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  1. micromachines

    All those flights must begin and end with a prayer.
  2. I can enjoy umeboshi, but I can feel my mouth puckering up right now just thinking about it. It just hits the spot sometime. I've never had the chance to try anything with li hing powder. I've never actually heard of it.
  3. It has been hot and humid back in Japan, and they're saying that they're looking at a summer of record heat all the way through the end of September. Man, thinking about that, I am not sad I left, that weather is pure torture. BUT! There is a bright side to that, and it's called WATERMELON! Break out the sticks, we will crack them open and eat them on the patio under the warm sunlight. It's a Japanese beach tradition, and everyone should partake of it.
  4. 5888 If I can get out of wearing a suit, I will. When I was a teacher in Japan we were required to suit up, with a tie for the opening and closing ceremonies of each semester. I quickly figured out that I was kind of separate from the Japanese staff and after the first couple semesters I never wore a tie again, although I wore the jacket during their "winter" months. Now, I could go to work wearing pajamas and no one would care. Everyone I know who could have possibly invited me to their wedding is long since married or unmarriageable, and my kids are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small to have to worry about that, so no suits for me for the foreseeable future, praise all the gods in all the heavens.
  5. I'm not sure I'd do much travel with my parents anymore, but that's mostly because I'm old and have kids of my own to drag around. They're still small so we haven't done much serious travel. Lots and lots of short day trips when we lived in Japan, and these days we're exploring Upper Michigan. I can't imagine traveling without them.
  6. Oh man, I miss the cold and the snow. Of course, it is nice driving around with the windows open... So today was nice and sunny and we spent it on the beach. You know what goes well with nice, sunny weather? Ice cream. We'll have the ice cream bar open all weekend so you can enjoy vanilla ice cream with your favorite toppings: chocolate syrup, Oreos, M&Ms, whipped cream, and there's even some root beer in case you want to have a float. Enjoy!
  7. 5880 We finished watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine. It was excellent the whole way through. Now we're doing Voyager, and while it's still good, it's less good than DS9.
  8. I could definitely pull off that tiger print shirt.
  9. Aw, I missed Canada Day. Oh well. But I'll bust out the grill once again for some hot dogs for Independence Day. I like mine charred and topped with chili, mustard, and onions, but since this is an outdoor thing I'll skip the chili hahahahahaha.
  10. 5877 We're going back to the Grand Sable Sand Dunes again tomorrow. I love Upper Michigan.
  11. DS9 was amazing, certain episodes of it were downright cinematic. Except the ending, I mean, the second ending. It felt... tacked on, like almost like an afterthought. Oh well, it wasn't bad enough to take away from the greatness of the overall series. It was great and I loved it, right on par with TNG. With that over, we're moving on to Star Trek Voyager. It's been good entertainment so far. We're going to finish season 1 this weekend.
  12. Interesting thread to read through so far. Man, I miss my Subarus, even the powerless 1.5L FWD Impreza I had in Japan... Oh well. As for myself, I spend my free time writing (I finally have a novel worth shopping around to agents which is this weekend's project), hiking (I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a hiking heaven, and my wife and I take our kids out almost every weekend to play in nature), and reading comic books. I have a pretty decent collection of mostly late 90s early 00s comics, although my X-Mens reach back into the early 80s. I'm working on getting earlier issues.
  13. Hm, I'll give this one a 7/10. I'm not big on Pearl Jam, and this was about as good as they got for me. Suchadarapaa ft. EGO-WRAPPIN', "Microboy & Macrogirl"
  14. There is always something for you here. Tonight my wife made pad Thai, so let's have some of that, some coconut shrimp with peanut sauce, and some iced tea. A good meal for a pleasant June evening.
  15. That stuff is super delicious. Oh my, has it really been 2 weeks?? Well, I've been buried at work so my mind hasn't really had time to be right recently, but with the two new hires starting tomorrow it might begin to turn around. Anyways, I had a nice Father's Day, and here's to a good one for you other dads out there. Let's brush off the grill and have some barbecue, we'll put some kebabs on tonight, and wash them down with a little Oberon.