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  1. From the album Entertainement District: Casino Palace

    The Entertainment District; this is where Captain Falcon stops for a drink and gets caught up in a gamble to win a race inside the Casino Palace (in F-Zero GX and according with the F-Zero wiki, http://fzero.wikia.com/wiki/Casino_Palace )
  2. From the album Big Blue

  3. From the album Big Blue

  4. From the album Big Blue

  5. From the album Big Blue

    Big Blue is a planet that is almost completely water (F-Zero wiki, http://fzero.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Blue ) On this planet the building literally come out of the water. How did I manage to do this in SimCity (2013)? Well the answer is "Skye's Regional Freeway Mod" (Download here) , that awesome tool that fixes the Space Center Great Work Glitch (see here). In Skye Storm’s video on youtube (here), he explains how although the regional freeway is designed to add additional entrances to the city, it also can create “rivers” (… well maybe if you want to go that route, but to me more like underwater roads). And thus, you also have the ability to place buildings underwater. Yes, underwater building! So the minute I saw this one thing came to mind right away, Bug Blue from the F-Zero series (well GX more specifically). Hope you enjoy whether or not you’re a fan of F-Zero, I think you can enjoy a city that literally grows out of the water.
  6. From the album Big Blue

  7. From the album Big Blue

    This is awesome! I haven't tried all of it yet, but I had to try this out right away ( Planet Alderaan on D-Day). This was a great idea!
  8. From the album Neo-Berlin

  9. From the album Neo-Berlin

  10. From the album Neo-Berlin