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  1. Not exactly the same problem, but cannot open anymore my last started project since few days before the update. Guess I'll have to start all over... Good luck all of you, and be strong !
  2. Damn I didn't know this about "killing" the windows license by changing the motherboard... As for the HDD I got pretty lucky 2 months ago because windows is installed on my SSD, and my HDD just suddenly died... I still have time before changing my motherboard anyway so I'll see how can I do then for windows... Thanks for the infos!
  3. I haven't saved it yet, I'm gonna make one recovery disk in case of any new problem, on a USB i guess, because i got Windows 10 for free when they released it so no CD.
  4. Okay, I figured out this week-end that only 1 out of the 4 cores of the processor was activated, which explains the bad performances of the game... So this is fixed. Now I'm just trying to figure out why I can't open anymore my cities since yesterday when I downloaded only few assets more. Two appeared to be broken and I took them out, but maybe a mod has been updated or is creating a problem at some point. Gonna keep investigating about this... Such a waste of time considering it easily takes 10min to load a map !! I also did the performance test through Windows PowerShell, and here is what I got: CPUScore : 7,8 D3DScore : 9,9 DiskScore : 7,3 GraphicsScore : 8,6 MemoryScore : 7,8 The CPU seems indeed at the limit for the usage I have of C:S. I don't understand why the DiskScore and MemoryScore are that "low", probably my SSD (200GO) being the disk on which windows is installed has something to do with it. Anyway, now on things are pretty back like they were, my CPU is still not enough, my RAM very just and the game capricious with all the mods and assets !!
  5. Nope, nothing at all. But I'm gonna recontact him next week about this problem, supposedly he knows good about games. So I will see next week how does it go..
  6. It's actually even slow when all mods and assets are disabled, which is weird...
  7. Ok guys, I have two bad news and a good one. The good one is that I got back my computer and it seems to work good now, apparently it was a software problem coming from bad installations which created problem for windows and crashed. Or something like this... Anyway the assistance guy just uninstalled and reinstalled all the important things after saving my data. Concerning the bad news, the first one is that it cost me 275€ (Luxembourg prices... ) The second one is that C:S works even worse than before, so that there is definitely something wrong somewhere. I hesitate to call the assistance person again and tell him I have now a problem when playing but it will cost me again a lot of money... Anyway that's the news I have for today, maybe more later ! See you guys !
  8. Hi, @rsc204 So I just checked the link you sent for the PSU and it looks like my PSU has enough power for my components. I already tried on another similar website and it was ok as well, but thanks for the link. Concerning the RAM I would find it weird it comes from it, as it worked few days without any problem after I installed the new one, I guess it would have stopped working directly ? And yes I got the BSoD while I was using it, suddenly, and since then doesn't go further, even though I tried all the options available to restart, reinitialize etc, nothing had effect so I brought it to a computer assistance shop and I'm waiting for some news... I'll keep you inform ! Thanks for your support as well ! This looks like the screen I had, and then land on a "recuperation" screen, Idk how you actually call it in english. But with all the options available to restart windows and get to the desk, nothing worked.
  9. Hey guys, Just to tell you that I added 8GB or RAM last weekend, which didn't really changed anything, at least on the big cities which are still too heavy for 16GB or RAM. The last event is that Windows just crashed suddenly and won't restart, only let me trying all the available options on the "recuperation" page, but without succeeding to restart Windows and to access my desk. So the computer just left to computer assistance shop to see what's wrong... I just hope it's too bad and that's it's not gonna cost me too much. I'll keep you inform if the time to renew the whole thing is arrived earlier than I thought!
  10. Hey guys, Sorry I didn't got that much time to check on the PSU. So I just checked on the description of my new graphic card and it says it needs 120W for consumption. I also took a picture of what is written on my PSU box: Also I did this small test with the AfterBurner, and it's obvious that the card works well using only a bit of RAM, so I imagine the RAM is definitely a big issue. Now I remember that the guy of the shop told me to check if my card was not "too much" for the game. But I really don't think it is, because I guess some players are using more powerfull ones, especially some youtubers, and it runs very well. Anyway, I don't really know how to check this. So I'm gonna try a small software like HWinfo to see if my PSU is reaching its limits or not. If not I guess I'll try to add 8Gb of RAM and see if it goes better. Thank you all again, see you soon.
  11. Thank you for this advice. I don't know if you saw but the CPU usage is slightly above 100% when playing on a big city, so it's probably reaching its limits anyway, but maybe then the PSU is getting just as well. How could i check this out ?
  12. And without anything So, I went to a computer shop, and basically the guy didn't know C:S and was surprised I needed more RAM or new CPU according to the basic needs for the basic game. I explained him that the problem was with all the mods and assets, etc. So he showed me DDR3 RAM which would be 60€ for another 8GB (in 2 x 4GB, to occupy all the slots, better apparently). He also suggested to check if the graphic card wasn't "too much" for the game, which I don't think. And concerning changing the CPU and MOBO, that would probably reach about 500/600€ easily, as said before from @rsc204. In addition of a potential new CPU and MOBO, I'll have to rebuy RAM because of DDR4 format, which for 16GB would be around 110€ minimum. So I guess I will wait to change CPU and MOBO, and I'm gonna try with an additional 8GB and will start with this for the moment. I'll take you informed when done, to see if there were any improvements ! Thanks again to you @rsc204 & @Rotype
  13. Here I am again. So I tried without assets: Without mods:
  14. Ok, @rsc204 & @Rotype, thanks for your help, I'm gonna try a new empty map, without the assets/the mods/ none of them and check the differences. I certainly won't have the money to change CPU and MOBO in the follwing months, and it'll take me time to look at it deeply to avoid any other mistake in the selection. So I guess I'm gonna start by adding RAM in the first place, which doesn't seem to be very expensive. I'll keep you informed very soon, thanks again !
  15. Ok rsc204, Here is what I have (sorry it's in french): The Socket is a 1155 LGA, @Rotype you were right and the processor has 4 cores. Concerning the MOBO, it's an MSI Z77A-G43 (MS-7758) 1.0, with a BIOS version 2.5, in date of 08/31/2012. Idk if these last infos will be usefull for you. Thank you all for your help, once again !