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  1. This is a more varied showcase of the city of Lakefield. There's some areas that still lack detailing, but for the most part, the city is final. I also updated the Imgur album. Starting off with an aerial view: View of Proyect Floodland and the many ferries surrounding it: Proyect Floodland Wharf Port: Floodland Cathedral, with a sunken ship that has been rescued from the bottom of the lake: View from the cathedral avenue towards the city: View of Proyect Insula: Ruins of the old second settlement: The Insula Beacon, a former lookout place turned into a monument: The utilities that service the region, located next to Vista Hill: There's also a little stream that borders the nearby neighborhood: View from Vista Hill south lookout point: View from the north lookout point: Trekker Castle, and the road leading to it: Woodstock district, located east from the city: Cargo terminal at steephill neighborhood: Oak Park, with a tram weaving through: Hoprock Park, with the LSA HQ (Lakefield Security Agency) on the left and a hospital on the right: The headquarters of the LOFTA (Lakefield Old Factory Transit Authority) : The 'Interchange on a Curve', wich connects Route ND-100 with Survivor's Boulevard: East and South sections of the Boulevard, respectively: Lakefield Stadium and its plaza: A ferry-bus hub: Lakefield Great Flood Memorial and park: A ferry-wharf port at Hoprock Sierra, south of the map: And last but not least, a view of Cypress Neighborhood from the sierra: Hope you've liked it, and apologies from being all over the place
  2. @hugues aroux That sounds like you're missing the BSC Mega props CP Vol01 dependency. That file contains the flower bed prop you mentioned. Hope this helped
  3. Foreword: 'Lakefield' is the name of the city I built on the Natural Disasters' Floodland Scenario. I posted an Imgur album about my take on the scenario's challenge, wich also shows how rough the city looked like then, hence why I started embellishing it after beating said challenge. There's also some previous progress I posted back on the 'Show us what you're working on' thread on the Cities:Skylines subforum (1 and 2) With that said, here's some more progress. Starting with a general view: You may have noticed that there's a new island on the middle of the lake. That's the reclaimed first settlement, renamed 'Proyect Floodland': Here's the newly populated Proyect Insula, with part of the ruins uncovered (preserved?): Now, there was an issue with Proyect Floodland, and it was the lack of cargo connections with the mainland. There's no valid shipping routes in this map, and sadly there's no freight equivalent of Mass Transit's ferry system, so I went for an underground rail system disguised as a 'wharf port', wich are vanilla cargo train stations with the rails covered up in one way or another. There are 4 of these stations; one at the south of the map shown here: And finally, at the map's north, I created a small water stream wich meanders around the neighborhood:
  4. Even more progress. I should start my own city journal Starting to reclaim the two sunken settlements. I called this island "Proyect Insula": Since Mass Transit is about to be released, I'm trying to plan ahead a little. Marked potential sites for ferry stops with abandoned piers, for example. This proyect caused some casualties on the main city. A couple thousand citizens, some houses and a taxi stand were washed away twice Redecorating the memorial area. I wanted to use those low tri flowers and bushes from the workshop in conjunction with some vanilla stuff. And finally, I rebuilt the old factory area. Now it's the home of the LOFTA (Lakefield Old Factory Transit Authority)
  5. Near street level night shot of Trekker Castle, Lakefield. Just happened to find this interesting angle while I was looking around the city:
  6. Still working on Lakefield. This time I decided to add a little castle on the nearest sierra, dubbed Trekker Castle: Also been expanding the city a bit. Here's a general view:
  7. I don't know if I should post it here or on a different 'show us your...' thread, but... I've been working on the creatively named Lakefield, my city from the Natural Disasters Floodland Plains scenario. Decided to make an Imgur album that is half walkthrough, half showcase :
  8. I'll admit, I was one of those people that thought Mutton was "just angry" and foolishly ignored his argument, but then I tried watching the second VoD and found myself doing something else a few minutes later. I owe him an apology for that. I agree with the things already said about the presentation: even if they made a decent job with the expansion, the VoDs just felt... boring. Yes, it could be because it was made during an expo and they had to improvise, but even then I think they could have followed a basic presentation structure and then improvise with that in mind. Something like Mutton suggested, for example. What I also see in many parts of the gaming scene (not just this thread, or this game to begin with) is that many people today gets shocked to see their beloved game take any kind of criticism, constructive or otherwise. Internet trolls aside, the people who criticise doesn't necessarily hate the game, but quite the contrary: they want it to improve. Any piece of media needs criticism to improve Back on topic, I do like what they've shown so far, though I agree that more ways to transport freight would be nice. You can only do so many underground freight rail networks before that starts to become boring.
  9. @MissVanleider I hope nobody else in that neighborhood noticed it either... The game definitely does have some quirks with growables like that. Though I personally like to leave one or two of those 'rebellious' houses intact, I'm starting to think that particular lot has been flagged to grow in corners... @kingofsimcity Relots of SimGoober's stuff is always nice in my book . I wonder if it's better to extend that asphalt parking lot into a 6x3 rather than a 4x3, then again you'll probably lose that entrance wich, in my opinion, makes it unique. Maybe that's an idea for a second lot...
  10. Those apartments look beautiful indeed! I was about to say that it reminded me of another BAT on the STEX, then I saw the traffic jam ahead
  11. There are a few ways to restrict growable lots, but I believe the most common method involves using the Reader to edit the lot stage to a number greater that 8 (For residential and commercial) or 3 (Industrial). You can also use either the Reader or PIM-X to allow the building to only grow in certain tilesets, or sometimes even rebalancing the exemplar capacity can solve the "growing like weeds" problem, although that last one may not be save-friendly in terms of simulation if you had the growables already built. Hope any of this helps
  12. I need to ponder more about SC4 relots again. Been playing too much of this obscure game called "Cities:Skylines", not sure if anybody heard about it... *:D

    In all seriousness now, C:S is a great game. I do miss many of the quirks about SC4 tho, so you'll probably see me lurking in both subforums from now on *;)

  13. That's some neat industry you got there! I must admit though, I smile everytime I see those supersized fabada cans
  14. @brotherlyshove That is odd. Did you make sure to properly install the SCILT? These relots make extensive use of it and they will look awful without it. I don't think this is the case, but if you are using another sidewalk-related mod along with it then there could be a possibility of a loading order issue. If that's the case, then try renaming the SCILT filenames to alter the loading order (like adding "z_" at the beginning to make them load last. Or alternatively, put those files in a subfolder and rename that folder) Hope any of this helped you
  15. Got back into lotting after a bit of a slumber: This time, I'm experimenting with a relot (of many) of Honest Carrie's Used Cars: (There's supposed to be an array of cars on those empty parking spaces, but they didn't appear for some reason) I took inspiration from Temroc's garage yard (the enclosure idea and carport) and KOSC's amazing lots (almost everything else ) Nothing is final yet, so feel free to suggest any improvements I can make on the lot.