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    Hello guys! I'm proud to present my first release at Simtropolis. The following package is part of a bigger seris of my take on some Brazilian Buildings. This download consists of a set of both residential and commercial buildings, lots and props. The stats assigned to them are based on SC4 vanilla buildings' stats. There are in total 10 commercial buildings and lots and another 28 residential buildings and lots, all in 1x2 lots. This set only includes low-wealth and low density buildings. All are stage 1. The buildings reflect mainly the architectural style of poor neighborhoods in medium and large cities of Brazil. They also fit perfectly in small town scenarios. I took inspiration from real life houses and shops located in various regions of Brazil, but nominally from the cities of Caruaru-PE, Recife-PE, São Luís-MA, Feira de Santana-BA, Maceió-AL, Garanhuns-PE, Quipapá-PE, Correntes-PE, Januária-MG, Montes Claros-MG, Jaguarão-RS, Vitória-ES, Laguna-SC. I hope you all enjoy it! Please do contact me if you find any bugs or erros. Dependencies: BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02 Installation: Just drop the folders located in the zip file into your Plugins folder A little tip: Commercial buildings all have some sort of drawing of inscription in their front façade. This should help you distinguish commercial and residential lots
  2. Aye aye, M'lord. Off to the BATting fields! Thank you very much, guys! I really apreciate it! Well, hello everyone! After some years of BATting, alot of hours trying to get the hang of that stuff, the time has finally come for me to make my first release here at Simtropolis. Before that, I have to explain something to you guys. First of all I have to say that I have radically changed the style that I portray in my buildings. Initially I drew BATs based specifically based on my home region, the countryside of the state of Pernambuco. As the time went by, however, I noticed that my home region has a very peculiar and pretty unique architectural style that, altough interesting, would have been of little use to most Simtropolers. So, I decided to make something more "generic", that could potentially represent most regions of my dear country. Second, anyone who visits my thread may have noticed that I've had alot of technical issues with BAT4max during these years. My buildigns simply wouldnt render correctly, causing all sorts of distortions to the final product. I have almost given up on BATting quite a few times before because of this issue. Last year, however, I noticed that if I make large enough props (2 squares minimum) my models render correctly. So I decided to change again my style of BATs, giving up on drawing smaller props and starting to make BATs that fill the entire lot. This greatly limits what kind of stuff I can make, but at least now I can reliably make BAts again. I think that's it! I hope you guys enjoy this first release. I will release more of them throughout the year. Now a little context about the buildings I inteded to represent: As Industrialists grew stronger in Brazil from the 40's to the 80's, large groups of poor farm and ranch workers, especially from the countryside of the Northeastern region of the country and from Minas Gerais, started migrating to the rapidly-growing urban center of the Southeast region. As those mostly illiterate works arrived in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro they were quick to learn that they would be "forced" to work in dirty factories and construction sites with subpar working conditions. Those workers formed large "ghuettos" in those cities. As the urbanization process in Brazil expanded from the 80's to modern days this type of poor Neighbourhood proliferated to all regions of the country. Sorry for the long post and many thanks for all the support! Edit: I would also like to promote my countryman's latest release. The Saint Thomas Building by JP Schriefer. Man, this man is a beast. I'm always impressed by his top-notch quality Bats.
  3. Hey there, guys! After 4 years of hard effort and plenty of barely slept nights, I finally graduated! I gave myself some a well-earned break in modding, hope you guys forgive me hehe. Anyway, I'm getting closer to releasing some few stuff. Just wanted to give you a heads up! Thank you all very much for all the support that you have given me! I'm really grateful for all the kind words!
  4. Hello again, everyone! This week is my final week at the university (finally) so I decided to leave you a little departing gift as I don't know if I will be able to get back alive hahaha. I hope you guys understand why I'm in such a hurry and don't answer your posts as I used to do. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! It's a medium-wealth medium-density residential building. It's almost done but it's, nevertheless, a W.I.P Thank you very much for stopping by, guys! I hope to sou you all again here!
  5. Hello everyone! Long time no see! Well, alot of stuff happened in my personal life in the past 6 months or so, that's why I went missing. But I'm back (kinda). I'm finishing college so I don't have much time to talk here, but I just wanted to show you that I still think about my earlier projects and ambitions for SC4 hehe. Most of them were abandoned and I had to change my style to adequate to some problems with 3ds max that I've had since the beggining. So, I'll explain everything later but, for now, take a look at some of the stuff that I intend on releasing this year. . Also, as I was typing, Adrianor released an update in his commercial pack over at his thread! Please, go check it out! Sorry for the fast message, for the time missing, and I hope you guys enjoy it! I still have many things to show you (something that I was working on this thread that got delayed, hehe). Thank you all for stopping by!
