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  1. Version 6.0.2 released: - Fixed null pointer on invalid depot category, now logs error - Fixed some misspelling in English file - German language updated - Fixed sorting on line listing - Added dutch support (thanks bas_dehaan!) - Added polish support (thanks woj2012!) - Added partial chinese support (thanks Laoweek!) The next version with fixes shall be released in two weeks
  2. Keep calm guys! The penguin is still working in IPT2 and the code wasn't released yet for integration. This will done after it (but I don't know when). Anyway, the mod as whole isn't incompatible with IPT2, only few features, as I wrote on description:
  3. In the base game now you can change the line budget, but it's ignored by TLM. The formula still the same.
  4. Well, I'm creating a new version which will log the nullable type. This will help to find the broken depot.
  5. @rovapasi1 I will see this case. But ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. in the method Dictionary.ContainsKey seems to be a case of one of your stations are not well configured as station. Anyway, a null exception is a thing which should not to happen and I will fix it for next version. @pauliaxz How this time is configured in IPT? (per depot, per line...) I have an idea of implementation of it inside TLM The PrefixBudget was added on TLM at the prefix configuration panel. Each prefixes can have a different configuration, but the default is 1. The others variables are from base game.
  6. Version 6.0.1 released. Fixed no fares bug. Fixed i18n missing. (thx alborzka)
  7. It can be a way. Anyway, the old mod isn't breaking anything, just have a phrase saying thatversion won't be updated anymore.
  8. Noted and added to known bug list. @alborzka, what you think about put the latest release and current list of known bugs on first post? Well, these internacionalization problems can be easily solved on GitHub. Can someone create the entries for the missing labels? The label which are missing appears on output.log as: Error with TLM_TOGGLE_LINES_DEPOT_TOOLTIP:0: The id was not found in the localization files. Just need to create them in the en.properties file to create a default behaviour fo this cases. Note the prefix TLM_ is ommited on these files (ie: the entry for TLM_TOGGLE_LINES_DEPOT_TOOLTIP shall be TOGGLE_LINES_DEPOT_TOOLTIP) I'm now solving the zeroed fares bug.
  9. I think here is better.
  10. Because this is a new phase of TLM. May it change its name in a near future. Also, who unsubscribed the old TLM will never get notified it came back.
  11. This adaptation shall be done on SVS. I can't do anything in TLM without broking it... Anyway, TLM Reborn was released! Added on 6.0: Support for mass transit Now shows external trains stations with a orange circle with a symbol (same model used for taxis, airports and ports) Now uses road names for bus and tram stations and line namings(if near a crossing, show name as Street A x Avenue B) Known bugs: Rename depots are not working in the TLM listing and in depot details windows. Bus stations and terminals are wrongly listed as depots. Not show cable car stations on linear map as near transport IMPORTANT: the incomes of public transport stays at 0 The depot list is not working. The label for "TLM_LIST_DEPOT_TOOLTIP" is missing There is another label for depots missing (FERRY_Config) Next steps: Integrate IPT 2. ????
  12. Good news: The TLM v6 was fixed and is working in the new version of the game. Soon it will be back on Steam Workshop
  13. I agree with the fact of TLM is complicated. There are so much information at once and the newbies certainly get confused with it. But I don't know how to simplify the TLM. Maybe tutorials can help on it. (What I never had time to do) I think will be very difficult to make the TLM functions work with the minimalist interface of IPT.
  14. Yes, they are. But the game see both in the Airplane layer of the game. Ships and Ferries have this share in layer too. It's like if the Metros and Trains used the same rail to move around, this case was separated but the airplanes/blimps and ferry/ships not. Is better you never use the master branch in your working directory, in local machine. Only pull requests go to master then. But okay, nobody will dies because an accidental commit. UPDATE: Isn't a problem to commit in your master if we agree to make my master as the central one. So only I, when I come back to dev, will need to create a separated branch. The others members are optional once at end of development should be merged at main master. UPDATE 2: I answered your questions in which you have on the code at GitHub.
  15. No. Ships are ships and ferries are ferries. Each one have its own tab on line listing menu. You can select different vehicles for each type, so isn't prudent put them on same group. Same for Blimps and Airplanes.