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  1. mipro

    I attended a game at The Joe for the first time last month. As a life long Michigan resident, it felt like a pilgrimage. I really liked the arena and I'm disappointed that I hadn't attended more games there. It was interesting to see the gloves Louis wore when he defeated Schmeling. Just hanging out on display in the lobby of Cobo. I thought they'd be in a museum somewhere.
  2. WOW!! This is so great!!!
  3. I'll be at a conference all next week. I plan to use some of the down time to browse the previous content and nominate.
  4. Great interviews so far. I've already started checking in to some of these CJ's. I like what I see.
  5. Well asked and well answered!
  6. A very good interview, compelling and rich.
  7. From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    The city of Petoskey. The photo I wanted didn't upload as well as I would have liked. Check out the city Journal for better resolution Thanks and happy voting!
    Another solid recreation. Thank you for this!
  8. Hmmmm... judging by the setback, exception design, and W2W utility, I would guess that it is something that belongs in everyone's plugin folder
  9. mipro

    The Guardian Building looks excellent so far. A great way to celebrate Michigan's 180th. Great choice of satellite photos. It captures the lake breezes very well!
    Excellent work! I've got a spot all picked out for this one!
  10. The comparison between weather types is pretty cool. Nice work!
  11. Incredible work. Looks almost like a google map!
  12. Looking good! Looks like you're using the NAM update.
  13. Ah my bad. Didn't know the question was for Cities.