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  1. Love Spring flowers.
  2. Charity
  3. Banned for high sticking...yea we saw that
  4. I do like the color blue. TNP is trying to stay awake.
  5. Not here. Toothless Stitch?
  6. Onshore
  7. I would start devoting more time to some of my 'lesser' hobbies like art, car repair, programming, etc... How many hobbies do you currently pursue?
  8. Infinite Improbability Drive Eating spagetti or being spagettified by a black hole.
  9. I used OpenGL rendering for several years after I got my laptop back in 2014 and never had any issue with the HD mods I used. I have integrated Intel graphics and DirectX rendering produced horrible graphics issues with the HD mods, and I never liked software rendering. OpenGL worked for me perfectly. Only recently was a new driver released by Intel were I could use DirectX rendering.
  10. Excellent work. The city is just beautiful! What sea walls did you use on the canals? They add the perfect touch to the city.
  11. Can't think of anything so back to... Begin.
  12. I guess leopard seals would have a harder time of finding a meal. What if humanity could travel to the stars.
  13. Actually Prophet is here. I will guess Abrams this time.
  14. Absolutely. TNP has driven in a foreign country before.
  15. Love. Rock Climbing.