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  1. I've been playing around with the waterfronts in my city lately. I'm trying to blend the CBD with the river by using seawalls/piers/riprap and building small neighborhoods and parks. Here's an urban wetland preserve area on the other side of the CBD. Still a work in progress Lastly, here's a close up of some solid progress I've made in a small pocket of town.
  2. I love the way your waterfront looks! The mix of natural areas and that small harbor go well with the downtown area. Nice choice of buildings as well! You are on the right path indeed!
  3. He got his way - Betsy DeVos is the education secretary. This will be interesting
  4. This is one of the better interchanges I've seen. I love how it works with the existing rail and street layout!
  5. Here's a new city I've been working on. i always wanted to build a city in a swamp and now I can thanks to the quays and levees
  6. Thanks! I do actually. Those pics I posted were mainly centered towards the Southwest side of town, which is still relatively rural. Here's a couple pictures from the more developed Northeast Side.
  7. Sprawling into the woods...
  8. The way they engineered it minimized the right of way acquisition needed. When this project was completed in 2008, this corridor was already completely developed along the frontage roads. Bridges going over the freeway like they did at Highway 6 would have been problematic and more expensive in the long run to use; especially in conjunction with the Elevated HOV system.
  9. In Texas, most of our interchanges are elevated. We use frontage roads alongside our freeways so I guess it's necessary. We also have flash flood problems so it makes it easier to traverse the city in the event of a hurricane or major storm. Here's a few photos that you might like if you're into the big interchanges. They aren't my photos Below: Grand Parkway at I-10 The Katy Freeway, West Houston. Photo by Shawn Epps. Below: North Central Expressway-US 75 at The LBJ Freeway-Loop 635, North Dallas Below: I-10 The Katy Freeway at The Beltway, West Houston Below: I-10 The Katy Freeway at Highway 6, West Houston-The Energy Corridor. Photo by Alex MacLean.
  10. I have the fine road heights mod active but every time I try to extend a slope, it looks bumpy. Is this possibly a conflict with one of my other mods or does the bumpiness still happen to ya'll?
  11. This is a city i'm working on. I've got almost 2 of the 8 initial interchanges built. Here's some of the progress on a new stack.
  12. A couple views in a new city I'm working on. This city is going to be loosely based off of Houston.