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  1. Trixies open in 5 days and you expect me to believe this post is a coincidence? I think not. Congrats on one year! This has been one of the most incredible city journals in Simtropolis history. I never know whether to be more blown away by your skills in the game, or in Photoshop. But put together they are something magical. Here's to another year
  2. Did you install the dependency files listed in the readme?
  3. I always enjoy recognizing resampled sounds in music and soundtracks. Certain senses, like smelling and hearing specific familiar things, can trigger some pretty strong nostalgia. I remember discovering Primordial Dream and being pretty weirded out by it too. I was always one to go poking around in the menus of a game to see if there were some cool features I hadn't found yet. I saw all of the rumors in the Youtube comments that it would play if you obliterated a city. I'll have to test it some time. But I think Alex is right in that it was simply a part of the soundtrack, something the composers were proud of, but someone reviewing it said it was too creepy so they just left it turned off by default.
  4. Cori is referring to installing the NAM, not SimCity 4. In the NAM installer you can customize which NAM features are installed: In the section above you can select the desired appearance of roads and streets. The "Retextured Standard Road Textures" will give you American streets with cul-de-sacs. There are also several European-inspired options to choose from.
  5. A tad bit off topic but here's an old blog post by Ocean Quigley about designing the terrain for SimCity 4. http://oceanquigley.blogspot.com/2009/04/simcity-4.html And we're still figuring out all of the intricacies of what he describes there. Gotta say I love that man, SC4 has some of my most favorite artwork from any strategy game ever. Wish I'd had the chance to thank him three years ago when he was all the buzz. Can't help but feel sorry that his 2013 game flopped so hard, causing him to leave EA, and probably the world of city designing, forever.
  6. All of the existing road networks in the game will be unaltered*, it just adds new ones. There is an optional feature to override the Maxis highways with a network that matches RHW, but that's not part of the standard install. *some "under-the-hood" changes are made, but you won't have to re-learn how to use roads and streets.
  7. Actually it was one of RaphaelNinja's original mods made way back in 2003. RIP your landmarks menu.
  8. The complication is that it changes the sizes of all of the industrial buildings in the game. T Wrecks made pretty new lots for them to sit on, which look great. If you install it and load an existing city, your industrial buildings will be glitching out and overlapping. It also changes how industrial zoning works. Medium density is now restricted to Dirty and Manufacturing buildings. High density will only grow Hi-tech. This gives you more control over your industrial zones.
  9. So as Cori found, these are the only changes I made to the Weather Tuning Parameters: This is definitely the change I made to flip the seasons. I thought I had made another change to increase the texture variance, but it turns out I was mistaken. I guess the yearly variation had always been there, the same as in your screenshots with the LBT terrain mod. Adjusting these two parameters to other values would presumably affect how much the ambient temperature and moisture increased or decreased throughout the game year. As for affecting the sun angle, I believe Lowkee found out how to do this. I'll have to dig back into his threads.
  10. You're in the terrain parameters DAT, but I didn't modify that at all and can confirm that value is still set to 0. I altered a file called Weather Turning Parameters, and it looks like this: Basically, you see some values about temperature and moisture variation. Lowkee33's pictures are unfortunately gone, but he had some stepped-height maps where he would display terrain mods and how different textures appeared at different altitudes. Texture placement is affected by either moisture or temperature, or both. Don't remember. But throughout the game year these values vary as pictured on the first page of this thread. And since the terrain textures are mapped to these values, the textures shift up and down in height slightly throughout the year. I increased something here or there and widened the variance. With the Columbus mod it worked really well, as it is greener at low altitudes and yellow at high altitudes. Also I vaguely remember changing one of those values to be negative, because the original setting brought Australian seasons (yellow/winter textures in July), and that offset the variation by 6 months, flipping the perceived seasons. There's also some other interesting parameters in there, like how much the wind direction varies (last value).
  11. Yep. Maxis studios were always around the 'Frisco/bay area. Places like Walnut Creek and eventually Emeryville, before closing down for good out there. Many aspects of the game were modeled after Silicon Valley circa 90's-00's. Also, on the idea that "it's a shame they didn't develop this and that feature:" we should take a second and appreciate that there are so many stub features hidden in this game. Without them, all of this modding wouldn't be possible. They could have completely removed all of the half-finished projects, but they left them instead for us to find and utilize a decade in the future. If Maxis hadn't been so damn ambitious with this game, it would have died a long time ago. But they really packed it full of stuff; it was ahead of its time.
  12. Sorry for thread bumping and mass quoting but I've been mostly away from SC4 for the last year. Sometime back in like 2013 I investigated what Lowkee was working on a little bit, and I actually got seasonal terrain textures working. You guys nailed it hypothetically. I took the Columbus mod, messed with the values of the Weather Tuning Parameters exemplar, and was able to get enough moisture variation between the seasons to change the terrain textures visibly: You can see the ground is a little more yellow in the winter and greener in the summer. And of course with a more specialized terrain mod, this difference could be even more noticeable. Now the problem is that I definitely don't remember what parameters I messed with and I didn't document anything. So I'm attaching the exemplar file, and anyone who wants to can compare it with an original copy to see what's been modified. Perhaps we can make a proper seasonal terrain mod out of this after all. Thanks for re-opening this idea up last year@CorinaMarie Seasons Switcher.dat
  13. They grow up so fast :') On a related note I caught a glimpse of some grown up old dude in the mirror this morning. I wonder how he got in. Weird, I tell you.
  14. Rest in peace. No one had a constant and familiar presence here like John for so many years. A part of Simtropolis has gone as well.
  15. No one inhabited the Simtropolis community and forums with as much dedication as John.  In the quietest days he was always around, a familiar and friendly constant presence, always with something to contribute here in a place that thrives on thoughtful discussion.  We're all familiar with his innumerable contributions and they will undoubtedly be remembered.  He seemed to be a pretty cool guy throughout his life as well.

    Rest in peace, friend.  We'll keep making sure the splines get reticulated down here.