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    The BAT looks better than the real building in Sacramento.
  1. Hey Friends. I need more of your help. I've attached a snap shot that shows a Wells Fargo building/tower on the right. Any idea where I can find this BAT? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Jack_wilds. What are your differences to this project that relate to lotting, lighting, and scale which would make this a more than decent piece of work in your eyes? Just curious.
    Like everyone else, I'm speechless with the quality and quantity of the artistic work you have released lately. I need to ask if you are taking some type of performance enhancing drugs because I want some of that. lol! I'm joking of course.
  3. Wow! This is amazing. Where can I find this place on Googlemaps? I want to visit.
    though I'm more a fan of those bye-gone art deco classical skyscrappers, this modern-day glass wonder is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    I don't know what creative drugs you have been taking, but keep taking them since they are working wonders. Of course I don't condone drug abuse, in case big-brother is watching. :-) Your attention to creative detail in this work is amzing. Thanks.
    Yet another quality art of work from a BAT master. A must have for your grindy parts of town you would not wish to be lost in. Thanks for sharing.
    OH MY!!!!! Very lovely art-deco hi-rise. Great attention to detail. Excellant piece of art work that would look great in any early 1900's downtown area. Thanks so much.
    add this to the wonderful colllection you have recently provided us. again i love how you have worked glass into your works of art without the structure being dominated by glass. i can't wait for your next creation. any chance we might see an old art-deco type building(s) in the future? those are my favortie. again thanks for sharing.
    Love the creativity in thinking outside of the box as it relates to building color, angles, and glass. This is working out to be a beautiful addition to my downtown. Thanks for sharing.
  4. It is not the exact one but I can play with it. I believe the lot I was referring to may have been first submitted in the original SC4. Thanks for your help though.
    A strong first effort!
  5. Yarahi, you are the "Wizard of Oz"!