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  1. Thank you very much. Waiting to find the other mod
  2. The buildings in the red circle
  3. Vigata Vigata is a city that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Before the town there is a small fraction of Vigata called Montelusa. Here is the small historic village Descending from this small country that sits on a Hill you reach the highway linking Vigata with its airport and with the rest of the nation. Here is the highway and its beautiful countryside with the farm While we are approaching the city the Sun is going down and that's an old train station close in a modern industrial area And here's a piece of the city during sunset..... ....and the beach The night has fallen is the city is transformed into a lively centre. And one of the radio stations that are all the rage in Siculia is Nightride FM Here is a piece of radio station... ...and the city at night with its shopping mall with a river But now we move into downtown where there is a lot of movement of people bargain hotels and modern skyscrapers The city at night: between lights and people making noise The Platani River which crosses the city and historic bridges and some modern High speed train station between old town and downtown Finally the Church of San Gerlando in Agrigento by night COMMENT REPLIES: SICULIA' LL BE BACK First of all those pics were being tested with various effects so thanks to your feedback. michae95l: Thanks for the comment BugeyedDragon: Thanks for the comment. The second image I actually essagerato in the second image SimNation: Thanks for the comment is I hope this city journal you like. For when concerns the overhead contact line on HSR just put the file in the game folder NAM HSR catenaryand you will see kschmidt: Thanks for the comment 1404: Thanks for your comment
  4. Siculia' ll be back After a few months break, here is the return of Siculia, but in the meantime, enjoy some preview of cities in Siculia COMMENT REPLIES: SURBO jmsepe: Restructure the transport system is very complicated but the traffic is the thing thatbothers everybody takemethere: Thanks for the comment. Southern Italian-style train station, that's where I found it. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3340 kschmidt: Thanks for the comment. The Park was to be a common City Park but I was inspired by the Palace of caserta. As regards the channels I decided not to round them andmake them a little squares. Ln X: Thanks for the comment vinlabsc3k: Thanks for the comment, as far as the junction was a junction on the T, but then I decided to create a small road connecting the highway with the industrial zone. Anyway thanks for the tip.
  5. A great place to spend the summer vacation
  6. A very realistic mountain region
  7. A downtown that reminds me of new york. A great job
  8. A beautiful city but I love the countryside and its trees
  9. A beautiful European city. Looking forward to seeing more
  10. The night photos are fantastic, a very realistic effect photoshop.
  11. A very impressive highway junction. Well done
  12. Currently there is no information for the city of Surbo on wiki SURBO Surbo is a town located in the Republic of Florince near the Federal territory of San Foca. Here is a busy modern highway near a canal and agriculture A country road for expressway A nice neighborhood near a canal One of the railway stations of Surbo The Park of surbo The junction of Surbo always busy and noisy PAY, UNHOOK A beautiful Boulevard with heavy and technological industries The Sun's going down. What a beautiful moment Mediterranean sun-tropical And lowered the night time revelry! No, because there's a rain storm Here is the Church of Santa Maria del Fiore neighbour municipality and the main square and the park with the rain Rain Rain everywhere In the industrial heartland in the rain An industrial railway station. Industries very bright, but it rains Oh no did the electric current in the streets. Well, at least a touch of class to the city during this rain storm. And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week. COMMENT REPLIES: Tropea Ln X: Thanks for the comment BugeyedDragon:I found on the internet just type on Google images "ST MAARTEN GIF" you find the Graphics Interchange Format of ' aero during landing. kschmidt:Thank you very much
  13. Sorry to see that you are terminating this CJ that was historical and very realistic, but I'm glad you're doing a new CJ. Looking forward to seeing more.