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  1. Someone said that the guards didn't actually search the bags. Why wouldn't they? Also, doesn't taking out their leader usually make them more aggressive? I mean, look at what happens after Master Kohga dies: the Yuga will chase Link to the ends of Hyrule.
  2. What appears to be the problem, and how would you fix it? Also, does it appear roads have a specific requirement for NCs? Does having an intersection at a vanilla road NC affect anything?
  3. HSR and Monorail technically aren't compatible from a vehicle standpoint, either. One network has two tracks for vehicles to run on while the other has one. The closest you could get would be a station that includes both...
  4. I just wanted to know how many sets have already been made, but thanks for the information. I'll have to look into this sometime, I guess...
  5. Out of curiosity, about how many alternate texture sets have been made with the new formula? Just the one?
  6. That problem's fixed, now I need to fix the problem with the UI breaking. It appears to be based purely on asset count, does the game front load everything?
  7. Downloading Don't Crash fixed the problem. However, it appears enabling too many assets glitches out the UI like in this other thread, it happens at around 288 assets and it doesn't matter what those assets are.
  8. The images are saved in the folder for that region, so check there and see if they're corrupted there. I can't really help you any more, though.
  9. Static puzzle pieces are gradually being dropped except IIRC for cosmetic pieces and extremely specific cases like the RHW6S to RHW-4 with RHW-2 (is there going to be a Flex version of that one?).
  10. True, I should've put "Installing" in there...
  11. I haven't tried it since the fact, but I believe it was an audio driver. Turns out the echo problem was Nahimic. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. And yes, I did try it without mods after the first time, even a reinstall. EDIT: The only reason I blamed the NAM was because it was the only thing I'd installed since the game last worked. EDIT2: The shortcut set CPU count to 1, IIRC.
  12. This, you can ignore it, though, as my sister says the game is so old I'll need to go all OpenTTD on it. Or program a Win9X emulator.
  13. My sister said the game is too old to work on Windows 10, period. She says I'll have to recode the whole game to get it to play audio properly. No use arguing with her. This thread can be closed, locked, and thrown in an incinerator. EDIT: She said it was because of the Realtek drivers, which were causing everything else to echo.
  14. The only mods installed are the two .dlls and the NAM. I know it happened after I installed the latter since I was able to mess around in the Rush Hour Tutorial (Which led to my discovery of the inability for Avenue to transition to One Way Road without the NAM). I don't know how to check what I have, exactly, but I've got NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M and Intel HD Graphics 5600. Not sure what that has to do with the audio cutting off in city mode though.
  15. Well, it appears installing the NAM has borked my game to the point where nothing short of formatting and reinstalling the OS will fix it, at the very least, reinstalling didn't help. Specifically, as soon as I enter city view, the game completely mutes and starts lagging horribly to the point of running at less than 1FPS and even completely spin-locking the GPU. I think the 8GB patch is the culprit. Is there a way to disable it permanently? I'm running the GOG.com version on a Windows 10 laptop that's had several other problems.