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    Mindblowing as always.Your BATs are always very detailed and look great placed in the City. You`re one of my favorite BAT Creators and it always makes me happy to see a new Creation from you. Thanks alot for this Gem.
  1. Thanks for the Help Guys, very much apprechiated
  2. Some Nightshots of Morningside Heights / Harlem The Columbia University at Night
  3. Well,this is one of Manhattans numerous religious Buildings,the famous Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Okay,since the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine doesn`t exist for SimCity (why....why?) i had to take the next best Thing.... Here`s a Funfact about the Saint John Cathedral:It may be old and one of the biggest christian Churches in the World,but it is not protected entirely by Landmark Rights because..it as never finished
  4. Uhm...has someone lost a Freight Car?It can be picked up under the Tree at the City Hall. I assume it`s a Conflict between a MMP and a Prop from the City Hall. Because the City Hall i demolished earlier (i thought it was a wrongly plopped MMP) was a Semi Truck with Trailer
  5. @korver Ireally don`t know if i should take your breathtaking MMP Artwork to motivate me to try MMP`s by myself or get demotivated by this sheer amount of Work that went into evry little Tile. No seriously,your Work is outstanding.A while ago i showed your Pictures a Friend of mine who is Photographer and travels a lot and was never into Gaming.He was baffled when i told them that those aren`t real Pictures. Anyways,i barfed some MMP Stuff on a small Area on the Manhattanville City Tile.
  6. Well,this is Manhattanville.Named and modelled after the real Place,but with one big Difference...most of the old industrial Buildings still exist in my Version.Just compare the Screenshot taken from Google Earth with my Game. So,what do you think of it?
  7. Hey Guys, this might sound weird to some of you but it makes perfectly Sense (to me at least) I wonder which Keys on the Keyboard aren`t used by SimCity 4 at all?I ask because i usually use Fraps to make Screenshots and when i play Sims,i assigned "B" to Fraps to make Screenshots because "B" isn`t used in Sims for anything. In SimCity 4,the "B" Key is used for bulldozing,and it happened more than once that i either accidently bulldozed a Building because i still had the Bulldozer on my Cursor or i had a Building or Street marked in glowing Red because "B" activates the Ingame Bulldozer and ruined a Screenshot with it.
    Nice Work with turning them into Growables. Say,in what Tileset / Style do they grow?
    Oh,those will sure come in handy.Already a long Time User of the IRM Wall Set (and the IRM of course).Thanks for making them,these Lots look great.
  8. Oh wow,another Central Park Jewel.I love those old Buildings that are scattered all around the Central Park,and this one is no Exeption. I agree with @gutterclub about adding some Grime or Variety on the Brick Texture but the Color itself looks pretty spot on.I checked the Place in Google Earth klick and the Building seems to have a rather cool Brick coloring Tone compared to the Building on the right,which is of a more warm Color. Maybe add some Variation on the Balcony Floors because it seems that almost every Balcony on the real Building has another sort of Tiling or Floor Covering (these People...) ,but i guess when covered in Balcony Plants,you won`t see much of it anyways. I assume you`re not entirely finished with the moddeling but it looks like the left Sidewall actually has Windows from top to bottom (well,some are walled up...) klick However,amazing Quality Work as always.Keep up the amazing Work and stay awesome.
  9. I love Rick and Morty.I´m really happy to see that the 3rd Season is coming now. Also watched the first new Episodes of Doctor Who.....
  10. @Simmer2 Oh...so many beautiful Containers Say,i was cruising around the Container Harbor in Los Santos (GTA V) and found a few more fictional Containers and i also was able to extract some of the Textures. Are you maybe interested? This is what the Brands look like: Sure,most of them are just Spoofs of real Live Brands (JETSAM is MAERSK, Post OP is UPS etc...) but it might be fun to add them I managed to extract the Texture Overlays for the JETSAM,BILGECO and Post OP Brands as png. Files (and yes,they are semi transparent Overlays.)
  11. Hey Guys,i need your Help with finding a few Sports Court related Things. First,i`m really sick of the same old drab 1x2 Basketball Court and i wonder if there aren`t any other small Basketball Courts out there. I`m also looking for some sort of modular Golf Course and / or Golf Hitting Range (you know,those small stacked Cabins you stand in and hit a Ball...). The last Thing i`m looking for are Baseball Fields similar to these on Randalls Island (if those are Baseball Fields....the ones with the sandy Circle) like the ones you see below: Google Maps Link... Any Hints and Ideas are much apprechiated.
  12. I`m with @T Wrecks,it looks like a Tugboat Hull. I also agree,we need Tugboats...and Barges (the only Barges i know so far are the wooden Barges from the historic Haror Set...)