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  1. Ask a forumer anything...

    I can think of a few things. I'd want to work more on my writing. I have several more ideas for different novels, as well as rewrites/expansions on the ones I've written for my old city journals. I'd love to explore the entire coastline of the Great Lakes, visit the Grand Canyon, and drive the Alaska Highway. I'd also like to go from darn good at Japanese to fluent in Japanese. What is your favorite sport to participate in? Why do you enjoy it?
  2. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old that unexplained aches and pains are becoming commonplace and I've long since stopped wondering where they came from.
  3. The List

    Spanish and Portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Skye Chase Rubble Marshall Rocky Zuma
  4. Ask a forumer anything...

    Literally every project I do at work feels like it never ends. I hate my job. NO, I like my job, I hate my work environment. What is your dream job? Please elaborate on your answer.
  5. The Preference Game

    Bagels. DVD or blue ray?
  6. The List

    Nissans! Soba Somen Udon Harsuame Hiyamugi
  7. Utada Hikaru ft. Shiina Ringo, A Vacation Of Just Two Hours. It's an alright song, but I have a bit of a thing for Shiina Ringo.
  8. Old women and food

    I'm waiting for replicators...
  9. Post your picture here II

    What are you driving now? Is that an Element?
  10. Ask a forumer anything...

    Unfortunately, no, but now I have something to do while I'm at work tomorrow. What qualities would your perfect movie have?
  11. The best of...

    Open layout, attached two car garage, big windows looking at a nice bit of land, be it mountains, the sea/a big lake (preferably a Great one), or a babbling brook, or maybe all three together. Best fantasy series?
  12. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old I remember listening to the radio waiting to hit record when a song I liked came on.
  13. The Preference Game

    Megadeth. Star Trek Voyager or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?
  14. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    The weirdest basho ever is underway at Kokugikan in Tokyo. Three of the four yokozuna are out, two ozeki are out, and maegashira (the lowest rank) are leading the pack right now! Chanko nabe all around!
  15. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    5895 The internet is a weird place to do business.