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  1. Banned to get weird.
  2. Smile
  3. Yes, I have faced the problems with BAT4MAX with 2017, too. Screwed up renders, strange material problems, and the default camera seems to cause bugs, too. Basically modelled stuff in 2017 and saved it for 2015 version. Windows colour looks better, however, I'm still bothered by the map you use.
  4. Who doesn't love lists? I can imagine something like this with posts as well. Huzzah!
  5. The tiles indeed look better when lighned to the roof dimensions. About the windows, you are right. I also think the ground plane has some weird effect, propably because of the angle you see its refelction on the windows. They are almost as if they have been applied directly to the windows. Maybe rotating is a bit would make some sense to keep the map and the windows angles different.
  6. 10/10 I love travelling the world with random people.
  7. ^ wants to take people somwhere all day long. I'm always curious where he takes me this time.
  8. Isn't Winnipeg the city that US people usually call a giant mall? Don't know why, but I remember reading it somwhere. Dessau, Germany
  9. Ai ya, so many wrong guesses. Time to break the combo with Abrams.
  10. Brazilian residential building have recently started to trigger for the fact that EVERY building seems to have a name its name written in super italic and ornate letters across some sort of wall, fence, porch, entrance building oder next to the doors (not mentioning the habit to clad every lower building part with tiny mosaics). So I hope this one will have its name written all over, too. Btw, I love how it looks like a mason's masterpiece the back view render.
  11. Agreed with T Wrecks. However, neither the roof tiles nor the dark texture is bothering me. What does bother me however (this is maybe even me overreating, still outstanding BAT) are those random boxes with blurred-looking textures to them. I know myself that roof junk is a pain, especially with roofs being stuff you always see and only get a few close ups from when trying to recreate all those gadgets while common sense keeps telling you "nobody needs all that stuff, what's its purpose anyway?", but yeah, they look a little out of place and with details being spread overall all of your BATs, those objects stand out a bit and tend to lower the bar a bit. Please don't kill me
  12. Selft portrait!
  13. Lul Meh korver.
  14. Germany
  15. Banned for reasons.