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  1. @T Wrecks It's cool that you listened to them all and that you even found one to your liking. @Odainsaker That show does not sound like my type of thing - as they say to each there own right, but that track is quite sublime. Somedays I just need to hear something higher paced, songs like this really get me going
  2. That is an incredible amount of photo editing, nicely done!
  3. Interesting, I didn't realize that they actually had artists in the genre over in Japan. The beat was pretty decent but something about the vocals felt a little off. Could of just been because of not understanding the language but it sounded like she was talking more than she was singing. Still a solid 7/10 from me. I don't always listen to rock but when I do it's often something from Linkin Park;
  4. Time for another one of my patented lists! Its not related to SC4 or the site this time though. Just finished watching Angel Beats this weekend, having decided this will be the last year I will watch anime it had which had me reminiscing about my favorite animes and my opening theme songs. So I went through about 500 songs today(most just for 10-20 seconds!) Plus I'm not a fan of J-pop, jazz or most kinds of rock(sorry!) so that conveniently eliminated about 80% of OP's Still ended up with surprising variety of music in here I think. The aforementioned song sits just outside my top 10, it's all about the piano interlude for this one. The full song is really nice > Lia - My Soul, Your Beats!(Full song); T10) Normally don't listen to much D&B but this one really hits the spot > Super Shooter(Full song); T10) One messed up series but quite the lovey OP track > Duvet(Full song); 9) That voice... it's just so seductive, in a still innocent kind of way; 8) For the longest time my fav opening, still up there for the sentimental feels it gives >Akino Arai - Voices; 7) More music with feeling > Free Bird(full song); 6) Sometimes I surprise myself by stumbling onto a rock song that I actually really like > Oasis - Falling Down(full song); 5) My vote for the series with the best music overall, that part at 0:25 love it! and the end, just beautiful > Hemisphere(full song); 4) And of course I'm going like an OP with EDM overtures, the fast paced beat works really well with the animation and the futuristic imagery > Cloud age Symphony(full song); 3) Pretty epic track I'd say and no list of top anime tracks would be complete with one from YK > Yoko Kanno & Origa - Inner Universe(full song); 2) Soft rap never sounded so good > Nujabes - Battlecry(full song); 1) Lastly, the best anime OP song(imo of course) Just so damn poignant > The Delgados - The Light Before we Land(full song); 12 to 25; Kaiba, Danganronpa3, Monster, Higurashi, Speed Grapher, Initial D, Afro, Hack Sign, Xam'd, Noir, Bokurano, Fantastic Children, Aria3. HM to OP songs from; Gankutsuou, Spice & Wolf, Dreamers, Index2, Chobits, Requiem, Ef, Fafner, Elfen Lied, Gasaraki, Paradise Kiss, xxxHolic, His & Her, Deadman, Escaflowne, Clannad, Proxy & LOTGH.
  5. bugs

    Small bug in the leaderboard section, the rep counts listed in this category are definitely a little bit off - http://community.simtropolis.com/leaderboard/?in=downloads-comment_id&time=oldest
  6. @MissVanleider Hahah, it sure! I'm glad you were able to see the underlying beauty of it all, too bad for the local sims they don't seem to agree
  7. @Bipin Thanks and it was my pleasure, the level of detail you put into your BAT's is second to none.
  8. Fantastic interview, thank you so much for the work that you and the NAM team have put into the game. Without it I would have stopped playing simcity 4 many years ago and I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that.
  9. Thanks for another great tutorial. It always amazes me how your about to work so fast. I know the vidoe is sped up but what I mean is with how you switch between and move on to using different mmp's very quickly without worrying about making a mistake and going back to retouch an area.
  10. That's amongst the best downtown cores made in the game. Something about the mix and placement of skyscrapers and lowrises areas just feel so right.
  11. Yet another perfect recreation on your part, well done. In the last two images you made use of some very interesting road networks, was that something you created through lot editing or was it post image processing? Either way, it fits seamlessly into the images.
  12. @Tyberius06 Thanks for the shout and that is some great work on your part as well. And not just the interchange either, that's quite the massive complex of rail lines and yards back there! It would be really cool to see a mosaic shot of it all once your finished.
  13. Nicely done! That is quite the extensive and well organized list of notable releases. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make it
  14. I was just thinking the same thing, I'm sure it should be a hard thing to do with the software in place. And I don't think it would be a bad thing to be high on that list, there's nothing wrong with appreciating the works of others. I'm fairly certain I'd make that list as well. Heck one could even use it as justification for nominating someone for the "Most Friendly Member" trixie.
  15. Can't say how I'd feel about getting likes something I posted 10 years ago since I barely posted anything back then. But I know I like getting likes from something I posted two hours ago just as much as I do from something I posted two years ago and I think most users probably feel the same.