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  1. The can bales - much better, really like them as they are. The metal scrap - looks very realistic to me. Good job. The shredded metal (third car?) - not shure, to me it seems I see 3 regular diagonal lines on the texture forming an unnatural zigzag. But @CT14's suggestion would fix that. Or - if not maybe it's me (but I don't take this drugs you see faces on the wallpaper or secret messages on train car loads).
  2. And this is so true. Most of this feminism is protectionism - it's the same old desire to have command over the female body: "don't touch this, this is german guys property." Remembers me of drunken guy on the street we met once. One of us said: "stop beating that woman!" And he responded: "That's my wife!" The logic of drunken husbands. When @LexusInfernus points out that freedom begins where you have the right to choose and I like to add - and not other people doing the choice for you - so you can be responsible for yourself ... ... then it will always be problematic when a couple of guys gather together and spy out what would be best for woman. No matter of ideology or religion. As most woman I know, they perfer to be asked instead of being discussed. No matter if it's the pope or a couple of citybuilders players. Or you teach them what's best for them or you let them find out what is best for them. My impression is - now they try both at the same time. And feminists try this quadrature of the circle by teaching muslim women what is the right choice when you have the freedom to choose. And the trick is so simple. You offer a red apple and a green apple and say: now you can choose. And the children are happy and they feel free. And the strawberries you keep all yourself. (So children think they did the choice but instead I did the choice for them - the choice was only an illusion born from a lack of knowledge - that there would have been strawberries too to chose). So mostly - when people start this way: muslim or christian, hijab or jeans - you already were trapped. And we should educate our children to overcome this 'this-or-that-trap' by always immediatly asking: What? That's all? Did you know - the first 50 yeas only jews could become christians. It was Saul (Paul) who argued: if you want christianity to become a world wide religion you must allow people of different believes to become christians. But it's exactly the same with cell phones. It's not this or that feature. The cell phone that can integrate the most features into its small body will be the most popular. So the whole discussion is wrong. The question shouldn't be this or that but how to integrate the features. How people are loooking on the hijab is rediculous. I remember, late 60ies it was the Bikini. Newspapers were full of reports how the bikini threatens our culture. On clothes it seems - the less material the bigger the danger. My mother made me to leave the living room when they talked (talked!) about Bikinis in TV. Now what is this clothes this guy wears around his neck: What it is good for? What is it needed for? Or this t-shirt: Why don't we discuss t-shirts? This is so arbitrary. It's just most western people wear their hijab a) around their brain or b) on their chest. So the only difference is how you decorate yourself with your ideology but not the fact that you decorate yourself (or your woman) with ideology. As we do exactly the same. [EDIT] I forgot to mention tattoos - another way to decorate yourself with an ideology.
    But this is outstanding. It looks very good, shure. That's one of the best water textures I ever did see - even the 19th century naturalists didn't paint it better. But last night I did a relot and f.e. the ramp matches the size of 2 floor tiles and than the entrance matches the floor tile the same - so it is surprisingly easy to relot this bat in LE even if it has a complex layout. It's not only very beautiful, it fits the world of SC4 perfectly. Might be called a precision landing. Just to compare (if you think I'm joking on the water):
  3. Like music charts the rating system can always only reflect the average taste, the interests of majorities. And it might happen that a Beethoven stands next to a Justin Bieber and every one chooses the Bieber which can't be held for a critics of Beethoven. Bieber selling more records than Beethoven doesn't say nothing about the quality of Beethoven. I never was worried about this 1 - 5 star system. When I browse through the STEX I don't really look if a file was voted with a score 4,68 or 4,82. For me first of all, the important thing is the pictures, the headline, the discription. This is the first thing. Those stars always work only as a confirmation of my own perception. No one should think, they drive perception. Only on the brain dead it may work this way. Not on average people who are in search for content. So if they find something interesting they look on the stars - ah, yes, five stars they see - so again, those confirm the individual perception. Now it happens, you find something interesting but this is only rated two stars. This means: your individual perception (looks interesting) and the rating (poor) doesn't match. Confirmation doesn't work. Now you start browsing and searching - but why is this rated so low, what did they write about it? And as an effect of this - mostly negative statements are read, much less the positive. I bet - mostly votes are read on those files, where opinion goes apart. And if you compare votings and the amount of downloads - I bet - you won't find a relationsship the way that 4,5 files are downloaded less than 4,8 files or so. As it doesn't