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  1. Everything goes abandoned. They all say lack of water, including the commercial and industrial zones
    This is junk. This produces no water whatsoever. It says it has a capacity of 2,000,000 for water but always produces 0 water. This doesn't even appear in the utilities under the budget. No wonder why it produces nothing, it is because you can't fund it. Do not download this, it's useless
  2. I made an entire small (1x1) area city of all BuildingPlop cheat plopped Commercial, Residential, and Industrial zones but after about only a few seconds, all the buildings, every single one of them went abandoned "Due to lack of water", except the entire city has water! It has power, water, road access, garbage removal, police, fire, schools, everything. All building plopped with the BuildingPlop cheat becomes abandoned due to lack of water, when nothing could be further from the truth. Does anybody know what the problem could be?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Region maps of the male and female gender symbols. The symbol itself is the water, while the rest in flat land. Perfect for city names named after males and females you may know, male or female game character city names, or any other masculine or feminine city names.
  4. I keep getting advisor popups that read "Sims scout for office advantage" and it tells me to zone for commercial office. I zoned some large areas of High Density Commercial Zones, but there is no option to specify CS or CO, only the density. And all that is developing are Commercial Service, not Commercial Office. How do I get around this roadblock? Thanks.
  5. I wasn't trying to be rude. If you recall. I said I said Thank You twice. And as for the other sentence, I was just pointing it out. I wasn't accusing you of anything. Thank You.
  6. well, You shouldn't tell someone to post after 24 hours if they still have a problem and not expect to reply if they do post. It's not polite. Can you please hurry? Thank you. I am lacking some dependencies that are over at SC4D that I need to download. Thanks
  7. Please reply to my post like you promised

  8. Nobody? You said to let you know if I still don't have the email after 24 hours. It has been 48 hours and no email and I see I ain't getting a single response unlike what I was promised
    I followed the steps that came up but in the end there was an error message, "The system cannot find the file specified"
  9. I still have not gotten my activation link for SC4D. (Different email than on here) Username: Arceist_Justin
  10. I tried 01 01 1955 I guess it doesn't work for the 1900's?
  11. I cannot get the SimDate cheat to work, no matter how I type it in, the date does not change. I tried putting in today's actual date after starting a new city, but it remained 2000. I tried typing it in as "04/18/2017" "<04/18/2017>" and "April 18, 2017" Perhaps I am not formatting the date after the cheat properly. How do I type in the date after the SimDate cheat?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I have been gone for years. Lost interest in SC4, but thanks to The Sims Freeplay on Android, I wanted to play Sim City 4 again. I started downloading models, playing around with Google Sketchup and I am back into the BAT making. If you recall, I made Pokémon BATs back in 2013 or so. I've made some Pokémon BATs in the last couple of weeks but Sim City lacked My Little Pony items. Here we have a house based off of the houses in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. This is a R$$ house. I have two versions. One with a few ponies: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, and the non-pony Gilda. The other version is without the ponies. The Pony Props dat is included for the version with ponies.
  13. Is anybody else unable to register on SC4D forums or their dedicated csxlex downloads? I registered like 5 hours ago, was told I'd receive an email with my activation link but I didn't. Not even in my spam folder. Is anybody else unable to register over there?