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  1. Main railway station

    Nice work rajfurke! I wonder, could High Speed Trains (HSRP) pass through the station? I visited once the Berlin Hauptbahnhoff and in reality, there also some high speed trains like the ICE trains making stops at this station.
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Here's another of my intechanges with some HOV lanes for buses in the middle of the highway:
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Hi, I've been working on a particular interchange that I would like to show you. I was also wondering if you guys could give a piece of advice in order to improve it, in order to make it more tight. Here's the drawing of the interchange indicating the levels and the direction of the different ramps (L0 for level 0 (0 meters); L1 for level 1 (7.5 meters) and L2 for level 2 (15 meters)): And here's the interchange: My idea for this interchange is based on this example in Burlington, Ontario, Canada: https://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=fr&ll=43.33729,-79.830179&spn=0.02238,0.052314&t=m&z=15
  4. Ok, it seems I found out what was the problem. There isn't any conflict with any other file in the plugin folder. The reason why lights didn't appear was because there wasn't any zoning just next to the highway on my Test city (I was testing the LRM in order to see if it will work since I've recently installed NAM 31.2). It's odd since I thought that with the LRM, lights will always appear whether or not there will be some zoning near the highway. Lights also don't appear when zoning are separated from the highway by a street or road, or when zones don't face the highway as you can see in the following picture:
  5. Here's a few screenshot of my plugin folders: First, the plugin folder, you can see the "z0_NAM" folder and the "z1_LRMv51" folder: Then, inside the "z0_NAM" folder: Inside the "Maxis Highway Override" folder, I've reinstalled the "T21_MHW_MedianLights.dat" file: Here's another screenshot of the "z1_LRMv51" folder: I hope it might help you. Tell me if you need another screenshot.
  6. I've done what you said, but it still doesn't work. I've also removed the "T21_MHW_MedianLights.dat" file in the "\SimCity 4\Plugins\z0_NAM\Maxis Highway Override" as you indicated in the previous but no lights appear on the elevated and ground symphony highway. I've installed the "LRMv5_Patch_NAM_FAR_Lights_FamilyBlocker.zip" patch on the "z1_LRMv51" folder. Did I did something wrong?
  7. I've found the ploppable version of the lights for the RHW in the park menu. Thanks a lot! As for the Symphony, I've given to the LRM folder the same name as you indicated in the previous page of this thread: "z0_LRMv51". But it still doesn't work. How do I make sure that the LRM loads after Symphony? Do I have the put the LRM folder inside the Z__NAM folder?
  8. @MandelSoft: Hi, I've installed the LRM - USA set v5.1 on my plugin folder. But the lights don't appear on the RHW and on the Symphony project with the latest NAM (version 31.2). However, lights still appear for streets, roads and avenues. Did someone has already encounter the same issue? Do you know what is the problem? Can you help me? Thanks!