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  1. How are those BATs coming for Chicago?

    Not trying to nitpick but as a loyal Chicagoan do you know the building actually bulges out on the bottom? Its fantastic bat but not quite accurate
  2. Can we consider this project dead? I've been following it for quite some time just want to know, sorry to bump.
  3. Historic Reed River City Winchester's downtown core is gorgeous, but there are many other different areas of the city to look at as well The riverfront also has a popular beach right near downtown in the neighborhood of Waterview, famous for its swanky condo buildings and towers and the historic Regal Theater, the only movie house in the city. Mostly high wealth residents live here with exception of Granite towers a middle class high rise. The antique Country Club district is full of incredible homes, both old and new and is famous for its brick streets. There are houses here running in the millions. High-end shopping area Industry still plays large role The more suburban Northern shores area Southern Shores area in its entirety Which would you choose, North or South? Thank you for visiting!!!
  4. Is this project dead? It would really be a shame I was really excited for it and watching it closely.
  5. I would but I only have access to the internet on that computer when I'm at my grandpa's so its hard to really download and find stuff. And thank you can you believe I grew most of that first picture I didn't plop those!
  6. Thank you everyone your support really means a lot!
  7. Historic Reed River City Backstory Winchester was founded about 1880 by traveling industrialist Winston Sams. Sams wanted to found an important city with easy access to transportation, but most areas were already filling up. So he decided to head to the lesser developed west area of Simnation and find an almost unspoiled river territory. This was when he discovered the Reed River, named by pioneers for its forested banks, about 30 miles west of highly-desired Rochester County. After attracting some families to the area who built some homes, Sams would use his savings to lay the cornerstone for the first factory. Soon the area attracted rich industrial investment from many young entrepreneurs and the city boomed. As the city grew toward the 21st century, educational investment became much higher here than in Rochester and attracted both high tech industries and heavy commercial development. To keep the traditional stone style, investors in the city chose to mainly build in old looks and it resulted in a beautiful river city that many dream of seeing. Downtown The city center of Winchester is one of the most incredible in Simnation for a city of its size, because of its beauty and scale, and is still booming to this day. Let's take a little look... The densest area of downtown has been declared a historic district by the city, county, and is waiting for approval from Simnation for the same qualification. The area has an impressive array of early 20th century architecture attracting tourists and offices alike. Another view... This part of downtown is also beautiful for its main street feel and old buildings as well. The Imperial theater in the corner is the main playhouse for the city. Entire city center...
  8. In the beginning... It was about 1860, and exciting new time for the country of Simnation. About a decade or two earlier, hundreds of inventors and researchers developed new technologies which allowed for mass production. This industrial revolution swept across the country hyper-accelerating growth in cities and the economy and leading to construction of new cities and towns, including Rochester and a little later Winchester. Rochester In Rochester's case, the banks of the mighty Granite River were once a haven for nature, but the transportation potential on this massive river made it the perfect area for new cities. The development of this area were both industrial and agricultural in purpose, and to a smaller extent tourism. Rochester's ideal location along the river lead to a boom in industry, which laid the foundation for the future major city. Industry there has been a roller coaster but today it still plays a huge part in the city's life. Rochester is also notable for its high density downtown and it's wealth of old buildings, which per an ordinance buildings are still mostly built in older styles. An overview of Rochester: (Looks better close up) Winchester A few counties away from Rochester County exists a more underdeveloped region which is known as Winchester County. Now the city of Winchester itself has grown quite large, even almost catching Rochester many years ago however the county has few other towns. Winchester at first was quite similar to Rochester, because industry grew along the riverbanks of the powerful Reed River but in more recent years commercial development grew much faster here. Winchester itself is famed for its beautiful downtown, its brick and stone streets, and at one time its extensive network of row houses. Today the city is interested into expanding both up and out while continuing to grow its high tech industry and commercial sectors. Overview of Winchester: Thank you for viewing! Sorry its not as amazing as some other journalist's on Simtropolis but I tried! :kitty: Teaser: Until next time!
  9. Hm seems like a Gary-esque city I like it :)
  10. I have a few, the first Chicago from the ground in Frankfort, IL which is about 35 miles, the second the skyline from Indiana Dunes about 40 or more miles away.
  11. Chicago Bungalows What: The famous Bungalow Homes common all across Chicago and in the more urban suburbs. Why: there is a lack of really urban housing in the game for low-density and these would help to fill that gap. Also they are historic looking to give some character to drab cities.
  12. Hello, I was just wondering where you got the sculpture and tall tower in that photo
  13. one question, does anyone read this and make any of these?
  14. Two Suggestions: Terminal Tower in Cleveland: This majestic tower is one the coolest old skyscrapers in the USA. It also was the tallest outside new york for a long time. More Info/Pictures: http://www.emporis.c...leveland-oh-usa Why it would be beneficial: It would a great addition to the collection of skyscrapers in the stex because it would be one of the only really big old towers on there and it would be a wonderful focal point for any downtown. And number 2: Travelers Tower,Hartford Beautiful old tower with beacon on the top. Held a few records in the past More Info/Photos:http://www.emporis.com/application/?nav=building&id=travenuelerstower-hartford-ct-usa Why it would be good: Old towers are sorta neglected in the stex. Great building for downtowns and it would have great nightlights.