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  1. Been working on an area filled with rivers.
  2. Thanks, I've updated all descriptions apart from the final one, which I'll keep for the meantime as an example for that type of issue.
  3. Before (c. 2011): After:
  4. Yup, of course. I'll create a list of files affected by a certain issue for referencing in the future.
  5. Thanks, the description should now be fixed I'll try and get the rest of the reported files fixed by tonight.
  6. On the topic of broken dependency links, I made a quick converter a while back to convert from old STEX link formatting to new link formatting (you can find it here); I'll modify it at some point in the future to support batch conversion.
  7. Click here for full size. Sorry about the strange lighting glitches on the baseball stadium lot, they seem to only appear at that zoom.
  8. The latest project I've been working on, click here for full size (warning: very big image).
  9. You'll need a third party extraction program to extract the file as it's not something which Windows can do itself, I'd recommend 7zip for this; once it's installed you'll have a "7-zip" option whilst right clicking on the download.
  10. Instead of clicking "Open" within the download, can you try clicking "Save" and choosing a location on your computer, such as the "Downloads" folder? Then, if you have 7-zip, you can right click on the downloaded file, select "7-Zip" and then "Extract files...", before continuing with the video guide.
  11. Hi thanks for your message yesterday. Having watch the tutorial. i have download the file and my laptop keeps saying cant locate package or location not registered. sorry i'm a novice on this type of thing can you put mr right.


    many thanks

    1. Samerton



      Unfortunately I don't play SC2013 myself, however I've replied to your topic :)

  12. If I remember correctly, if you disable the "Variable Speed Automata" setting within the SimCity 4 game settings, cars will continue driving whilst the game is paused.
  13. Hi, If you're only experiencing the issues on the copy of the game you've borrowed from a friend, I can only imagine that this is the cause of your issues. We can't provide any support for copies which are not legal, and for Cities Skylines the game needs to be installed through Steam. Can we keep the issue related to the Steam version you have, instead of the borrowed copy? The fact you mention the game crashes for you whilst loading up the Steam version; do you get an error message, or does the game crash at any particular point (eg loading up a city)?
  14. Should be in the right place now