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  1. @_Michael Sorry, I didn't read this topic. Merry Christmas!! @all
  2. It's photoshopped by @korver
  3. Thnx Matias! I know them, but can't find.
  4. Can anyone knows some water ploppable boats?
  5. Abrams124 vs. Ln X Abrams124 - 0 Ln X - 2
  6. Great CJ!! One suggestion: Instead of Marseille dock to La Rochelle and add Plymouth or Portsmouth.
  7. Thanks for the FTL reply and sorry for another question: the DBE RRW Patch is still needed?
  8. For MHO Patch do you mean the PS Puzzle Pieces Fix? In the ML El-Rail Patch there are 2 set: RHW and CAN-AM. Only the RHW can be deleted?
  9. @f3cs The 1st image is broken!
    Finally, after 2 official patch and 1 Expansion, we can achieve a new reward that was missing us.
  10. I would use the symmetrical RHW 6C-4S transition.
  11. It's a sad news!! I've never read the Off-topic threads, but sometimes I met him in other sections and have a great respect of his knowledge and presence in this community. We'll miss him. My deepest condolences to the family and friends.
  12. Sorry but I can't explain very well in english. I suggested this ramp because the model is more realistic than your, no offense.
  13. A ramp similar to that indicated above with RRW texture and 5 tile long. I don't care the time of release.