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  1. Should be in the right place now
  2. Hi, Apologies for the late reply, for some reason I wasn't set to receive notifications for topic replies. As @rsc204 says, the textures for PS refer to the same IIDs as the elevated RHW networks, so if you're looking to override just the PS network then the models need altering. This is possible through iLive's Reader, as the texture IIDs referred to by the S3D model can simply be updated (image), or alternatively you'd be able to simply update the textures included within the concrete retexture mod, as the models have already been updated. The Maxis Highway network itself is much simpler, as just the textures need updating. Hope that helps
  3. If you run the NAM installer (even if you've already installed it, you can re-run the installer) and select "Custom Installation", there is a section near the bottom named "Road Textures and Markings". In there, you can find the "Asphalt Textures for Maxis Highways" option, which I believe is what you're looking for. There's an image to demonstrate here. Hope that helps
  4. Version 2.0.0


    Maxis Highway Override - Concrete Retexture by @Bipin, @rsc204 and @Samerton Information - This mod will replace the textures for the Maxis Highway Override network included in the Network Addon Mod to a concrete texture. Installation - To install this mod, paste the folder entitled "z____Concrete_MHO" directly into your plugins folder. - If you are installing the mod into a custom folder within your plugins, ensure it loads after the Maxis Highway Override itself. - Four optional files are included, please remove any that aren't needed: - z_BTM_Patch.dat For users of the Shinkansen (BTM) mod included in the NAM - z_Moonlinght_Alternate_ELR_Patch.dat For users of the Alternate El-Rail mod included in the NAM - z_RRW_Patch.dat For users of RealRailWay from the NAM - z_JapNAMFL_Overpasses_Patch.dat For users of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mods Overpasses. Ensure this loads after the Japanese NAM Facelift mod itself. Including these files without having the corresponding mods installed may cause issues. - To uninstall this mod, simply remove the folder containing the mod (by default "z___Concrete_MHO") from your plugins folder. Dependencies - Network Addon Mod with Maxis Highway Override installed Special Thanks - Thanks to @MandelSoft for providing the model files for the Maxis Highway Override tunnel entrances - A huge thanks goes to @rsc204 for the new version 2.0 models and fixes - check out other projects by rsc204 here Support - If you're experiencing an issue with the mod, you can find the support thead here: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/59701-samertons-retextures-development-and-support/ Textures created by @Bipin and Samerton - check out other projects by Bipin here Modded by @Samerton
  5. Bit of a mixture of new and old in this one. There's also a night shot available here.
  6. read with interest, your topic on LH>RHD and vice-versa.

    i'm new to this game of SimCity 4 deluxe I have added two patches (one to make the disc based game work (at all ) on my XP computer, the other, EP1, in preparation to download NAM)., which, I'm sorry to have to say, I had to remove, as it slows the gameplay too much.

    The glitch I'm seeing is that, although the cars drive on the left- correct for the UK, the goods trains travel on the right hand track ! is there a way to right this ? also what's the weird little railcar that flies along the track, between trains

    many thanks,

    oldgit ( 70yr old pete)

    1. Samerton



      Unfortunately I have to say I'm not familiar with the issue you're experiencing regarding the goods trains, the only thing I can suggest is to ask within the Bugs & Technical Issues forum as I'm sure the guys over there will have much more of an idea as I do.

      As for the small railcar found on the tracks, I believe it's a track checker which can be removed if you'd like with this mod.

      Hope that helps, sorry I can't assist with the goods train issue.


  7. Terribly sad news, his dedication was truly second to none. He will be greatly missed and he will certainly not be forgotten. Rest in peace.
  8. There's a tool which can remove immortal lots over on SC4D, you can find it here. Simply follow the instructions in the description and it should help you out.
  9. If I understand you correctly, and you can't import the map using the ingame controls, you can try to use a program such as SC4Mapper instead, which can create the region for you. You can find the latest version of Mapper over on SC4D here. The tools provided within the program will allow you to import your greyscale image and it will create the region for you.
  10. Apologies, should be fixed now.
  11. I believe the issue was resolved in the chatroom earlier, by removing recently installed mods and replacing them one by one until the culprit was found.
  12. Just a little note about the Simmania link; the new Tutorials board can be found here, the tutorials are probably scattered around the site at the moment so they'll need to be tracked down and moved. Hope that helps in some way
  13. I believe .gifv files are (currently) Imgur specific extensions for what's effectively a looping .MP4 video.
  14. I've moved the thread for you
  15. Just to add onto @Terring's post, the chances are the mods aren't working due to the illegal copy, and you'll need to purchase the game in order for them to function correctly. Thread locked