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  1. This will be it. Tomorrow morning is when the move is set in motion. We're going to get a trailer and start boxing things up. I will have to sacrifice Monday's holiday from work but after the transition is complete I can update my location accordingly.

    While I am still nervous about the move, I at least can take solace that 40C+ days won't be as common! And the neighboring cities I am realizing have some bits of hidden treasures I never noticed before!

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Keep the optimistic spirit! Garden Valley is a beautiful place! *:D

    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      All the best. Change can be unsettling at first, but often opens up a whole world of new opportunities in the end.

  2. Did you know during the Cold War, the Soviets were able to reproduce a near perfect replica of the AIM-9 Sidewinder? During a skirmish between Taiwanese and PLAAF aircraft in China (c. 1957), an AIM-9 was launched at a Chinese target but instead of detonating as it were supposed to, the missile got lodged in the exhaust. The Chinese pilot returned to base with the missile and on his arrival the Soviets quickly took the missile to reverse engineer it. In doing so, the Soviets could use the air-to-air as a learning model and produce their own. What's interesting is later when the US got an example of this replica (known now as the AA-2 or K-13), it was determined almost every part was interchangeable allowing either missile to trade components and still function.
  3. Ah.. Very tough choice. I guess it would have to depend on the mood. I'd go with Hard Rock, as it's the best fit for how I normally feel. In the air, or underwater?
  4. Banned because Ponies! Only if they have a Ford emblem or have a propeller do I recognize them!
  5. ^Or as my old man would call it, the "Geo Ghettro".. Hoffmann (no nickname, 1951) Said to be the single worst car ever made. Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik tried one out to show how awful the experience of owning one would be.
  6. Died after being crushed by a mountain of requests.
  7. 8/10 Certainly different to my taste, yet I can see it being in a new Gran Turismo! Con Funk Shun- Ffun
  8. Starting tonight there's no turning back. I will have to start packing up and beginning a move. Roseville has been good to me these past 8/9 years and now I will be setting my course to Garden Valley.

    At least now I will have more of Gold Country opening up and South Lake Tahoe is going to be closer than ever!

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      I'm so excited for you! *:D

  9. @raynev1- So far I am liking the way the trim looks! Consider that 3-0 indeed! @tonyr- I'll take that as another in-favor for trim! 4-0 feels like we are getting a unanimous decision! More progress on the front, the grille, hood and front bumper are as they should be! The headlights will need some fine tuning but there isn't much more to do. Seeing that the trim is quite popular with this fine crowd, I will keep it on!
  10. I am dreading what's to come over these next few weeks.. But I will see to it it works out in the end.

  11. Peugeot 508; A very sensible looking wagon, actually.
  12. Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell, has passed at 52. I remember first hearing one of his songs in a PS2 game. Then I looked for more from the band through high school.
  13. @Thin White Duke- Alrighty, that is 1-0 in favor of including the trim! @philforhockey51- And now it's 2-0 for trim! As far as fine details like this, HD textures should let you see it. Even SD should let you get a good look at the closest zoom levels. The Vanquish has silver trim running between the windshield and rear window along the roof. That feature was about 4 pixels wide on the texture. You could also make out a vague shape for the emblem which was all that was needed for a model seen from a distance. The Impala's trim is about the same width. It should be displayed better in contrasting colors such as the plain white I am using to test the model with.
  14. Since it was mentioned this generation of Impala has two looks, I decided to perform a little experiment and I would appreciate some input on it! The Impala has two looks; one with black plastic trim and the other a 'clean' look. I still haven't worked out the front yet but I will get to that. So far which would you say is the better result? Better 1- Or better 2-
  15. 10/10! It's a total feelgood song! Listening to this piece helps remedy those days that just aren't going right. Don Felder- Takin' a Ride (on Heavy Metal)