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  1. Thanks for the comment Julio! Amazing that you remind me of SCB, I have the CJ there for some time. Now in summer I went on vacation, so I could play a little, but I don't have much time to play normally, college and work consume my time hahahahahaha "Valeu pelo comentário Julio! Que foda que tu me lembra do SCB, faz tempo que tenho o jornal lá. Agora no verão entrei de férias, então consegui jogar um pouco, mas não tenho muito tempo pra jogar normalmente, faculdade e o trabalho consomem meu tempo hahahahahaha"
  2. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  3. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  4. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  5. Very detailed, impressive! Maybe a little more brightness in some lights. Let's see how the building will behave with the lights on every floor. I think the result will be great!
  6. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  7. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  8. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  9. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

    Progress in the suburbs and something in downtown,
  10. From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

    So, my intention is to create a suburb in the south area, full of parks and trees and expand a little bit the downtown area. The space is limited here, so i have to do a good work with these free zones. Any suggestion?
  11. Incredible work! Where i can find this shopping mall on the last picture?
    Keep it up Diego! Thanks for sharing!
  12. It reminds me the Chaoyang Park Plaza, in Beijing. You can look out more of this plaza here. This idea of a futuristic building pleases me, keep it up!