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    thank you love these cars
    thank you for continuing to create these "funky"buildings with such great detail, 2 different night modes and plop & grow lots
  1. thank you absolutely beautiful
  2. thank you this definitely has that southern California feel
    thank you glad to see you back at work with more industrial improvements
    thank you nice use of some great props
    thank you this is really different hope to see more Bats from you
    thank you for this I never got to play SC3000 and it's interesting to see what some of the buildings looked like I think some of these would look good in SC4
    thank you I have enjoyed your SC4 creations for a few years and you still provide interesting & useful content
    thank you for another excellent building and a complex with so many functions is a good concept
    thank you nice addition for creating some local cultural activity
    thank you it grew beautifully and I really like the new audio
    thank you I really like the clean look of this and appreciate the choice of lighting
    thank you for salvaging these great buildings
    thank you very nice lot work does credit for these old Bats