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    Great first BAT! I do have a couple of suggestions: 1) The base could use some added detail. You could use planters, more trees, newspaper stands, etc... to spruce up the grounds. 2) The roof needs a little more work. The details are not very crisp. I would add some texture to the roof and a few more props. 3) Study other BATter's work to see what details they have added to their BATs to make them great. A few suggestions would be Mattb325, Madhatter, Aarron Grahm, SimGobber...plus many others. Overall, a great job on your first BAT. I gave you 5/5. Looking forward to further creations from you. Keep up the good work.
  1. In SC2013 you cannot make your own maps. I also think that no new maps are available other than what was provided with the game. This was a huge sore spot when the game was first released.
    You just keep pumping out great BATs!! I do like the orthogonal layout of the buildings. This will make a great addition to my cities.
    Nice!! I like the angled position of the building. It will really add variety to my cities.
    Great job! I really like this building. It has good character. I especially like the rooftop.
    Another great BAT!! This will really spruce up my I-HT. And BTW, I think the parking texture looks great. Keep up the good work.
  2. There is a text file in %\SimCity4 Deluxe\Apps folder named ComputerName-config-log.txt that stores all the configuration settings. You can open this with notepad. The file is updated everytime you play the game and it is the file that is used when you open the game to bring in the previous saved settings. Check to make sure this file is getting updated when you exit the game. If it is, then see which settings are being saved. If it is not updating then we will have to do some more trouble shooting. I have experienced on Windows 10 that if you are using a standard account, that the UAC control will mess with this file and not allow SC4 to update it properly. My issue was that I could not get SC4 to use the Plugin folder in my standard account. It was not allowing this text file to update the user information to the standard account.
  3. I do use Norton and just logged onto SC4Devotion. So it does appear that it is working now.
  4. Died because there is no air far above the moon.
    Another stunning BAT!! The variety you provide for the game is invaluable.
  5. @Brooklyn81 Windows 10 was never affected by the issue. Only Windows 8.1 and before are affected by the flaw. However you should keep any OS fully patched and updated.
  6. Hate. Would rather see Sci-Fi Quantum Entaglement.
  7. street
  8. I have two, so yeah, I like kids. TNP is going to one of their kid's plays this weekend.
  9. Batman - dark and mysterious. It would be interesting to have deep, indepth conversations with him. Of course you know how the old saying goes "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then definitely be Batman." When was the last time you had a "lazy day"? Was it enjoyable, or at the end did you feel like you wasted the day?