  6. Thank you guys very much! I'm really striving to represent as realistically as possible the latin-american suburbs (altough in Brazil, at least, we don't call it that way as subúrbio around here means "periphery"). In the final product I will include more than one type of wall, with wooden stakes and glass shards for low-wealth and iron stakes and eletric fences for middle and high wealt. Many thanks for the comments! Thank you both for the comments! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the collection as I showcase it here. Please come back for more! Hahahaha, I don't think that would work well... Hello guys! Things have started to slow down once again (nothing unexpected though) and I don't have so much free time anymore. But, just to show that nothing here is abandoned, I decided to show some stuff that I have done in the past month. In the first image is the tiny pedagogy campus of the Universidade de Pernambuco located in Pesqueira-PE. The building is, nowadays, closed but not many years ago it served a strategic role as a pedagogy universtity in the countryside of the state of Pernambuco and helped the educational system of the region by providing it with new teachers. A series of reforms in the Universidade de Pernambuco's management systems decreed the end of academic activities in the old building as other campi with bigger capacity were built by the governement in neighboring. The second image is my attempt at recreating a corner building located in Ipanema, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It's still not incomplete, altough this render is already a month old so it doesnt show some of the progress I've made on it. All in all I hope you enjoy this little preview! I assure you that, even with little spare time, I'm working hard to release this year a giant pack of brazilian stuff, you will see! Thank you guys for stopping by and please come back!
  7. Hey there! I've got some good and bad news, I've tried, in the past weeks, to make the prop families system to work with my buildings but I couldn't. The issue is that the styles that I've represented are far too heterogeneous, with some being far too taller than others, and some having details in their façade that extrude into the sidewalk. Of course I could remodel my buildings to make them fit, that is indeed possible, but it would require far too much effort from my part (redoing them and testing if they fit nicely). I hope you guys forgive me and pardon me, but I simply don't have that much time yet to that kind of overhaul of what I already did, sorry The good news is that I've been able to start tackling some medium wealth low density houses. I've also done some other stuff this week that I will be showcasing later. I hope you guys enjoy it!
  8. You know it's my pleasure, Elavery! Thank you for stopping by ! Hey there, SimCoug. I've been conducting a few tests this week and so far the results are not positive. The façade props and back props don't fit entirelly well. I will see what I can tweak in them so they can fit nicely. If I can't do it, however, I will have to abandon the idea. But thank you very much for the help and keep rooting for me so that I can figure this out!
  9. Thank you very much for the kind words, JP Schriefer, they mean a lot! Nah, those houses are all individual props to be used in 1x2 or 1x3 lots (or bigger ones, hehe). Thanks for coming around and make sure to come back! Well, your idea seems great and other have agreed on it. Someone suggested this to me sometime ago and I really didn't thought it through and just discarded the idea, but now I'm going to give some real thought. At first see the problem of my buildings varying greatly in terms of height (that's intentional, simulating measure-less building that are quite common in poor regions), but I will see what I can do. SimCoug, can you direct me to where can I get some prop family numbers? I would greatly aprreciate your help in this endeavour. I will do some testing this week and I will come back to report my results. Thank you very much for the great suggestion! Hahahahaha. Well, that's bound to happen, I have over 80 house models and I'm reaching 12 commercial models, so there's a lot of repetition there and I really don't mind it. Thank you very much, Toothless Stitch, keep sweating when coming here!
  10. Muito obrigado meu amigo, I only wish I known to BAT as beatifully as you do. I've been away for some time, but I'm following your recent BAT (altough I don't have the habit of comenting) and I've got to say that you're trully a master at what you do, and I'm proud to have such an talented artist as you are be Brazilian! Falo sinceramente, Parabéns cara! Cabra macho da peste, always a joy for me to see you in this thread! As the accordion player and forrozeiro that I am, I say Viva o Forró e o Nordeste! Thanks for showing up, man ! Thank you very much, SimCoug! I can assure you that I'm more than glad to see you visiting my modest thread. You're more than welcome here Me too I really wish that the new LBT team (there's a new one, right?) can deliver us some high-quality mods as they old team used to. I believe that no one is replaceable but as you already know yourself, we have a new latin-american in the roster of the top moders now, JP Schriefer. The nice thing about an game with such easy modding capabilites is that the group of modders is always refresing itself with new artists, right? Thanks for stoping by T Wrecks! Please do return! Hahahaha, summer vacations certainly help, yeah. The three months away from college really made me return to BAT. Only wish my boss at the office would also give some free time But I guess that's asking too much. Hope to see you back here, matias93! Hahahaha, good one! Thanks for showing up, Toothless Stitch, I hope I can live up to all this joy hehe. Muito obrigado ! Well, I wouldn't ask you to use them, hahaha. Altough those are my houses, my children, they wouldn't fit the theme of your CJ, and the available custom content that fits your european setting is of much higher quality than my stuff. I thank you for the compliment and I hope to see you back in this thread again ! I've got to admit, I felt a great joy to see there's still some interest in my BATs, specially from those Simtropolis Titans that supported me in the past and that are still showing support. Thank you very much, guys! Muito obrigado mesmo! Most of you are also modders, so you already know that recognition and support is what brings most happiness to a modder. Anyways, here's a little preview just to keep you guys warmed, hehe . The 6 buildings from the left to the right are Low-Wealth Low-Desnity commercial buildings that I have made recently and the last one in the right corner is a Low-Wealth Medium-Density commercial building. Soon I will get back to my Igreja da Penha for the Project Rio as there's not much left for me to finish that cathedral. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and please come back for more, guys! Many thanks!
