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  1. Got it to work correctly! Sorry for the false alarm, they are all working beautifully!

  2. TOROCA why are none of your files working (missing DAT files) on ALL SITES!! =(

  3. Functional Landmarks Complete Set v1.0

    @pellmannbk25 - This mod was largely made with the Reader program, created by ilive and available here at Simtropolis. There is far too much to go into to teach you how to use the Reader, besides which there are tutorials for that elsewhere. Also, any editing of the files is done at your own risk.
  4. Functional Landmarks Complete Set v1.0

    @crazyllamasim - If it quits out of the game, it's not installed correctly, per the Readme instructions.
  5. Commercial Services Doubler

    @TheGreek - Then you haven't installed it correctly, because it does work; I've used it for over seven years and so have many other people. Have you followed the directions in the included Readme file?
  6. Opera House Fix

    @dutchneworleanian - Please reread the included readme. I specifically indicate in the readme that it DOES work with Rush Hour or Deluxe. It is the original Vanilla SC4 I was never able to test for compatibility.
  7. Glad the mod helped you, Borutaj. As an aside to A Nonny Moose, I'm with Divine Hand. I've seen no evidence whatsoever that the population age has anything to do with anything in regards to abandonment or demand. My cities older than 100 game years or so are all skewed heavily toward the elderly, including one in which more than half of the population was 60+ and I have never seen any kind of die-off as the population supposedly ages. Those cities are, in fact, among the most stable in my region. Unless I demolish or rezone things, they hardly change no matter how long I let them run. The graphs never shift, either. If what you've said were true and there was any basis on reality, these cities would be fluctuating wildly all the time, but that never happens.
  8. Farms and Population

    What you describe is not a real economy. There's no such thing (especially in the modern era) as a self-sufficient city, which is what the kind of economy you describe largely sounds like. SC4's economy is actually not bad, in terms of the demand types. Cities with a high level of well-educated workers in the real world DO attract more office and high tech workers and businesses than a rural city, which is liable to attract a more uneducated workforce for more laborious but less skilled job types. Most things that real cities use are imported from elsewhere, and most things that real cities produce are sent elsewhere to be sold.
  9. Commercial Services Doubler

    @ war master: This mod requires Deluxe or Rush Hour. Deluxe is the same thing as the original SimCity 4 with Rush Hour installed, so if you have Deluxe OR Rush Hour it will work.
  10. Opera House Fix

    @ Lemonchicken - The forum link has probably been dead for years, thanks to either a hacking of a forum redesign. Or both.
  11. Commercial Services Doubler

    Not likely. I've changed a number of mods I was using, and I doubt my former region could take the changes. I've been building a new city in a different part of the same region (newly generated though) but have no plans to journal that one.
  12. Functional Landmarks Complete Set v1.0

    The reason this is the third-most-downloaded SC4 mod on Simtropolis is that MOST people can follow directions and install it correctly. Those of you who can't, I don't feel sorry for you in the slightest.
  13. Functional Landmarks Complete Set v1.0

    Those of you whining that I broke your game: If you'd learn to follow instructions and read the Readme, you wouldn't have had problems. I quote: "If you currently have landmarks in ANY of your cities, you MUST demolish them before you can install this mod. If you don't, you will not be able to enter any cities with landmarks already in them, because the game will crash to the desktop."
  14. The ST 6.0 Department of Technical Affairs

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with posting comments on the STEX? I've been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to reply to people who've posted questions (and in one case derogatory comments) on my mods. I'll type it up, submit it, and it appears from my end that it's been added to the comments. However, when I come back later, my comment is gone. I'm not posting anything inappropriate, and even if I were, what I've posted is nowhere NEAR as bad as the language used in several of the comments I'm trying to reply to on the Functional Landmarks Mod. After multiple tries, I've been able to get MOST of my comments posted so they stick, but I'm still having trouble. I at first thought that my missing comments had been deleted, but now I'm pretty sure they're not actually getting added to the database since they're gone immediately if I reload the comments after posting something.
  15. Functional Landmarks Complete Set v1.0

    @mikeld If I knew how to do it that way, don't you think I would have? If there is a simple way to do it, someone else will have to, because this was the most difficult of my mods to get working correctly, and I've been out of modding too long now. But I suspect there is NOT a simple way to do it, or someone else would have in the past six and a half years.