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  1. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    An overview of northeast Sault Ste. Marie An overview of West Sault Ste. Marie
  2. Show us your industrial areas

    Fourth Line Industrial area Black Dirt Road Industrial area West Sault Ste. Marie industrial area Suncor Refinery St. Mary's Paper Mill
  3. Show us your parks!

    Strathclair Athletic Fields
  4. Show Us your Shopping Centers/Malls

    Carpin Beach Road shopping centres
  5. Sault East Solar Farm Leighs Bay Solar Farm Carpin Beach Solar Farm A nuclear power plant is under construction to replace the coal power plant behind it as well as the rest of the coal power plants in the region.
  6. Show us your - Ghettos

    East Sault Ste. Marie projects.
  7. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    Major density around the Leighs Bay subway station.
  8. Bixel's HK/ASIA Residential Construction Showcase

    @gtgx666 I don't think version 2 exists anymore because version 3 was released.
  9. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    Another amazing building. With all these new buildings a will try to do a downtown with only Canadian buildings when I start a new region.
  10. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    Thanks for another amazing building to download. I'm always looking forward to see what you put out next. You manage to put in so much quality into your Bats that they are always an instant download for me. I just need to find a spot to put the opera house in my main city now.
  11. Palais Garnier Remastered

    Great work again on another amazing building.
  12. Ritz-Carlton Toronto

    That looks incredible. I will have to find a place for this 5-star hotel somewhere in one of my big cities.
  13. Can't find it?... Ask here!

  14. ING Direct

    Another great building. Also a company that has office in Canada will help make my cities look a little more Canadian and less American.
  15. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    The Bow in Calgary One of my favourite office buildings to be built in Canada this millennia.