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  1. This game looks great so far. But then again, the SimCity trailer looked great and we all know how much of a mess that game is. But I trust Paradox will create a good game since they have been doing so recently and their last good game wasn't in 2004 like Maxis.
  2. Excellent work!
  3. New City Journal should be up soon. Be prepared. ;)

    1. jmsepe


      I am prepared. :P

  4. Nice update. :P   (Yey, I am a character)
  5. I am §haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo. And this... [grips Shayden] is my CJ. She bears 320 million citizens and fires §200 custom-tooled pictures at 10 pictures per update. [leans in] It cost §400,000 to take pictures...for 12 seconds. [looking somewhat sad] Some people think I will post an update soon. Maybe…[sniffs] maybe. [gets serious] I've yet to meet one that can beat distractions.

    1. jmsepe


      320 Million Citizens?? Woah...

  6. Oh dear, how I love Sword Art Online.   Nice story, and nice update.
  7. Awesome update. :)
  8. Amazing work! I wish I were able to do that.