find it easier to first crop it to 46x46 pixels but you don't need to.
    Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and set it to Fixed size of 44 x 44.

    Select the area you want for your icon with the tool.
    Choose Select -> Modify -> Smooth and set the Sample Radius to 5 pixels.

    Your selection should have rounded corners like in the following picture.

    Copy the selection (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) onto the icon_base.psd file.
    Move the new layer (what you've just pasted) to the very left, so that the image is touching the left border (it should line up with the left most grey border).
    Next we convert this layer to greyscale. There are a few ways to do this. The way I've done is to select Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation and set Saturation to -100 and Hue to +30 (makes it a bit lighter). Close the dialog.

    Paste the image again (Ctrl+V) and move it left to line up with the second border (it should touch the greyscale one you were just working on).
    Paste the image again (Ctrl+V) and move it to the right to line up with the third border.
    Paste the image again (Ctrl+V) and move it to the right to line up with the fourth border. It should be hard against the right of the base image, i.e. you should now have for copies of the image (one greyscale) touching each other with no gaps.

    It's highly likely that the new images are on top of the borders. To fix this you will need to go to the Layers box/tab and move the new layers down so that the borders show.
    You might want to save this file as a Photoshop File (.psd) but it's not necessary.
    Do a "Save As" to save it to a .PNG file. You must save is as not Interlaced (i.e. on PNG Options dialog, select None). You should now have an "icon strip" (a 176x44 image) ready for loading into your custom lot.

    Importing the Icon into your Custom Lot

    There are a number of tools you can use to do this, such as DarkMatter's EasyTweaker (in DatGen), iLive's Reader and iLive's LEProp. EasyTweaker and LEProp are very straightforward, with a button to import the custom png file and replace the LotEditor-generated icon.

    Using the reader you will need to import the custom icon file and either
    Set the TGI values of your custom icon to the TGI values of the LotEditor-generated one, and remove the LotEditor-generated one, or
    Give the custom icon a new/unique IID and change the "Item Icon" exemplar to point to the new IID. You should also remove the old icon png file from your lot file.
    That's all that's needed. You should now see your custom icon in the game menu.

    One thing to be careful of with custom icons. If you modify your custom lot using the Lot Editor, it will overwrite the custom png file (if you've used the same IID). This means you will have to reload the custom icon if you use the Lot Editor on the lot.

    That's pretty much it. If you have any questions, PM deadwoods or email at st_deadwoods@optusnet.com.au.