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  1. The automata is still missing. The props and the dealer are there though.
  2. I can't find the dealer or the automata in the game after installing.
  3. Can you make an animal control and possibly a police van version of this please?
  4. I'd love to see some signs from Canada. I'd prefer British Columbia.
  5. It brings demand to zero
  6. You shoud make a VPD car with the new, more common livery. A Vancouver Police patty wagon would be nice too.
  7. If you went to windows explorer and navagated to C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\SimCity™ Societies\Data\Graphics\Textures\Environment, you will find all the textures for the roads. If you stop at the textures folder and go to another folder, you will find other game textures such as vehicles, however It is imposible to change the model unless you have a certain expensive modeling program.
  8. Can you make an RCMP crown vic? An unmarked crown vic would be cool too, as well as an Integrated Road Safety Unit RCMP [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/52794962@N03/5533005913/in/stream"]http://www.flickr.co...05913/in/stream[/url] BC IRSU [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/52794962@N03/5241772783/in/stream"]http://www.flickr.co...72783/in/stream[/url] Feel free to look through my Flickr photostream for more ideas, BC has a wide variety of police cars.
  9. Their should be a place to put mods for other simcity games, such as Societies, and Simcity 2000.
  10. I said why the comments already.
  11. There is no section for Societies, and, be respectful please aluienoalgo
  12. I belive you should make an additional version that way people can use this one along with the ugly cop car or whatever other police car is being used.
  13. you should make the modern Vancouver PD car
  14. If you build a certain amount of buildings supporting one perticular society type, your road, cars, and in some cases, your sims will change.
  15. When i clcke on it, it just showed a picture.