work like this. So one shouldn't take the rates as a sign of popularity or popularity as a sign of quality. It really works as intended, as a confirmation tool of your own, individual perception. So sometimes it is simply overrated - the rating system. But this isn't I started this thread and you are a bit off topic now discussing this. I saw some moderator action I didn't really like. And I feel terrbile sorry @mattb325 got in between this - I imagine - it's like you open the door and suddenly you stand in the pouring rain. It's like he suddently got into bad weather. Now on this @Cyclone Boom is absolutely right. You can't generalize from this mishap, only thing is, you can see, what is to learn about. There is no need for a tribunal now. But what I see - the rating system seems to be a source of misunderstanding, people getting in dispute. Me, I would expect, this kind of communication happens in the development threads, in the forums - where people discuss what is right, what is wrong, what works better - this discussion about aspects of content. Instead this kind of discussion appears on the rating section. As discussion is limited there - this is the absolutely wrong place in my opinion. So I started to wonder why the rating system is so often abused to express things they don't belong there. Frustration and anger, about things not working, broken links, dependencies also people telling their idears (nothing negative) like 'you should this or that bat next'. All this stuff - in my opinion - doesn't belong to the STEX and the rating but to the forum. So there are comments and ratings, but I think most people visting the STEX don't really can see or understand - what this menues are for exactly. Maybe That's why I thought they need clear rules how to use these things. This is a communication problem - people use the rating section like a support thread and the contributors obviously get the message wrong. How should they understand, that '3 stars' must be translated in this case, it means 'I can't get this work correctly' - so it isn't really a rating but maybe an error report. But I see people voting on errors that can be fixed by the contributor or on errors because of wrong use and so on. So in many cases the rating section is simply used wrongly. And conflicts come from this. In my opinion this happend also in this case. A user rated the work low because - as it seems to me - his idears were different, his opinion was, if I am right, sound barrires should be placed different. Well that's an opinion , everything fine, but that's obviously no reason to downrate. So thinking about this I came to the insight - what could have been an interesting disucssion on the forums 'where is the right place for a sound barrier', was totally wrong as a verdict on mattb325's work. And my thesis was - if you prohibit the rating system being used wrongly as a bug report or disucssing opinions thread, many conflict could be avoided. So I demanded for clear rules on this usage. But maybe there are better solutions. I never intended to discuss the rating system itself.
  4. Alfa Romeo 159, italian police car version:
    David Beckham? No, I mean ... those traces rainwater leaves during the years on the facade - in my opinion those give the special extra to this great building.
  5. His words, quite often, cheer me up when I feel confused. rsc204
  6. Nope sorry. False statement by me. I'm terrible sorry - it's only ff has a smaller letter size. But when I zoom down ff window it's the same on ff. Seems the column can't be resized.
  7. To me firefox looks okay. Chrome not.
  8. Ah, I always forget to report - formatting:
    There is smell of soap in the air. They are very lovely textured and done with much variety - lots and bats they are all different even on small details. The small size makes them very versatile, cool as 'fillers', cool as a part of a rural commercial zone. I like the idear - laundromats as a commercial type seems an excellent addition and this idear was realized perfectly. I mean, if you imagine how laundromats would look like - you imagine them exactly like that, don't you?
  9. But Peugeot also created iconic cars like the j7
  10. Thanks, yes, @mattb325. I think, you're right. Now I overstate things. It's a little misshap an I try to make a social study from it.
  11. Did you know - the word 'love' is a branch of the word leaves? In the early centuries, when after a hard long winter the farmes let their lifestock out in spring, they jumped in joy and hurried up to pick up the first sprouts from bushes and trees. In this time the word leaves was spelled more like 'louvves'. An this behaviour of cows, beeing so happy and joyfull, the farmers gave a name - they called the livestock to be 'louvig' - in the sense of beeing gay for the first sprouts of spring. And later more generally: beeing happy about springtime has come. From this ' being gay for leaves' or 'being happy about springtime' as an adverb for animals behaviour roundabout between 1200 and 1400 the word more and more was applied on humans having some affection for a member of the other gender. The latin word is 'amor' - so you see it is different, this word has no latin origin and the worlds most famous word has traces much older than the latin language. But the traces leads to the short relationship between old lifestock and young leaves in springtime. And that's all about true love and songs under balconies and diamond rings. Mooh!
  12. Right. Did you see the match Judd Trump vs Xiao Guodong? Wrong text again, sorry. Maybe: What did Trump negotiate with Xi Jinping again? How is their version of a trade war going to be?