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  1. Maxisland or Timbuktu?

    Just another comment that I thought of after I hit the "submit reply" button, but I think they should have called it "Simbuktu." Brian Christiansen
  2. Maxisland or Timbuktu?

    On my installation of SC4, Maxis land is just a great big flat area that has no rivers, mountains, just a huge expanse of flat land. Maybe the intention is for the player to build in a bunch of mountains and rivers. As for how many cities there are, I would have to go count them. Timbuktu is the area with the tutorials such as the "getting started," "terraforming," and "making money" tutorials, at least in my installation. Brian Christiansen
  3. Neighbor deals

    I have Ilives reader installed an am in it looking at the plugin NeighborDealsMod_MinDeal500_MinProfit33%.dat and the Exemplar(?-or variable, because it certainly looks like a variable name) called Nda_MaxOverDemandFactorForBuyer, and its description reads "... is the maximum amount the buyer can buy," with a value of 2.5. I take it I need to increase this value to something like 100 (I think probably something like 10 would do it, but I just want to be safe. There is also a Exemplar(?) in the file called NeighboDealMod_MinProfit33%.dat that has all the same properties as the previous. Do I need to change both or do I need to delete one of these files out of my plugins folder. I also assume that this variable increases not only the power that can be purchased in a neighbor deal, but the trash and the water as well. Brian Christiansen
  4. Country club

    I wonder if this has more "positive effect" than the "reward" country club (which I usually get pretty quickly in a residential town) and perhaps if I should just build one of these instead of using the the reward country club. Brian Christiansen
  5. Country club

    This is my remade park using the FLOG set from SC4D. On the left (west) is a 9-hole golf course. I decided to put in the pedmall tiles from NAM that matched what was already there to serve as my cart paths instead of using the tree fillers from the FLOG package in between the Fairways. In the center, I put in 5 tennis courts, 5 basketball courts, 2 softball fields, and 2 soccer fields, so I suppose what I have is a country club/sports complex. For the main clubhouse, I still preferred the Faneuil hall to the clubhouse that came in the FLOG set, so I kept that. On the right, I have my "picnic in the park" area for those who do not want to play sports and just want to chill while eating their fried chicken that they prepared from their grandma's recipe, but instead of just plonking down 4 parks, I put a medium park for those who like to be in the sunshine, a section with 4 gazebos for those who prefer to be undercover, and a playground for the kids. In the back right (NE corner), I could not figure out what to put there, so I put a big lake there and surrounded it with small parks (I tried several things and decided that looked best), I might search the STEX and see if I can find some sort of swimming pool an reduce the size of the lake. I think I did a pretty decent job. It took a while to get all the depencies installed, but since I do not have any of the boxes that indicate missing dependencies, I suppose that indicates that I got them all installed correctly Brian Christiansen
  6. Country club

    I just wanted to add that I found the Emerald Bay Golf and Country Club after I posted this, and while it is much better than what I came up with, as far as I can tell from the picture, it uses some of the same design elements that I used: The cart paths appear to be streets, there are a bunch of tennis courts near where (I think) the clubhouse is, there are other sports complexes (what appear to be soccer fields and the baseball? stadium). It also appears that there is a tool somewhere for making better looking greens and sandtraps than I did. Brian Christiansen
  7. Country club

    I am still working on getting Ilive installed. I will try and sort through some of the suggestions given here and some of the suggestions given at the MSDN knowledge base. In the meantime, I was puttering about on the STEX here and saw several different country clubs. Some of them were replacements for the "country club reward." and I think some of them were parks that could be added to the plugins folder. My guess on how they were made is that they were drawn using GMAX, or another appropriate 3D drawing program and given the appropriate parameters (maintenance cost, etc) with the appropriate tools (ilive reader or whatever). Well, that got me to wondering if a country club could be built in the game itself, using the landmarks, parks, stuff from the NAM, etc. This is what I came up with: My clubhouse: Main Clubhouse. Consists of a lot I got aff STEX called sim nation tennis club, Faneuil hall from the landmarks as the main clubhouse, a medium flower garden and green park, several parking lot tiles from the NAM, and a road encircling it. My 3-hole golf course: This is my first hole in my golf course. For the tee box, i used the sandstone pedmall texture from the NAM and a sign to indicate where it is (perhaps there is a mod somewhere on STEX for better looking signs). For the water hazard, I dowloaded a package called PEG pondkit deluxe edition. For the green, I used a 3x3 grid with open grass areas around the perimeter, and a pedmall "center with pole" from the NAM for the flag. For the cart path around the hole, I ended up using streets, which kinda look weird if you zoom in too much because you can see the "regular cars" driving on the streets. I also tried making a sand trap, but I just could not really find anything that I liked. This is the 2nd hole tee box. I decided to put a "moat" around the putting green as the water hazard instead of a pond in front of the green. This is the 3rd hole. I made it a dogleg right (I think). That is why I choose to use roads for the cart paths, because I could use the 45 degree curves for that sort of thing. On my first try, I used the mountain trails from the NAM for the cart trails, but those did not have the 45-degree curves. And finally, the overall view of my 3-hole golf corse country club. I decided to add in a softball field and a soccer field for those members who want to play those sports. I also put in a few large parks for those who just simply want to have a picnic in the park. I would think there are plenty of people on this forum that could probably build a better country club than I did. The only rule of this "challenge" is that it has to be made in the game, but additional landmarks, stuff like PEG pond maker, and the NAM (if you don't already have that) can be downloaded and installed as well. If you can find a mod somewhere to make decent looking sandtraps and better looking greens, by all means download and use that as well. Brian Christiansen
  8. Neighbor deals

