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  1. You're pumping these out with haste! I think the Publix could use a slightly larger lot due to the sheer size of the building but I'm pretty sure that just my love for massive lots doing the talking. Looking forward to the end result!
  2. Version 1.00


    KOSC Presents: Diego Del Llano Growables - 2017 Pack One Introduction This is set of growable, high-density lots made from Diego Del Llano's BATs that were released in 2017. The objective of this set is to provide growable alternatives to the ploppable landmarks in the original release for a more traditional gaming experience. While ploppable are amazing in their own right, it doesn't quite allow for one to experience the feeling of zoning a plot and having that shiny new tower pop up. Package Overview Included in the following package are a set of growables for all Diego Del Llano's 2017 releases (excluding the Loop Postal Station building in the Federal Center Chicago set). A couple of the buildings have different occupant versions to satisfy different demand groups. There are TWO versions of the package you can download: Vanilla and CAM. The vanilla version has all of the larger buildings capped at stage 8, with capacities that do not exceed 7500. For those that use the Colossus Addon Mod, the larger buildings extend all the way up to stage 15 and boast much higher capacities, up to around 11000. If you desire to plop the growables, use the buildingPlop cheat and look for exemplars starting at DiegoDL_ (requires ExtraCheats.dll). General Stats All stats were generated with PIM-X. Vanilla versions differ only in growth stage and maximum capacity tweaks (for buildings that exceeded 7000 by default). The breakdown is as follows: 4 R$$$ buildings CITITOWER Guadalajara, 4x6 left corner Ventura Place One, 3x4 front Ventura Place Two, 3x4 front Ventura Place Three, 3x4 front 4 CS$$$ buildings CITITOWER Guadalajara, 4x6 left corner Hotel Presidente Guadalajara, 5x5 front Hotel Presidente Intercontinental Mexico City, 4x2 front Carlton Hotel Johannesburg, 4x2 front 7 CO$$ buildings AON Center, 3x4 front Carlton Center, 3x4 front Carlton Hotel Building, 4x2 front 345 California Center, 6x3 front One Kansas City Place, 4x3 front Everett McKinley Dirksen Building (Federal Center Chicago), 3x8 front John C. Kluczynski Building (Federal Center Chicago), 6x3 front 10 CO$$$ buildings One Metropolitan Square, 6x5 right corner Gas Company Tower, 6x3 front Capella Tower, 4x8 left corner Park Building (Capella Tower small building), 4x2 front Chanin Building, 4x4 front Commerzbank Tower, 4x5 front IBM-Marathon Tower, 5x9 right corner Denver Place, 6x8 front First National Bank Tower, 5x5 front Torre Multiva, 4x3 front Detailed stats for all of the buildings can be found in the enclosed README. Install Instructions Pick either the vanilla or the CAM version and drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your hard drive. Dependencies Main Building(s) This list contains all of the buildings used in this set. Each subfolder corresponds to a particular building/set of buildings - if you don't have a particular building feel free to delete the corresponding subfolder. Cititower Guadalajara Denver Place Hotel Presidente Intercontinental Mexico City Commerzbank Tower IBM Marathon (1250 René-Lévesque) Hotel Presidente Guadalajara Torre Multiva AON Center Gas Company Tower Carlton Center Carlton Hotel Johannesburg One Metropolitan Square One Kansas City Place First National Bank Tower Capella Tower Ventura Place Three Ventura Place Two Ventura Place One Federal Center Chicago Chanin Building 345 California Center Mods (CAM version only) You will only need these if you're using the CAM version. Either version of CAM will work with the CAMeLots. Colossus Addon Mod 2.1 Colossus Addon Mod 1.0 Credit goes to Diego Del Llano for all of these spectacular BATs!
  3. Replies @nos.17: After several test runs I'm in total agreement here. Definitely ditching the narrower striping. @DavidDHetzel: Yeah, that's definitely something I've always felt a little off about when making this. The problem is that reversing the direction of the second section always results in some rather undesirable z-fighting, so this was the best compromise IMO. I'm gonna run a few more tests with this and see if it changes with some minor height adjustments. Updates In addition to the Costco distribution center, I've been starting work on a couple of other ones, namely the Tractor Supply and Wally K ones. I suddenly needed to scratch a modding itch and so I've been porting @Diego Del Llano's spectacular BATs released this year into growables - both CAMelots and regular lots. Here's the IBM-Marathon Tower growing - a gigantic building with over 9,200 CO$$$ jobs. Do note that the stats for growables are going to be very different since I ran through the filling degrees for each building. So far some of the larger buildings have truly impressive generated stats, such as the AON center being a stage 15 monstrosity by default and having over 10,000 jobs . I'll be sure to tone some of those down for normal use.
    Another fine model! I don't think my sims would ever want to take those stairs to the top of those towers though - those roofs look awfully dangerous without any enclosure.
  4. Another one. Next step: prop families...
  5. It's been a while since I've seen Maxis trees being used here but they don't look bad at all! The lot definitely looks way more lively compared to your first version. Also is that half of a work truck that's clipped into the left side of the Lowe's building?
  6. Replies @nos.17, @Ln X: Thank you! @metasmurf: Thanks! Yeah, I've been pondering that particular area for a while. That section was a super rough interpretation of this area where I decided to cram the two angled semis parking stalls closer together. I've since made some modifications but that entire area still has me a little stumped on how I want it to look exactly. Updates I've updated a few of my recent ReM and ITS Office Parks files (as far back as Zurich House) to include the new READMEs and an updated screenshot with series icons. These new revisions have the "b" version attached to the upload version number. Work continues on the Distribution Center. I've finally created a separate set of FA semi parking stall with crosshatched caps and have begun experimenting with it. Something still doesn't feel completely right for me here though - maybe it's the random orthogonal set of stalls right in the middle. Here's a few other supremely WIP test layouts that I've spawned. a 15x9 that's a bit of a mirror to the first one, and a gigantic 15x12 for no other reason than to show off some new textures... Now I can have a gigantic section dedicated to parked semis. The next step would be to port something like these over to IRM with a full set of custom prop families for all of Mushy's trailers. One thing I've been debating over is how to stripe the diagonal "no parking" sections. The orthogonal textures with the wider gap looks visually cleaner while the "tighter" striping is more consistent with SHK's stripe props and all of the textures I've done to date, though it suffers from a moire effect a further zooms. What do you think?
  7. So fantastically lush. I cannot stop staring at Bagan in particular. Yet another wonderful entry!
    Yet another fantastic building. The amount of high quality models that you continue to put out is unreal. I am now truly convinced you're a magical BATing robot.
  8. Definitely some of your best work here!
  9. So ready to go super OCD updating screenshots and READMEs for all of my older files. Bring it on!