  11. The STEX seems to have received two major Latin American uploads, so I think I should also contribute to this, hehe. Long time no see, I know! Real life has been extremelly demanding in 2015, but things are starting to improve to me. I have returned to BAT houses from my home region (Northeast of Brazil) and I would like to say to all of you that my low wealth house pack is almost done, with only the Loting process remaining. I would also like to show to you a little preview of sometinh I've been doing for the last few days. The 7 buildings from the left to the right are Low Wealth Medium Density houses, representing the typical urbanization process of the region (and pretty much of all Brazil), a process that was conducted very rapidly in a short spam of time, based on the forced migration of the rural people of Brazil into it's poor, infrastecture-less and overgrown cities. The 2 buildings in the right are Low Wealth Low Density Commercial, showcasing what usually happened in the region in the first moments of urban aglomeration (the process began slowly in the XIX century and boomed from the 1960's onward): most buildings that functioned as houses for subsistence farmers started to also function as little comercial buildings as more farmers started leaving the deep countryside of Brazil; usually the main hall of the house was turned into a little shop, bar or restaurant where the kids and the female members of the household worked while the grown adults went to the fields. Hope you guys like the preview! I'm glad to be back again!
  12. Thank you very much SimCoug! You're always welcome in this thread! Hahahaha, no no no, Reddonquixote is miles ahead of me, he's a true monster in BATting. But I thank you for the complimment Hellooooooo everyone, just wanted to show how my housing project is comming along, hehe I've tweaked alot of stuff and made some small props for the Lots. I hope you guys enjoy it, as this is finally coming to final stages of development. Thanks everyone!
  13. Thank you guys for the comments, I really appreciat it ! Sorry for the slow progress my friends, hehe. Today I want to show you some more progress on the right wing of the Igreja da Penha. There's still some missing details, but I hope you enjoy it and come back! Thanks everyone for the attention
  14. Those two houses of the left are form Correntes - Pernambuco (the yellow one is the house where my mom grew up, hehe). I can't remember exactly from where are the two houses in the right, but I remember that the blue one is from a city in Bahia and the orange is from Paraíba. I'm so excited about this pack that I'm considering making about 100 houses! Thank you guys very much for the comments, please come back for more ! Hello everyone, I just wanted to show you a little clinic I've made to blend in with the houses from my project. It's a very simple (even a bit ugly) building. It is based on a clinic of the NASF (Núcleo de Atendimento à Família) program and is located in the city of Quipapá - Pernambuco. Hope you huys enjoy it!
  15. I'm looking forward to it! Great progress on the Igreja da Penha! Thank you both for commenting and please do come back for more previews! 1) Well, I have never seen a water tank with another colour than blue, but I will sure make other one with other shades of blue and maybe green 2) Don't worry amigo, corner houses are on the to-do list 3) I have to admit that's a great idea and I have already considered it in the past, but... 3ds max hates me and some small objects simply won't render (there's no clear reason for this error and I didn't manage to solve it). I have already tried making some façade-families before but some façades will, radonmly, just not render properly. Altough this is a great suggstion, I will have to discard it, I hope you understand. Muito obrigado for the suggestions and comments, they are both very welcome ! Fortunatelly/Unfortunatelly, the roofing above the towers are just placeholders, hehe. I modelled (is that right?) the clock, maybe I can apply other textures on it just to make sure it looks a little sharper. Thanks very much for the critique, it really helps pushing the model to a better shape . This is a small preview of some housing that will be present in my house pack. Hope you guys enjoy it! The left house is a neo-colonial, the second on the left is a art-decó and the two on the right are "estilo sertanejo" or simply rural. Thanks everyone for the comments!