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  1. This statement is false!
    New mission: Refuse this mission!
    Does a set of all sets contain itself?

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Have you been playing Portal 2?

    2. airman15


      Just saw a meme for it on Reddit. I will have to find a way to use them IRL!

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Have them tattooed on you

  2. The Hanson Brothers- My Girlfriend's a Robot
  3. Dacia Sandero!
  4. Ran for the first time since the move. I'm more out of shape than I thought..

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      You'll get back in it. GV has to be a nicer place to go running around than Rocklin anyway.

  5. It depends on the circumstance. If there is a lot to do like a resort type of excursion I would want to bring someone. One time I floated the idea of travelling with a former girlfriend to Squaw Valley. If it's a cross-country there-and-back I would prefer to do it solo. This way I could go at my own pace and wander as much as I want. Coming up in August I will be making a trip to San Diego for the annual Tiki Oasis with my dad. And then in October I will be with mom on a cruise which will have stops in Santa Barbra, San Francisco, and Ensenada. Technically I don't need a passport but I applied for one and am expecting it to be mailed in 'just in case' something happens. They're good for about 10 years so whose to say I won't consider another international travel in that time!
  6. micromachines

    I remember when I was about 6, maybe 7 I did something like this! it was after I got my first glimpse at SC4 at a cousin's house and of course my folks wanted to see me finish the 4th grade (I'm assuming the equivalent is Year 5?) before I could gain my copy. I used a lot of crude Lego towers, hot wheels and one of those wooden rail sets from Brio. I even made way for a model ship that I poorly painted and reglued some broken masts on! The little kid in me wishes he could visit you for old time's sake! The 3D puzzles are a nice touch! Looking back, I would have offered to bring over my 'other' Tomy trainset to chip in an efficient rail system!
  7. I wonder how many SimNewsNetwork hit pieces and Sim-Court lawsuits you had to endure in bringing a project like this to completion.. Amazing work! I don't think I could have done anything like this!
  8. All of my uploads are total garbage..
  9. Thanks! Georgetown has a few interesting buildings and a quirky parking arrangement. The building I had in mind is near the main square. I'm sure it's an original, it stands out among the other buildings.
  10. Come to think of it, that car was only built for that region in mind wasn't it? Either that or Austin, TX.
  11. I know it's tough to put on whitewalls to a modern car. There aren't any new cars that look good in a full whitewall like a 40's Cadillac. Thinner ones if done right can look good; a Cadillac from 2004 doesn't look too bad in them even for a convertible in this photo!
  12. They are whitewalls, I added an all black rim to them. But I suppose I can mess with the contrast to make them stand out when I get home.
  13. Each and every one of those variants would be a perfect fit for a gold rush hamlet! Several buildings including a Chinese restaurant are built like what you have depicted over in my new neighboring town of Georgetown!
  14. I noticed the last gif isn't showing one of the colors as it should. The frame after the standard Black & White is supposed to be a Royal Blue with White. But after testing a preview in the ilive reader, the results are closer to how they should be. And i'm really happy with the results I am getting from the whitewalls included!
  15. And I still have trouble multiplying double and triple digit numbers.. Why does the 4th grade have to be so hard??