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  1. A work of art!
    nicely done marshh
  2. @madhatter106 you have been doing an amazing job with every building you have made, these are no exception! Good eye for something that is much needed.
  3. Thank you everyone, I am back from Spring Break now so I get to work on it again, I have yet again made adjustments to the windows and the map, (Sorry I suck at this part ) as well as some roof junk work. Thank you all for your support and constructive criticism.
  4. Nothing like a building with a giant pill on it! I love what you have done here.
    Great job yet again! Makes me wish I didn't render that in HD. I should have taken @Jasoncw's advice about HD a long time ago!
  5. This is everything.
  6. mipro

    Such fine detailing, I admire your work greatly!
  7. Spring Break is halfway over, then its back to the BAT!

  8. Spring Break!!

    Thank you for all you do for this website and SimCity ! This pack is beautifully crafted and well executed by one of the best! 5/5!
  9. "You do have Feindbolds Buildings for steam so he's like an Aaron." There will never be another Aaron! There might be people who are sorta kinda maybe a little Aaron, but there will always only be one NYC, tenement genius Aaron, @Aaron Graham !
  10. @RRetail I will keep the Dollar general in mind! @Jasoncw Okay, I will try a different one and see. The one I have applied at the moment is one of building facades, but the buildings are really orange. I should have seen it coming, but I still tried. Thank you so much for your continued feedback with this, it means a lot. @Fantozzi This is due to the awful ground plane choice on my part. I promise they all have the same texture other than different bump maps applied randomly. Also, there is no such thing as too negative to me, it all is crucial feedback that I really appreciate! And thank you for your compliments as well!! @gutterclub Thank you, I really appreciate you responding, I have looked up to your work as well as Jason's for a long time. I do plan on rendering in SD, the HD renders were there just so people could get a closer look at the details. @DavidDHetzel I will see what I can do, I have always enjoyed commercial and retail buildings. Thank you everyone for your support and feedback, it means a lot to me!
  11. Alright guys, I am sorry this isn't much of an update, but midterms have kept me pretty busy, I am glad they are over! Anyway, I took the advice @Jasoncw gave me and applied it to the roof as well as changed the reflection to bronze, and put a better ground plane (Imo) down, if you guys see that it needs changed let me know. ------------------- Side Note: Spring Break is this week, so I might be slow if not halted on updates for the week, sorry!