    I downloaded version 1.5.4, and tried running the setup.exe, three different ways, from a limited account but with administrator account credentials, actually logged into the administrator account, and logged into the administrator account, butt with my antivirus, avast, totally turned off, and all 3 times I got a message that the Microsoft visual C++ runtime library would have to be installed, I have no idea if the setup.exe tried to install it directly, or if it tried to download it from somewhere such as the Microsoft site. Well, anyway, in all 3 attempts, I got the error message that I already had a newer version of the runtime library than was being installed, and instead of the installation program "thinking" something like "hey cool, a newer version," it saw this as an error, and would not install the ilive reader. I have no idea what to try next to get it to install, perhaps unistall the new runtime library (I have no idea what I am using it for, and if it would "break" anything if I did), so I can install the old one, make the installer use the newer version of the runtime somehow, or see it installs/works under linux/wine. Brian Christiansen
  9. Neighbor deals

    As per the suggestions, for this region, I will just dump the neighbor deals and put a super-duper water/power plant in each town (for the smaller footprint towns, I will perhaps mess around a bit with the improved windmills, that produce more power than the default ones). Perhaps I will start a new region at some point in the future (or blow up my current one), and see if I can make the power deals work in the way that prophet42 suggested, and try to do the same thing with garbage and water deals as well. As for modifying the mods like cogeo suggested, I know that I currently don't have the tools to do so (sc4.bat?), and am still a tiny bit unclear as to where to get them (somewhere on this site, sc4devotion maybe?, I think that GMAX, which I think is needed for sc4.bat, is avilable from https://www.turbosquid.com/gmax?). Brian Christiansen
  10. Neighbor deals

    I am building up the default area Maxisland. Actually, I get about a dozen cities built up, decide on a "better: way to do it, then blow up all the cities and start over. I use this power plant: I don't know if it is a "cheat" or not because of the amount of water and power it produces for free, but it should produce enough power for a large amount of cites (my best guess is 50 to 100). This is my problem: Suppose you had a region that had 50 cities, and they were laid out in a big strip going from east to west, and you put one of theses power plants in the westernmost city, built it up, then started on city 2 and got all your power in a neighbor from city 1, and went on in that manner, getting all the power (except city 1, which is the actual producer) from business deals. This would work fine if city 1 sold all of its excess capacity to city 2, ad so on with city N selling all of its excess capacity to city N+1 ( the price of "neighbor deal" electricity seems to get more expensive the further you get from the producer, but since I am using the "super cash park," the cost is really irrelevant). Well the problem I have is that the amount that city 1 sells to city 2 is not all of its excess capacity, but about 2 to 3 times the capacity of city 2, and since not all the excess capacity is sold, I quickly run out of "excess capacity" by the time I get to city 5 (or even earlier), and cannot increase how much the power deal is increased. A solution that I have come up with, which only works some of the time, is to go back to city 4. I immediately get a message that its demand + neighbor deals threatens the local supply, but since demand has gone up, I can increase the amount of power that city 4 buys from city 3. This changes the "power balance" between cities 3,4, and 5, but it does not actually get more power from the actual producer (city 1), to do that, I have to work backwards, doing that in each city until I get to city 2 and can actually increase the amount that is put into the system by city 1. Like I said, sometimes this works, and sometimes it does not, or at least does not seem to. My current solution is to put one of these power plants into city 5 and just not worry about figuring out how to increase the neighbor deals. In fact, I am considering putting one of these into every city and cancelling all the neighbor deals, since neighbor deal are kind of a pain in the royal butt anyway. Well anyways, I have seen posts that seem to refer to this problem, and some sort of solution to it, perhaps through a mod available here on Simtropolis or elsewhere. I have looked through as many mods that affect business deals, and can't seem to find any that alter them in the way I want. I guess my question is there any such mods, or is there a solution to this problem, or should I just put one of these power plants in each city and forget about the neighbor deals. Brian Christiansen
  11. SimCity 4 on Linux