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      I envy that kind of energy. :O

      Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here shoving around some props and not being able to focus on anything. Meh. :meh:

  10. Replies @Evanjs: Thanks! I don't have a Walmart on my list at the moment since most of the ones either have fairly decent lots or the model itself is not up to snuff. @RRetail: Glad you liked the second version! Updates ReM #3: Costco Wholesale is now ripe and ready on the STEX! I made a few changes to my description formatting on my uploads. The building stat section is replaced with a greatly abridged version that I sort of copied off @T Wrecks's IRM W2W upload description . The reasoning behind this change is outlined below. One of the changes coming to my uploads (both future and retroactive) is an updated README. My READMEs have been few and far between in the past. For the most part, it only existed in the form of an ugly normal text file with a list of dependencies. For a while now, I've kept my documentation to largely the STEX upload description. Today, I got sick of the old approach and decided to dedicate a few hours of my being to a brand new README format (though ultimately it was just an excuse to play around with responsiveness with a modern looking webpage and CSS <.<). The current general stats section in the STEX description will be moved here. All dependencies and other necessary information is also fully present here as well. Back to lotting! I've been tackling some more of Costco's industrial counterpart. The original version was fine but I felt it was overall too small for my liking. Thanks to reasonably tight LODs, I was able to smash two of them together back-to-back. Behold, the Super Distribution Center! This is a massive 16x9 lot that I designed to be a sort of a strange hybrid I-M/I-HT. A large part of the front-facing section (the right side in the shot) has a stretch of $ grass textures, which fits with both I-M and I-D. Meanwhile, the front entrance section consists of well-watered parking islands and shinier pavement, which plays nicer with I-HT. I've since made some considerable changes to the Super Distribution Center. I inverted the mirroring FA parking section since it didn't look quite right, and I changed around the layout towards the front entrance quite a bit. Like with the first distribution re-lot, I've created a set of textures for the parked semis - this time in orthogonal and yellow. I feel like if I keep up with this I'm going to have to consolidate another texture mega pack soon...
  11. Version 1.01


    KOSC Presents: RetailMania - Simgoober's Costco Wholesale Introduction Costco Wholesale is the 3rd release from my RetailMania series. This is a set of re-lots for Simgoober's classic Costco Retail BAT aimed at expanding the retail location to include more than just the club warehouse. Package Overview These lots are redone to better coincide with their real-life counterparts and feature things like the food court, auto center and gas station. A set of custom gas station textures was created to better emulate the road markings found in actual Costco locations across the United States. Included in the following package are a set of custom textures and 4 lots: 3 CS$$ growables and 1 CS$$ ploppable landmark with jobs. The ploppable landmark only utilizes one of the 3 possible growable layouts. Both types share the same stats as follows: If you desire to plop the growables, use the buildingPlop cheat and look for exemplars starting at KOSC_SG_LargeCostcoWithGas (requires ExtraCheats.dll). Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your hard drive. General Stats The included lots will provide 591 CS$$ jobs. They are available in the following configuration: 2 10x10 left corner, stage 1 1 10x10 right corner, stage 1 Stats were generated with PIM-X, and coincide with the revised model pack version found on SC4D. Detailed stats and information can be found in the enclosed README. Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. Dependencies Main Building(s) You only need the model file, which can be found in the following 2 locations (you will only need ONE): Costco Retail OR SG Commercials Models Large Stores Props SHK Parking Pack BSC MEGA Props SG Vol. 1 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 2 BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol. 2 b62 Remastered: Wawa Gas & Car Show HD North American 53ft Semi Trailers Vol. 1 VIP girafe daisy VIP girafe feather grass TSC Orange MEGA Prop Pack Vol. 1 Textures SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures SuperSHK+ FA3 Parking Textures Costco Gas Textures (Included) I was a little more experimental this time around so the dependency list is a little larger than usual. Credit goes to Simgoober for the original BAT! Enjoy!
  12. @MissVanleider: Someone's about to move to another city. I think my super distribution center is having a little wealthing identity crisis. This is what happens when you attempt to cross between IRM I-HT, I-M and normal non-industrial $$ texture schemes all at once.
  13. @Simmer2: You're texture work is immaculate as usual. I'm kinda curious about the lot size of that monstrosity... Here's another Costco with a makeshift tire center. A distribution center re-lot and a new SUPER distribution center.