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  1. I accidentally named a city the same name as a city that is already in the region, and I already built on all the land (small city), so I tried the WhereRUFrom cheat but it is not working properly I tried renaming 'Zekrom Black' to 'Van Buren' but when I type into the cheat window, WhereRUFrom Van Buren, it names the city "Van" not "Van Buren" The city name is incomplete. How do I fix this?
  2. My image is in <User directory>\SimCity 4\For Region\ Should not be a permissions issue. And I still do not have an answer for the uneven terrain.
  3. When I select the PNG, nothing happens
  4. I found the gray gamma 2.2 at an odd spot, but SimCity 4 still won't use the image even with Gray Gamma 2.2
  5. Why would it be granular when I used the color fill option?? That render is not at all correct. And the Photoshop options you told me are incorrect. There is no convert to profile anywhere! Just a drop down list of modes. There is nothing in Photoshop CC 2017 that has what you are telling
  6. I still have not figured it out. Still at a loss! I tried everything in this thread. Even tried PNG and SimCity 4 will not accept this image! ALL programs claim that it is 8-bit grayscale but SimCity 4 "thinks" otherwise. I tried JPG and it manipulates the values like it does with BMP. Anything else?
  7. Like I said, I already tried three different programs all with the same results. Plus only Photoshop has the pen tool and shapes to make these water and land easier
  8. Why the hell are my images saving with DIFFERENT values than what I set them to?? This makes no freaking sense! If I save it with a value of 83 and 84, it should be 83 and 84! Why are my written BMP files being manipulated?? Edit: PSD of my original http://www.mediafire.com/file/36wdzzq2yrb5riv/Stomach.psd
  9. Why are they 62 and 63 when I made them 83 and 84 in Photoshop! MSPaint is messing with the color values. And there should ONLY be two colors 83 and 84 Edit: I created one with 83 and 84 in Photoshop and then saved a new copy in MSPaint and then reopened it in Photoshop, and they are indeed different values than what they originally were. Here is the original Photoshop version: Stomach A.bmp And after saving Stomach A in MSPaint Stomach D.bmp
  10. Saving them in MSPaint is not working. Still only water. the 83 and 84 are not working properly. Now Photoshop CC 2017, Gimp, and MSPaint are involved and does not render properly. Stomach.bmp Stomach 1.bmp Stomach 2.bmp
  11. Still not working. All water. Same thing in Terraformer Just admit it, the values given on all those websites and given to me on here are false. This is a wild goose chase
  12. I have been doing this every time.
  13. None of these are working. They only render water even with 83 and 84 and terraformer claims that it they are not a valid image files but nothing could be further from the truth! SimCity 4 reads it albeit only water and terraformer will NOT read it at all!! Stomach 2.bmp Stomach 1.bmp Stomach.bmp
  14. It was working fine like 30 minutes ago no all of a sudden it will not run. The window opens but it is completely black. shows nothing. If I open the task manager, it shows "SC4Fix Pre3" as "Not Responding" If I kill the process and reopen SimCity 4, immediately after opening it says the same "Not Responding". In fact the SimCity 4 window always opens up to a "Not Responding" every time I open it. Not sure how in 30 minutes time with nothing added to SimCity 4, it goes from running flawlessly to a 'not responding' state every time I open it. Does anybody know what the problem could be?
  15. Your screenshot shows 85 as below sea level as well as my rendering of your image Nevermind, the 83 looks like an 85 in the image