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    thank you! this one is just stunning. The facade is really well done. keep it up
    super realistic! That gold looks really shiny, well done.
  1. nice pics. I also think the beach pics looks the best.
  2. this is just what my cities need. great to see you back. the only small critique ive got are about that pool. When making multiple zones it would fit better without all those pools.
    really nice. that slope looks so good. but that parking spaces are really annoying. still a great bat.
  3. nice to see you back.
  4. это выглядит фантастическим, я думаю,
  5. really well done, realistic and all, but damn that town looks boring to live in.
  6. as said before that custom tram line looks really good. You should really share it on the stex.
  7. this was beyond everything ive seen from you. Incredible fun to look at. Ive been at the nazca lines, machu picchu, B.A, iguazu and lake titicaca and I must say that the pic of lake titicaca are just so real. You really nailed it with! good to see all this. And again, amazing.