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  1. I am trying to use ilives to edit a power plant that I created to allow it to also produce water, I edited all the water production exemplars into the sc4desc file but the power plant still does not produce water. I tried the same for the sc4lot file and still no water production from power plant. I took a look at the exemplars for a downloaded "Resource Center" that does work, and compared the two, and all the water production exemplars are indeed in my model, except the power plant does not produce water. Is there something I am missing? This is the exemplars for my model. All these are present in the sc4lot file too. And these are in the Resource Center that I downloaded As you see, all the water production exemplars that are in the Resource Center are in my lot, except my lot does not produce. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have an issue at random times where when I save my city, it seems to take forever, except it did not. What happens is when I save my city, the dialog box that tells me that it was saved is invisible, hidden, or is behind the city itself. I cannot see the "city saved" box and at this point, the only thing I can do is just click everywhere on the screen of my game until I happen to click where the hidden dialog box is. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to find this invisible dialog box. This gets annoying. Does anybody else have this problem? I have had this problem since the day I first started playing SimCity 4 in 2006 and it happens randomly since then. SC4Fix doesn't correct this issue apparently as well as a few other issues.
  3. I created it with 255 Red, I guess something went haywire when I or Photoshop saved it
  4. I am having an issue with creating Config.bmp files. SimCity 4 seems to completely ignore small cities (red) in the config.bmp! The region does not show any small cities! it is as if the red in my config.bmp isn't even there! If you zoom way into my config.bmp, you can obviously see red that is 1px wide at the left edge, SimCity 4 is ignoring this. The SimCity 4 Terraformer won't accept the config.bmp at all or any config.bmp with red in it. SimCity 4 leaves all red blank, even if it is in the middle of the region! Does anybody know what the problem could be? I have included one problem config.bmp file for troubleshooting config.bmp
  5. Still not working! Restart didn't help at all
  6. As I ALREADY said with the version I mentioned in 2011, this version does not launch either.
  7. That one is not working either
  8. No I am not on the same system as 2011. I tried running as administrator, tried various compatibility options It was Windows 7 32-bit in 2011, Windows 7 64-bit now. I don't think the bit architecture would matter in why it isn't working. Where is the version you found. There seems to be no link anywhere. google gives me spam results and there is no link in the dedicated thread.
  9. No link to Startup Manager? Mine won't work (Probably outdated)
  10. Years ago, I downloaded SimCity 4 Startup Manager by (according to the help contents) Jean-Luc Picard. It was a handy tool to create custom config BMPs and now years later it won't run. It crashes upon launch. No error message, it looks as if it doesn't open, but if the Windows Task Manager is open when I try to run it, the program opens as a process for a split second and then it closes "crash" Does anybody know how I can get it running again? It worked in 2011.
  11. I need the 8-bit. I need to use the color picker tool in Photoshop to note some color elevations. It needs to be 8-bit because creating regions in Photoshop from scratch, sc4Terraformer treats those as 8-bit especially when jpg is involved. Is there any way to export the 8-bit counterpart?
  12. I tried going to 'Export sc4m/16-bit png' but that ONLY creates a completely black PNG no matter what the region looks like! It does this for ALL regions! NO land/water/hills etc. That's not working either
  13. No it DOES NOT! clicking save DOES NOT bring up ANY save options WHATSOEVER! ALL IT DOES is save the region and creates cities (.sc4 files)! There is NO option for ANYTHING else! it says "saving your region" IMMEDIATELY after you click save. No other dialog or anything show up! This information is FALSE!
  14. Is there any way I can take a region that I already created and use SC4Terraformer or any other tool and generate a grayscale image from that region? We all know the grayscale image to create a region but I need to create a grayscale image from a region! Is there any way I can accomplish this task?
  15. Gotta keep my discs scratch free somehow and I don't think it relates to the problem because it was working