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  1. I'd like to recommend that you use a blank sandbox tile and just start playing around with all the parts. This really helps to understand what all the options to build are. "Exit without saving" for each session. Learning the NAM in a city is going to be pretty frustrating. Of course...these forums are here to help you with any questions you have. If you do a "SimCity 4 NAM" search on youtube, there is a good bit there that could help you out. Yes, the NAM is very complicated looking, but once you get the parts, it's really cool. Keep working with it. Cheers, Tiger
  2. Thanks Matt! It's truly amazing how fast you are creating these awesome BATs. I use all your works with great pleasure. Great work.
  3. All the legal talk... I am pretty sure if it comes down to it Electronic Arts OWNS all the content ever created with their tools and file types. In no way are you allowed to own it or profit from their work. Cheers, Tiger
  4. I think anything other than windows is a no go. There is no way someone like me is going to learn how to run Linux/Unix systems...I would NEVER do that. I know you windows haters think I'm crazy....But I know I'm not alone. Learning that seems as hard as doing the plugins the hard way. Running new OS's is not a "easy" path for "new/returning" users of SC4. This is the point of our discussion here. How do we make this EASY for users. This is how we can extend the life of our wonderful community. The tech talk blows away someone who is not going into the reader to fix "balance, etc" of their content. That's a lost player...what we need to fix.
  5. I guess I have a megapack from you...all your buildings are in my plugins
  6. TMTS...That is a great post and really is the heart of what we are talking about...He doesn't play anymore because of the pain...that's sad. I hear you brother. I think it might be important for us all to remember this EULA from maxis....without the BAT...no one can create models for the game. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=6 I think many people believe they are some sort of individual "painter", or similar....anyone can procure some canvas and paint. That is individual creation. Without these Maxis tools (with their rules) we couldn't create these assets and get them into the game. Maxis(gone)/EA has the rights, not the individual creators. The way I read it, Its not even legal for us to make a new render method according to lawyer types. When someone creates... using maxis tools... some 3D coordinates, and some LODs and renders it..."It's MY personal work that I hold all rights to", even though I will upload it to a public site....I think this is a very extreme point of view. Perhaps all future uploads have a disclaimer policy about this? At least we could have a "stop it" point for the future Cheers, Tiger
  7. You should check out this thread here: There are quite a few different golf sets. I'd suggest doing a google search for "SimCity 4 custom golf". Cheers, Tiger
  8. Where are we going with all this copyright talk when the community dies because of all this bickering? I think the most important thing is to keep the game alive...however it happens. We all know when someone copies another persons work and claims that as their own...just browse the "cant find it" thread. Yahari, for example will call that practice out in a couple minutes. And you are not going to paint a house your favorite color without rendering yourself...that's not possible. Fixing broken stats and such like MGB has talked about would be a huge favor for the community...why do we all have to mod it ourselves because the original upload "isn't to be touched", that seems silly to me. We need content that works as expected without us all being a Reader expert. Sharing the work seems logical. To me...Maxis owns all our work...you couldn't create it without their tools...and they say as much. You don't own it. I really wish this would all go away and we can enjoy our game and all the creative people that have made content for it, without the "ownership" arguments. Wishful thinking. My 1 cent, Tiger
  9. That's a great post CB. Thanks for sharing those statistics...that's amazing.
  10. The gas stations are great. Geez, where I live they seem to be everywhere...even repetitive growth would be realistic like that. I saw that there is a wish for different pumps? You mean the roofs? That's a pretty easy bat...we could get that done. In fact if one wanted to try batting...this is a perfect choice. I would put the road side signs up there as easy was well. Cheers, tiger
  11. I'm glad you have started to learn this. You seem to have a lot of ideas from your requests. I would suggest you take it at a slow pace and try to learn from the more experienced lotters here to be sure you're doing the best work possible. I'm sure that's your goal. Doing lots as fast as you can just to upload isn't going to be a successful path. Please take your time and get proper feedback from your friends here...it's really going to help you become an expert. Cheers, tiger
  12. That's really looking fantastic. Great job. This is going to be an epic prop pack for rail fans. Cheers to you for keeping up your project. , tiger
  13. That we are nitpicking at this level is a compliment to your Bats. I think that this version looks fantastic. You could always make a later on version like "coal edition" if you thought it would be fun to make different loading methods loads...but for now let's just say the "sim loader" loads like this. I think it could help you to keep moving forward on your awesome project if this could be considered good for now. Just my thoughts. I always look forward to your posts. Cheers, tiger
  14. So nice. I like many others love your bats. I'd say keeping batting until you tire of that. Then have a render party. Do something else while waiting on them to render. I always want to see it in game myself...hard to resist...but when you are modeling like a machine, I get it. One of things of I love about our hobby is moving around to what you are interested in doing at the time. Cheers, tiger
  15. These are coming along so awesome. The trout farm is great and realistic. Great work Fantozzi!