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  1. So, something very relevant to this discussion is happening in my state: http://www.pitch.com/FastPitch/archives/2014/01/17/lets-bring-back-firing-squads-for-death-row-prisoners-suggests-missouri-rep-rick-brattin I can't bring myself to see firing squads as anything other than barbaric, if there is no humane option then I don't think we should be performing executions at all. Even the worst criminals are human, and I can't bring myself to think of efficiency and cost when the taking of a human life is concerned. Honestly, if punishment is what you're after, life in prison seems to be a better punishment. The fact that a politician in my state is advocating this is not at all surprising, we seem to be surging backwards at an alarming rate around here lately, but that doesn't make it any less disturbing to me.
  2. Maybe I can help get this moving again as well? A little something from an update that I have never gotten around to finishing.
  3. Hmm.... I don't know about that. Interesting.
  4. This is a spectacular update. That last picture especially is stunning.   Awesome job with this.
  5. My CJ Progress is going to be on hiatus for a while. I'll have a post with more detail later in the actual CJ, but it's just too much for me to handle by myself now that classes are started.

  6. I'd really like a version without modeled trees, but this looks very nice.
  7. Very nice, thank you for including aversion without the modeled base. I wish you had a version of your castle without the base as well.
  8. [quote name="Lordyboy96" timestamp="1376129178"]Action 1: Newcomer [b]Charles Lord[/b] clears land on the shore upstream of the settlement, of suitable size for a cottage and small fishing pier/jetty [/quote] I should inform you that there is a large creek that joins the river just upstream from the town. Anything upstream along the river will only be accessible by boat.