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    - Railways, I drive trains for a living and I love it
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  1. Intriguing regional view there, it got a futuristic feel to it.
  2. That's a quaint little suburban area there, it's got a very nice organic/authentic feel to it.
  3. There's just something about the layout of your road network that is really appaling to the eye. Good use of plaza's and walkways in there as well.
  4. Pretty cool looking city there so far and it's great to see someone working asian themed CJ once again.
  5. Those are some fantastic parks and plazas and your cities built form and general layout is always interesting to see. Thank you and @feyss for continuing to provide us with European styled cityscapes.
  6. Nice work, glad to see you back!
  7. I like how you show the steps of your city building process, we don't see that too often on CJ's that day. And all these quaint little secluded areas make for an interesting addition to your region.
  8. That's some very picturequest landscape scenery right there! It boggles the mind to think of how many clicks of the mouse it must of taken to plop all those mmp's, easily in the thousands I would think.
  9. That is a lot of plopping! I'm impressed by the sheer diversity of buildings you make use of.
    Nice! Could really use some more realistic looking stores.
  10. challenge upload

    Sweet! My cities can never have enough when it comes to telecommunication arrays, the more the better! I like how they're of very much of a different style than my own.
    What a stunner, can't believe I missed this one. That dark facade provides some much needed contrast my skylines.
    Awesome stuff, looks great! I must say you have real knack for picking some of the most interesting buildings to recreate.
  11. Exactly 4,000 on the ol rep-o-meter, thanks y'all! Make that 500 now
  12. Cool, definitely a good idea. Btw I've added few more nom's in the placeholder threads I had set up before so please check my page for updated threads if you haven't yet Agreed, it's exhausting! But much deserved as well. The good thing about putting in a large amount of nominations is that it really forces you to take a look at a wider range of work because of the nomination limit per person(3). But the biggest problem is that we're dealing with is two-years worth of trixies. Though I get the feeling that 2015 will be probably under represented. I know I argued in favor of it and of course it's too late to change it this time around but I think there needs to be some trimming in future years. One-hundred-and-one trixie's is a bit much imo The good thing is I think there is perfect way of pruning out which trixie's categories might be not be needed. Currently we have 437 nomination for a total of 202 trixie's(over two years) which equates to just over 2 nom's per trixie. However some categories are going to have a lot of nominations, such as the best BAT & BATer, best LOT & LOTer, and many of the CJ categories. While others will have very few, possibly even none and that will tell us exactly which trixie's to trim out.