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  1. @korver Marvellous scenery! Did you use plopable homelots to create this scene? Also this is a great and wonderful looking downtown that you've got there @Don_Pato. City centre plaza of Deventer. Outskirts of Deventer with the EV rail going underground. Scenery at one of the EV rail stations.
  2. I've been busy in the past few days deciding which water textures to use and such. It was time to change the water texture to something alot nicer. Gobias's Bodensee looks quite nice and it fits the darker cities quite well compared to the flashy blue I used before. Also I finally got rid of the white Maxis sidewalks and changed them to Central Park HD textures, which are also made by Gobias. And they do look fantastic. Finally the shore got some well deserved attention. Before: After:
  3. @Simmer2 The level of detail is amazing, especially the rail yard staff walking around!
  4. Molex to SATA, loose all your data. Cheap, yes. Easy, yes. But reliable? No*. This is quite anectdotal but I really distrust this single piece of equipment cable, because an irl friend of mine had his cable ignite, creating a nasty burnt plastic smell. There's some truth to those horror stories about molex to sata cables burning inside desktops, especially those with this kind of adapter. *None of inside of two family computers have burnt, but I haven't used them after this incident.
  5. Eh, nothing special. I mean I like 'Murican transport planes
  6. This looks great! I can't recall if someone made a diagonal tram stops, but they would certainly be useful in your little town. Also nice use of those diagonal residential homes.
  7. Archive: Veins. Released back in 2006 in the album Lights. This is one of my few true favourites that I listen to now and then. I discovered this band a year ago with the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red made a great use of the song Bullets.
  8. @clhigh7 That's a nice looking university! Some pictures to show the progress so far. I tried to put the diagonal buildings in a certain way to make the illusion of them being a bigger structure. This time I did put more thought into leaving more open area's near the each district blocks, so the centre doesn't look too crowded. Although this is far from finished (missing public transport infra. etc). Here's an overview picture of the city tile. The airport is going to cut through the half of the city, which in a way justifies the over the top highway system (Note: not all roads are going to be used, they're a template for several bike paths etc). The region so far:
  9. @Simmer2 It has been a while since I saw a custom made animations in custom models. Kudos to you Picked up the game today after a long break (Battlefield 4 called me to wreck havoc in Metro, heh). From the looks of it this is going to be a challenging tile, because I need to fit a small regional airport.
  10. @Simmer2 Choo Choo hype train! They look stellar
  11. @Bipin It's called Pearsons Period Furnishings by zero7.
  12. Where it all started. Current CBD. South of the CBD. Let's not forget about the highways They too received attention!
  13. A few miles outside of the city's borders.
  14. @tonyr Weird, your picture link appears to be broken. A little throwback, I made Tempelhoff back in April of 2014. Compare and contrast to somewhat recent work. Mixed zoning and density, more parks and a variety of road connections which all help make the layout more plausible and make taller buildings stand out more.
  15. Hooks Bay's main gas power plant. Its maintained by a national gas company called: Natuur Aardgas Maatschappij. By the vastness and the raw amount of power generated at this complex, a lot of manufacturing industries are thriving on the power-plant's labour/ resource pool.