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  1. Where can I download these buildings ?

    - NY Plaza Hotel
    - Trump Tower and other's near buildings ? 

    Thank's :) 


    1. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      1. I don't see Trump Tower.

      2. The Plaza Hotel has not been released yet.  It is by user Parisian.

    2. ESP15


      Thank's ! :D

  2. I actually have heard Primordial Dream in the game, as for whatever reason I decided that it was fitting menu music. For some reason, it's way creepier online than in the game. I do see how it would be fitting for the aftermath of a disaster, as Terring suggested. Even more so for the obliteration of a city, as the entire city ceased to exist. Very creepy indeed. Kind of reminds me of this, honestly.
  3. That looks like 432 Park Avenue (tall skinny one) and the Plaza Hotel (The one on the right that looks like a chateau.)
    Excellent building. It's one of the more overlooked (and literally overshadowed) buildings in New York. May I ask where the 432 Park Avenue visible in that picture came from?
    Incredible. Massive governmental buildings like this are hard to come by in SC4, and are usually a treat when they do. This is no exception.
    Hell yeah!
  4. Thank you Nonny, for everything.

  5. Nonny... I remember when I started going on the forums way back in 2012 (Has it really been that long?) to resolve technical issues, Nonny was there. He was the most helpful person on the forum. I loved his username, that chatty moose as his avatar. And then when I moved over to the off-topic section, he was there. Not only was he there, but he was the best. The content that Nonny provided for us on the off-topic, as well as the conversations we had with him on current events, were unrivaled. He always gave us new perspectives on life, on matters both silly and serious. And as we know, he has made more posts than any other user. A few months ago, after we had stopped hearing from him, everything seemed different. Without Nonny, the off-topic was just something completely different. It didn't really feel like Simtropolis without him. He was the heart and soul of the off-topic. Returning to Simtropolis to this news... We'll miss you, Nonny.
  6. Nope. TNP takes public transit on a daily basis.
  7. "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves" - Confucius
  8. The FIFA World Cup, despite the fact that I know nothing about soccer. Monaco
  9. Banned for banning someone for not banning someone, despite that that someone banned the person above them, as they were supposed to.
  10. Being the most populous city in the Americas, and the Cathedral Monaco?
    Philly Represent! This is a good BAT, but it has a few problems. First off, yes, the glass looks weird. However, the bigger problem is that this building is way too small, and does not look even close to 945 feet. It is a good BAT, but the problems are nothing that can't be fixed.
  11. It's snowing on Palm Sunday.  What the heck is wrong with this planet?