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  1. Ford Econoline
  2. One has to consider media as a part of entertainment industry not as a substitution for your own experience - and every journalist is free of a self-conception saying: "I want to entertain you" or "I want to educate you" (mostly it's a mixture of both - that's why journalism never can substitute real life experience or you'll begin to judge life like some kind of entertainment). This can create a paradox as Paul Watzlawick descibed it in many of his books and can become morbid: If a journalist is serious you accuse him not being entertaining, if a journalist is entertaining accuse him he isn't serious. Try it - this will work on every occasion. So - if you want to, journalists can never do their jobs right. It's an impossibility you've created. But the economic law is: to sell what you've got to say you'll have to be entertaining. So one could say, the sentence "All the world's a stage" - marks already what's called with a buzzword 'post truth'. And it's funny that this sentence was written by Shakespeare in a drama called "As you like it."
  3. Ford Anglia, 1967
  4. Wasn't there a bird of pray effect, an eagle or something else doing circles in the sky? Seems I can't find it - does somebody knows how the effect is named? Thanks.
  5. Mercedes Benz Type 770 (also known as W150 - built between 1930 and 1943 ... ... and used by Hitler)
  6. I wish you love, Rachel Yamagata
  7. And here it is: Bamboo, 5 seasonal stages
  8. young quince tree ...
  9. @OcramsRzr maybe, if I find a free 3D model I can assault, I might ad a bamboo field. I like the idear. But a Tuffula plantation? Not shure if SC4 is the right environment - sounds like turning the Lorax into a Llama. But, well - as usual - on games I tend to say: whatever you consider to be fun, you should give it a try.
  10. Austin A 40 Devon
  11. From left to right: almonds (new props), potatoes (new props), chickens (Vnanoed), chicken houses row (new props). I think I'm finished with the fields for the moment. I will start the farms now.
  12. on a mild, ...
  13. From left to right: Pinewoods (5 seasonal stages, props cycledogg), Tomatoes Greenhouse (new props/Nexis), Lettuce (new props), PEG Nutrients Extraction (Pegasus).
  14. That's a little bit a limitation of the game. You know, the real obscene stuff is happening beyond zoom level 5 - on and under those office desks, on the trading floors, behind the shiny glass fronts. And in birds eyes view - the whole world seems harmless. Even tanks seem like toys. Or think of the astronauts - when they look down on earth all they can see is peace and silence. It's necessary to get closer to see the obscenity within. I remember there is a BSC mega pack (misc1 or misc2 ?) that contains a few animated prostitutes (male and female and a flasher too, if I remember right) made by Simgoober. If you put them around any building - I think that's almost the maximum of obscenity you can get with the perspective sc4 offers.