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  1. Pretty sure this looks better than "ok"... However, may I suggest darkening a bit the dome? I think it would look better.
  2. @raynev1 Thank you! There are actually 7 buildings in that picture, so that would be the three buildings facing the street. Reference for the corner building, if you're interested
  3. @matias93: Yep, and I can also imagine that the lack of good ventilation during the summer must be nightmarish if you don't have an AC unit...
  4. @JP Schriefer: Thanks! They are all props. I want to do something similar to the LBT residential mega lots (my lots won't necessarily be as big though, haven't decided yet).
  5. Some progress... I put all of the finished models together, so that you get an idea of how the final lots will look like. I still have to decide on the sizes of the lots and the number of occupants for each, but I'll do that once I'm done batting all of the buildings. I'd say I'm more than halfway through finishing with this project, so you'll see this pack on the STEX soon enough.
  6. Very nicely done! Interesting mix of american and european styles.
  7. A taller building. I think this will be the tallest one in the pack. Reference LBT buildings both on the left and right.
    Yet another beautiful BAT from you. Keep up the excellent work!
  8. Another little building and another LBT building on the right. Reference
  9. I'm starting another pack, going back to Buenos Aires: R$$ pack porteño 1. I'll be making small generic w2w residential buildings. So, absolutely no high rises for now. Reference This building is 8m in width. As mentioned a while ago, I'm making a bunch of them so that two of them fit on a 1xX lot. The second picture shows my building compared to one of LBT's buildings (left) and one of Wallibuk's buildings.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Brief Introduction This pack contains five models based on real life houses found throughout Santiago, Chile. I've included a variety of different architectural styles corresponding to different decades. Basic Information - Lot sizes: 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 1x3. - Stages: 1, 2, 3 and 4. - Tileset: all - Standard Maxis Nightlights. Dependencies More than one dependency this time. Please note that you have to be registered in order to download the files at the LEX (I guess most of you already are). BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 -- really popular, most of you should already have this. BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 -- again, quite popular. LBT Mega Prop Pack vol.01 -- same as the last two. Also, you should already have this if you've downloaded my previous files. Romualdillo Props VOL01 -- this should be the only dependency that you probably don't have yet. I also suggest checking out Romualdillo's incredibly detailed and superb spanish houses here. You can follow my work here. Enjoy!
  11. Ah, the lobby's floor/ceiling height sure is massive, for the real building. I guess for your model, I would maybe shrink it a bit, but it is up to you. PS: Such a shame that this hotel got burnt down...
  12. It is truly beautiful! I think the floor/ceiling height might be a bit too large...are you using any real life building as reference for this model? It should be easier too judge if we have the reference.
  13. Last house done: Reference Gotta work on the lots (make 1x1 and 1x3 lots) and this pack should be good to go. I will probably upload it tomorrow.