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  1. Nice work creating that historical background for you city. Makes me kind of miss the days when I use to do that.
  2. Wow that was really interesting, thanks again for another fantastic video Akallan!
  3. There's something about about how your city goes from low rise suburbs to skyscrapers that I really like.
  4. Good use of and placement of landmark structures, makes for a very picturesque city.
  5. I must say you have quite the imagination! It always surprises me seeing where you plop those radios towers and that's an interesting interchange you made there too.
  6. I really like your idea of having those rail lines going through the center of the town. It's an interesting variation to the normal placement of rail lines.
  7. Really like those river embankments, 23 & 24 look particularly good.
  8. Like the colorfulness of the grass and neat mix of random structures by the highway there.
  9. Well that's something you don't see everyday. Points for originality.
  10. Awesomeness! That interchange is pretty sick
  11. That's pretty cool. I like how unique yet uniform the development looks, it's like your playing a different game.
  12. This is skylines? That radio tower actually doesn't look too bad from a distance, wasn't sure if the game could support and show a more complex steel frame work structure.
  13. Intriguing regional view there, it got a futuristic feel to it.
  14. There's just something about the layout of your road network that is really appaling to the eye. Good use of plaza's and walkways in there as well.
  15. Pretty cool looking city there so far and it's great to see someone working asian themed CJ once again.