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    thank you I didn't realize this problem existed and I really hate it when Pedriana plants dominates the farms scene so I will definitely use this mod
  1. thank you excellent use of MMPs showing off some very nice props also I think you did some relotting of Maxis buildings that gives me some ideas for my own cities really love the choice of water and sand mods
    thank you more excellent apartment buildings I barely get to try them in game and you come out with more these grow well, look great and fit in everywhere really appreciate the different lot sizes and the beauty of the lots as well
    thank you for making growable lots for these
    thank you your high quality BATs are changing the face of my old cities these are beautiful and a style I see all over the Bay Area in both low and med wealth developments
    thank you the lotting and modding and use of some excellent props brings this old BAT up to date
    thank you great lot work brings this to life
    thank you Im really enjoying all these "new" buildings and appreciate that you use the same dependencies most of the time
    thank you this looks just like the one in Carmel Valley that I think was built in the 1970s and hasnt changed much since then this looks great with your parking lot and the other details
    thank you for continuing to lot these for the community
    thank you for another showpiece beautifully done
    thank you I think I used to download Bobbo's work on the old Maxis site nice to have this one and thanks for lotting it
    thank you for this beautiful building great work on the glass and night lights and I appreciate the background story the plop with jobs also much appreciated and I think I will plop it with a large plaza around it
    thank you for bringing this fine little building back from obscurity nice lot work and as always excellent modding I had this building some time ago but lost it during a plugins cleanup (by accident) and then forgot about it so thanks too for that
    thank you for rescuing this building and making a beautiful lot for it I remember this was a great store and was ruined by some bad management decisions