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  1. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    I do not know how to do that. I used to use an even older version of Sketchup than 2008 back in the day. Like Sketchup 6 and it did not work back then either. That is likely not the problem.
  2. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    I looked at all those. None of those explain my problem nor do they provide a fix
  3. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    only spammy results showed up in that search. Just my post and a "sketchup to gmax 100% free" post showed up with nothing much else. there is NOTHING in that Google search that pertains to this whatsoever!!
  4. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    I got these models off the Sketchup 3d warehouse and I exported them to .3ds myself using Sketchup.The 3d warehouse has skp sketchup files to be opened in Google Sketchup and the Pro version can export .3ds files. And that is where I got the models.
  5. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    No help?
  6. SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    Sketchy website. does not allow people with adblock on their website
  7. BAT Export - Code 6 Error

    It is working now. I turn my computer on after waking up and rendered it first thing after my computer boot and it did not fail. Not sure why is was failing all day yesterday but apparently my computer had to be off for awhile. I did not even make changes to the model
  8. BAT Export - Code 6 Error

    It is a giant statue of a Pokémon. a Reshiram from the 3d warehouse (sketchup) scaled up to the size of a tall building that Gmax does accept When I mean 6 tiles up is how many tiles that lot editor should need if one box in gmax = 1 tile in lot editor like a 10x6 lot
  9. BAT Export - Code 6 Error

    Not sure why I never got a notification on reply but I counted the grid squares in Gmax and I already told you what they are. Gmax does indeed say Grid=16. In fact it fails in a matter of 480 seconds. which is EXTREMELY QUICK fail. I have had MUCH bigger models that took 15 minutes on the first view and an hour total, and this is failing in just over 5 minutes Not sure on how to tell the axis distance so I do not know how many m it is
  10. BAT Export - Code 6 Error

    I am having the same problem. it is only 10 tiles wide and 6 tiles up and I have 8 GB ram and BAT is not even using 1 GB when it fails. I tried all the things in this thread: but is still fails every single time. Mod Edit: Reopening a thread from 2009 is really not the best way to get help. I've moved this to a new thread to keep the forums tidier.
  11. I am having an issue where BAT will not import any 3ds models that has PNG texture files. Most of the time, converting them to jpg works, but this can cause some problems in the model if the model that I downloaded has transparency in those textures. Sometimes the model does not read the loss of transparency and I am fine, but sometimes I get an ugly white into the model. This is all because BAT will not import 3ds models with PNG textures. If I try to import a model with PNG textures, nothing happens. Nothing is imported. No error message or anything, it just does not import. I was wondering if there is a fix for this? I Googled the problem but nothing about this came up. So there has to be a way to get it to read models with PNG textures.
  12. Power plants and road access

    When I use PIM upon creating Power Plant BATs, why is there no option to specify number of jobs for the plant? Not sure how you would not have gotten that is what I was talking about in my last post
  13. Power plants and road access

    I am aware of the cheat, I use it for photos of cities. Power Plants have jobs? I did not think that they did. I have created a few power plants, like the Zekrom and the Pikachu, but I do not recall there being an option to specify number of jobs being available for the plant
  14. I have noticed that if I place a three by three block of Solar power plants, the center plant reports no road access. However, I have seen people make underwater power plants that generate the same zot. And you cannot place a road by it if it is underwater. This leads me to ask, is road access to the power plant really necessary for the plant to generate power? The zot tells me it needs road access but people have created underwater plants that cannot have road access that displays the same zot. Is the three by three block of solar plants okay to generate power, including the boxed in middle one?
  15. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I am looking for some kind of road mod that makes the game use roads instead of streets when laying down zones. It is a pain to go over all the streets with roads. Especially because the game is inconsistent with zones and where the roads go. I could lay residential zones twice and each lay is not lined up with each other. Does such mod exist that makes the game use roads instead of streets while using the zone tools?