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  1. From the album Philadelphia

  2. From the album Philadelphia

  3. From the album Philadelphia

  4. From the album Philadelphia

  5. Side view gives this error.
    Congratulations for your work, but the plugin has a serious problem. The front of the building in the picture, okay no problem. Behind the building there is texture rendering error. I would be very pleased if you fix.
  6. Another beautiful night downtown Los Angeles
  7. 2 large parks from Los Angeles city center
  8. My city downtown Los Angeles CA I started three years ago, the city has grown and it has become over time. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Inglewood reached with a population of 5 million.
  9. I started a new city DALLAS
  11. 2 years ago I started the first city. I still play DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES
  12. Thank you, no lighting of the highway. Would have looked super. This site has been a great help for me. There is no way you can make this city any other way.
  13. Landmark buildings, not all of them. I used more than just the city center. I play SC4 for about 1 years. I enlarged the city is very slow.
  14. I want to give information about the current state of the city. Region = Los Angeles + Hollywood + Beverly Hills population 1,049,220 6,409,249 Money 482.599 Redidential 296.658 Commercial 39.129 Industrial