    Yes, I did, and since I built my computer, I know what hardware is on it, and nothing that was said really has anything to do with my hardware. Even if I had any of the hardware mentioned, I did not see any suggestions about what to do, except for perhaps upgrading WINE. Pentium 4, Celeron: I don't have either of those. Athlon: That is what I have, and I don't know what you consider to be "older," but mine isn't old when measured against SC4, at least, and the CPU/motherboard/graphics card is specifically built for windows XP/7/Vista and DX7 (http://www.asrock.com/mb/nvidia/n68c-s ucc/). It would probably run windows 8 and 10 as well, but I just don't have any intention of installing those anyway. Whether the "-CPUcount:1" switch helps or does not help I do not know since I just have not played enough since adding that switch to the program launcher icon to see if if makes any difference or not, since XP home does not recognize both processors anyway, I am pretty sure it won't have any effect there. I may look into making sure my installation of Wine is the latest stable release for Ubuntu (my version is 1.9.something, and the latest stable version is 2.0.something) if the -CPUcount switch does not help. I did read your post, I just did not see anything, except perhaps upating WINE, that applied to my system or situation. Brian Christiansen
  12. SimCity 4 on Linux

    Oh, I don't know, perhaps partly from actually playing it when logged into XP home (not a virtual machine - but an actual XP installation). Brian Christiansen
  13. SimCity 4 on Linux

    I have been playing SC4 on WINE/LINUX recently. I think all I did was DL the installer from Amazon (or used the installer that was already on my Windows partition, I don't remember), but I don't remember having any particular problem doing so or having to "prepare" the partition in any way. I had a bit of a problem with SC4 all of a sudden crashing to the desktop. I added the switch "-CPUcount:1" to the icon for starting the program. How much it helps remains to be seen, but the articles that gave this suggestion if you have SC4 on a dual-processor (or more) machine, SC4 is still a bit doofy even if you use that switch. They implied it is still a bit doofy if you have a single-processor machine, and XP, and the latest patches, which is what SC4 was designed for. I also had a problem with the water. I would see a building that has the drop on it that indicates it is not watered, but when I look at the pipes, a pipe is watered and goes right by the building (if I it actually goes under the building, everything is OK), and I look at the graph showing water use/water production and I although I cannot remember the exact amounts, the amount produced was probably at least twice as high as the amount used, but the building was still unwatered. This problem seemed to be fixed when I successfully got NAM installed on my linux partition. Unless this problem exists on a "regular" windows installation, I really don't see why it would exist on a WINE/Linux installation, or why installing NAM would solve it, but that is what was happening, but after getting NAM installed it was no longer happening, so it is at least correlated with that. I also have got other add-ons installed, such as the "infinite money park," the hyperspace garbage dump, and a pack that gives a bit more variety to the 1x1 commercial tiles than Depessies Diner. Pretty much to only other games I play that I have boot into XP for (or play at all) is "Farm Frenzy" and "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2," which I did not get installed to WINE/Linux successfully, but maybe I will find the motivation to do give it another try someday. Brian Christiansen.
  14. Recently I downloaded the "Super Cash Park" and am building up maxisland, sometimes using this park so as not to have to worry about money, and other times building a city without it (the key I have found is to not build the city "too fast." Anyway, in the future I might explain exactly what I am trying to do, but for now I will just ask this: is using something like this a "cheat" or just an allowable part of the game. One way of looking at it is that the game, without the mod, does not give you that much money, so efforts to get more money, such as this park, or the "weaknesspays" cheat, is a cheat to be used by those who need a cheat and cannot play the game "properly." Another way to look at it is that you are given the opportunity and means to make such a park (or DL and install one that someone else has made) or use the "weaknesspays" cheat, and are thus part of the "strategy" of the game.
  15. Building a region

    I would agree if my goal were to produce Simcity4 mods, such as a high-tech building pack so high-tech areas are not dominated by "Max's Microchips" and "Tsurnikov Electronics" or a "real business" pack so that the restaurants put down are stuff like Burger King or McDonald's instead of Depessie's Diner. That, however, is not my goal, my goal is to draw a simple building, or has been suggested, repurpose an already existing one (I think the church would be cool), and set its properties so it becomes "Brian's magical utilities building" that produces the power of a hydrogen power plant, produces the water of a large pump, handles as much trash as a hyperspace trash dump, costs nothing to run, produces no pollution, and is free, if that is even possible. For my purposes, I don't really care about getting good at whatever application I use to draw the building. Also, the reason that I originally asked about blender is that I use Linux and GMAX is windows-only (according to what I have found, running GMAX under wine or another emulator is iffy at best), and although I kinda have to boot into Windows to play SC4 (though the game, without add-ons seems to work pretty well with Wine, I might have to experiment with add-ons) , and would probably have to use Windows for the "finalization" of the buildings, I would prefer to use a Native Linux Application for as much else as possible, such as actually "drawing" the building, and for that I need a native Linux application such as Blender or Sketchup, which I think is a native Linux application. I also looked and although I know where to get and install a 3D drawing program such as Sketchup, Blender, or GMAX, I still have no idea where to get or install sc4.bat, the program to "finalize" the properties of a building and place it in the correct directory .