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  1. There's a tool which can remove immortal lots over on SC4D, you can find it here. Simply follow the instructions in the description and it should help you out.
  2. If I understand you correctly, and you can't import the map using the ingame controls, you can try to use a program such as SC4Mapper instead, which can create the region for you. You can find the latest version of Mapper over on SC4D here. The tools provided within the program will allow you to import your greyscale image and it will create the region for you.
  3. Apologies, should be fixed now.
  4. I believe the issue was resolved in the chatroom earlier, by removing recently installed mods and replacing them one by one until the culprit was found.
  5. Just a little note about the Simmania link; the new Tutorials board can be found here, the tutorials are probably scattered around the site at the moment so they'll need to be tracked down and moved. Hope that helps in some way
  6. I believe .gifv files are (currently) Imgur specific extensions for what's effectively a looping .MP4 video.
  7. I've moved the thread for you
  8. Just to add onto @Terring's post, the chances are the mods aren't working due to the illegal copy, and you'll need to purchase the game in order for them to function correctly. Thread locked
  9. Unfortunately I can't help with your issue, but the latest version of the reader is 1.5.4 and can be found in this post over on SC4D
  10. Hi, I believe those effects were applied through Photoshop, and there are no such shaders available to apply to your game. There is a mod available to make your days brighter and the nights darker, although not as extreme as that shown in the images; you can find it here: Hope that helps.
  11. simcity4

    I believe the game would load " ZZZZZ_____NAMtest " before "Z___NAM", as underscores are loaded afterwards. Try renaming " ZZZZZ_____NAMtest " to "Z_____NAMtest", ensuring there are more underscores in the directory name.
  12. simcity4

    Where was the file located when it was set to load last? A bit of a longshot, but it may be worth downloading the retexture mod directly from the STEX and placing it in a folder entitled "z____MHW_Retexture".
  13. simcity4

    The file for the asphalt MHW textures can be found in z__NAM/Road Textures/zzz_MHW_Retexture.X.dat, where X depends on US or Euro.
  14. To begin with it'll just cover Project Symphony/Maxis Highway Override, in the future I might get the RHW networks done but it'd be a huge project.
  15. Been working with @Bipin on a new network retexture project.