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  1. @Dreadnought I love NBVC's stuff, especially the corals, and I think this looks really good. I think they look good in really any configuration. If your going for realism, I'd probably take a look at tropical coastal areas that have a lot of reefs. One place out of many that stood out to me for having beautiful reefs here in the States was Key Largo in Florida.
  2. finished this park/trail/hill space
  3. Skywalk fits perfectly between the two
  4. Two of @Diego Del Llano's great new buildings and @kingofsimcity's wonderful parking lots
  5. @T Wrecks Haha yes that is a perfect way of putting it and thank you! The other side of the tile will be the other side of the bay but with a beach with high-rise as well, with both sides also backing into mountain ranges like Hong Kong. The idea of that highway is basically it's built on man-made islands that serve to block the strong currents for the enormous coastal harbour that will continue to stretch down in both directions. I am fascinated by and love large, dense urban areas on the water - like most large world cities are. I also live in one and have lived in others hence my cities being dense and hi-rise . The skyscrapers on the coast will be home to people who want/are able to acquire waterfront property and besides a few lower levels would all be able to see out past the islands/highway to overlook the Bay and other side, which will be high rise buildings up to a beach. That was all mainly grown residential - can't wait to plop other fine work done by the community into my business districts and share the future of this tile but until then here's a close up shot - Cheers! Edit: added an extra picture of a bit of progress
  6. Nice! I also have used this technique. Here's a tip - if you use some kind of seawall mod, like the one from NBVC for example, you can use the diagonal pieces as overlays on the coast and extend the flups into the water
  7. After starting and scrapping several projects, finally started one that I'll most likely see through. Here's a peek. Lots of skyscrapers here but there will be plenty of mid-rise. Going to be a big city based loosely on the geography of Miami and South Beach. Have made some changes since the third picture and the bridge is missing until I finish off the other side of it.
  8. Incredible, and all of the above.