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  1. That's OK, messed-up circadian rhythm; I didn't need sleep anyway...

  2. It's been a while...

  3. Try decoding this:


    1. JP Schriefer
    2. SimCoug


      Potaaato... gotta get the emphasis right.

    3. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      Alright, I'll reveal the secret: it's the code for a codewriting tool... that no one has, so far, appreciated. At all.

  4. CS$$ Pokémon Center

  5. RHW Median V 1.2 (updated)

  6. Urgent Care Clinic

  7. TBM Map Pack Volume 1

  8. Midrise Office Pack Volume 1

  9. Problem with RHW curve

    Hmmm, was this the secret feature of the NAM? I didn't know you could do this! 'Fore I take a long-term hiatus from NAMdev, all I can say is that it's been under wraps for a very long time. Oh, and...
  10. Let's see your Ctrl+V

    ' Reset the colours in each combobox cboSouth1.BackColor = SystemColors.Window cboSouth2.BackColor = SystemColors.Window cboEast1.BackColor = SystemColors.Window cboEast2.BackColor = SystemColors.Window cboNorth1.BackColor = SystemColors.Window cboNorth2.BackColor = SystemColors.Window cboWest1.BackColor = SystemColors.Window cboWest2.BackColor = SystemColors.Window
  11. So, uhh, yeah, that lunar eclipse. Wasn't expecting that.

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    2. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      The sky was very clear here, it was awesome, the Moon was looking like Mars!

    3. Huston


      Lol neither, I thought "Oh, moons bright and it's pretty big" -- no clue that there was going to be a lunar eclipse :P On the plus side, I've seen it before :P

    4. Fantozzi


      The end is near. You can see the signs.

      Or not. Dratted weather.