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  1. Seismonic- Closing Time No alternative facts here.. just alternative rock!
  2. -Receives a white-framed window made of cheap, degrading vinyl- (seriously, those things are terrible for cleaning!) -Inserts some outdated maps-
  3. What resolution?? If time pauses and change stops including aging, how would you be spending it?
  4. Did you know there is another facet to the wreck of the USS Scorpion? The search and discovery of the wreck was a classified operation which Dr. Robert Ballard was tasked on behalf of the Navy. The search efforts were done under the guise of searching for Titanic as an unofficial cover to finding the Scorpion, as well as the USS Thresher. The Navy only wanted to know the condition of each sub's reactor and only allowed Dr Ballard to continue on with Titanic if he was able to meet their request with time to spare. He was able to finish the assessments of each sub with 12 days to spare, at the end of which came one of the most legendary discoveries of the 20th century!
  5. Ford F-650 It's big. It does a very good job at being so.
  6. Never really paid attention to Billy Squier.. up until the local Classic Rock station played this last month! Billy Squier- In the Dark
  7. That's a nice 707 you got on your profile pic!

    1. airman15


      Thanks! I found it on Google and I really like the retro feel it has! Love your gif, too! I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me in 007 Nightfire!

  8. Thanks for the heads up! I haven't made any serious commitments as to what i'm looking for, even for what tower to use! If the opportunity presents itself and I have the means to make it happen, i'll start the search within a year.
  9. I see. Even before getting a laptop I only ever had one monitor. I'd love to upgrade back to a desktop setup in the future (assuming I save enough) and I am debating on wither to have multiple monitors or not if I do. But that won't happen at least for a while.
  10. @Jolteon- Are you using a triple monitor setup? I've been curious to know how well SC4 will run on more than one. My desktop is pretty much the same, with added responsibility. I haven't had a chance to convert the icon on that etra folder yet. The desktop itself is about one of my all time favorite albums I found on Deviantart here! The artist has two other that I couldn't help but collect those too!
  11. When said quickly, I kind of feel bad for her.. Rachel, Nevada
  12. Canyon flights done right in this scene! Amazing MMP work on the riverbed as well!
  13. Google, I am not in the mood for your mind tricks..

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    2. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      It's built on the same platform as the Camry, so just think of it as a midsize wagon with big wheels and a stupid radiator grille. *:lol:

    3. airman15


      I have a hard time believing it's a wagon.. Real wagons have a diagonal slash in the front grille and include a "T" shaped headlight design!

    4. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Now that I can get behind. Well spoken, friend!

  14. 10/10! I only know SimCity through SC4. This.. Oh my god! Anyone want to cruise with me to downtown in a '46 Continental? Kansas- Loner
  15. Always brings a smile when I see a new post from him! You can throw me your worst day and it can all be remedied by striking up a conversation with this man!