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  1. I feel this is more of an updated Banished with the micromanaging of food and resources - which is fine and dandy but not really my cup of tea for city building. Considering this trend into micromanagement in city builders, I would dare to say it's a slightly different thing than city builders. Feel free to debate into this, but honestly it's a different game-play mode from games like SC4, CXL, or CSL. The house-bonding looks interesting, but I would need more convincing to come into the theme. I hope Ostriv's future will change my opinion, however history says otherwise...
  2. Sounds like a graphics mod, perhaps adaptive prop visibility thingamagic? I've not encountered this so far, but there's been a couple of mod that updated recently and they've not been working like Theme Mixer. Presumably they're going to be updated. As far as I know most of the graphics mods are not updated nor working, even if they seem to be updated. I don't know if this also applies to the LOD distance render view as well.
  3. I am well aware of the hard-coded limits, I was mainly trying to explain why those limits were placed there in the first place. I am not as well aware of the interior of CSL so I am not completely familiar with how it works. I do agree that the limits are also related with the amount of available instance IDs available to the game itself. Considering 65535 is a number related with 16 bits, wouldn't it be time to upgrade to 32 bits now (with some sizable game redesign)?
  4. If you already got those, try changing your theme textures. Here is a list of some popular and well-off textures. You can dig down a bit to find some rarer and also decent ones as well. While you are at that, I would also suggest this to change your textures on the fly (a word of warning: does not change sky textures). This also loads your map with a specific texture pack if you want to overhaul all the textures (use with caution as it might sometimes break textures).
  5. Exceptional work my friend. I do not have much of a criteria in European buildings, however I do have experience with building placement and appearance. My suggestions would be: For placement, as a suggestion I would make the buildings RICO compatible for manual placement. I'm not a top-class expert in texturing, but some of the textures seem a bit sharper than usual. Probably it's something with the UV mapping. Just some food for thought. Randomize night lighting. Although I've not downloaded the buildings, the picture from @vladsch gives some impression of symmetrical windows at night for the yellow-ish building. Just my words of constructive critique. Otherwise, great job at your first buildings for CSL!
  6. @CT14Glad I could help.
  7. Sounds there's a lot somewhere spawning the buses around those diagonal paths. From seeing the photo, it also seems that the bus is being spawned under the streets, suggesting that there's something else at work. While I suspect the PEG rural alleys may be at fault, check for landmarks, custom transportation things, or for anything in the path of the bus parade which has a bus Zot in its description when you look at the properties. Some landmarks have secretly installed subways and bus stations, and this might as well be something related to it. If all fails, you could try to replace the maxis bus with something else... although I am pretty sure it's something to do with a lot or something like that.
  8. Those CSX, KCS, Ferromex trains are pretty spot on. Brings back childhood memories of the grey beasts. One word of detail: Those are actually a bit more dirty and bashed irl. Not sure if you're adding in the optional "smoke n rusted' edition. Great job everywhere!
  9. This just in, hot from the press!
  10. @CrumbsMcGee Your work is making me wonder what else should I implement into my interchanges, even though they're for a different theme and purpose.
  11. the big old...
  12. Nineteen eighty four George Orwell
  13. burning house of
  14. I can't even fathom...
  15. I have a "top of the line" rig with an Intel 6700k and well, FPS kind of sinks and stays around 24 - 30 FPS even at that level. GPU power really has nothing to do with it and RAM can only save your computer from crashing and toasting your OS. This is all when you bite the mod bullet and with a sizable city. My recommendation for a 'potato' build would simply be to keep an eye on your RAM use and city complexity. Your city calculations can dramatically change when you have a lot of industry in the city and imports/exports.