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  1. NAM 34 Now Available

    I believe the game would load " ZZZZZ_____NAMtest " before "Z___NAM", as underscores are loaded afterwards. Try renaming " ZZZZZ_____NAMtest " to "Z_____NAMtest", ensuring there are more underscores in the directory name.
  2. NAM 34 Now Available

    Where was the file located when it was set to load last? A bit of a longshot, but it may be worth downloading the retexture mod directly from the STEX and placing it in a folder entitled "z____MHW_Retexture".
  3. NAM 34 Now Available

    The file for the asphalt MHW textures can be found in z__NAM/Road Textures/zzz_MHW_Retexture.X.dat, where X depends on US or Euro.
  4. Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

    To begin with it'll just cover Project Symphony/Maxis Highway Override, in the future I might get the RHW networks done but it'd be a huge project.
  5. Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

    Been working with @Bipin on a new network retexture project.
  6. Hi, The Real Highway mod is now included in the Network Addon Mod, so simply installing that will solve your problem.
  7. RHW-2 Toll Booth