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  1. Yah-hoo! Two categories! I'm surprised the list of contributions to automata ended up being that long! A small handful of the 2015 automata projects saw updates the following year; could those be counted under the 2016 category as well and are each year being treated separately from one another?
  2. Volkswagen Golf GTi (2015)
  3. Ford Model 81A (1938)
  4. Loomis Train Depot, Loomis, CA. It is not a functioning station. Capitol Corridor trains ignore this building on the way between Rocklin and Auburn. It is used for community events and the space in front doubles as a public square. No need to worry about traffic through this town as all speed limits on the main road are 25mph (~40kph).
  5. I was wondering why there haven't been any Trixies in a while! There's been so much happening between now and the last round that it's going to be tough deciding which nominations to choose!
  6. NPR confirms evacuations lifted, but it's not yet time to be popping corks. Besides the repairs still taking place, rains have started again. Forecasts of storms are still relevant at this time and several of the parks and houses adjacent to the river were getting the brunt of flooding. As long as the dam itself can hold which is what the source points out, then we shouldn't be facing the worst outcome. The soil getting washed out was caused in part by the drought we faced in the last five years. Sure we may have had a shower now and then during that period; yet it wasn't enough to keep the ground from drying out. Further erosion will most certainly be a concern here, so the dam continuing to stand is the one thing we can still hope for right now.
  7. Audi Quattro (1980's..?)
  8. Roseville Tower Theatre Another local landmark; never had the chance to enter it. Part of Downtown Roseville, you have the civic center next door and further down the street are all the used car dealers.
  9. A very nice twin-city that I could spend all day over at the Bushplane Museum or on the Valley Camp! If only I had a passport.. Dresden, Germany
  10. Underway as in gathering the necessary personnel. 23,000 are being called in with 8 helicopters as per CBS. My bad for not specifying that bit. Early estimates for a full rebuild are expected to cost upwards of $200m.. The dam in question is an earthen dam which faces another erosion risk. The spillway is supposed to take overflow directly to the river below. An uncontrolled flow of water down the sides and toward the dam is quite a big problem considering it's supposed to be holding back the weight of the water behind it.
  11. Evacuations are already underway for the counties in the immediate area. CNN has released photos of the water's path and the main spillway. Evacuations are urgent enough to where nearby Beale AFB is letting evacuees pass through. The National Guard is also underway to try and repair the damaged parts of the main spillway. In a worst case scenario, the rivers will eventually flow to Sacramento and the levees will be overwhelmed. I hope that isn't the case; neither Placer County nor Sacramento County has not said anything about how we will be affected. Just a few years ago we weren't getting any water. Folsom Lake which has it's own dams/spillway was so low that it uncovered an abandoned gold rush town and it only began to recover because only so much water was being let out. I suppose it can be argued we could have taken the time to inspect our infrastructure while the levels were down but we needed to conserve what water we had left for drinking and plumbing. Check this link to see what Folsom, and two other major reservoirs looked like between then and now
  12. Assuming we're using this version with an arctic edge, then i'd go there with a lawn chair and a few cold brews to admire the void. What if our physics were to act more like the physics of Looney Tunes?
  13. Ford GT (2016 for LeMans)
  14. Toyota Hilux (2016)
  15. @Thin White Duke- That is actually the first soundtrack I heard when I got my copy! And it's my top favorite out of them! I dunno if it has to do with base game vs Deluxe; only Primordial Dream was unchecked from my list.