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  1. It's alive I set up my computer last year which I bought for 3Ds and sound work. I could possibly handle it if needed.
  2. Before reviving this thread, I'd like to ask if there's some general interest in a thread showing construction pictures of building that've been standing for a while now. Construction pics of buildings being built before the 1990s are quite hard to find if their name isn't "WTC". So if there's some general interest, over the last years I have gathered a large collection of pre- 1990s construction pictures of famous building. I've seen several threads like this, especially on skyscrapercity, skyscraperpage etc, who never passed the 3 pages mark and suffered from inactivity. Just wanting to know if there's some kind of common interest that would justify another thread for this.
  3. ^ is good at hitting green objects like that poor ice hockey player (which is also the reason why he tends to hit the green "like this" button)
  4. I'm sure you're wanting to eat my soul...
  5. Eh That tree guy.
  6. Death from a lumberjack on a killing spree.
  7. Someone who takes their drink neither shaken nor stirred, but bushy instead Harishna
  8. Hi, I just came back to this.
  9. ^ always paints their planes orange.
  10. HA! raynew.
  11. Avenue
  12. Race.
  13. Banned to check out on the new banning system.
  14. Death, the evil guy is back.
  15. Banned to get weird.