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  1. I would hightly recommend getting the GOG version, as Cori suggested. This has no DRM whatsoever and I have been able to use it with all the Mods and Dependencies that I had when I used the original CD version (including NAM, SPAM, the I-HT fix and many others).
  2. I believe that rsc204 is correct. You will need the global deliveries turned on to deliver the goods to the Great Works project. However, I believe that local deliveries and any needs in your city take higher priority. Therefore you will need to make sure you are producing enough extra to take care of your city needs, then any neighbor deals and finally the Great Works needs. Also, make sure you give the simulator enough time to actually recognize the deliveries. If the deliveries are being made, you should actually see trucks driving to the Great Works to drop off the material.
  3. I have actually watched all the Mystery Inc. cartoon shows (my son is a big fan). I would say that APSMS has some good suggestions to try to create the Crystal Cove map. Since it is a fictional show, I would say that you have creative license to create the map how you think it should look. Of course the map will need a cove, a beach and hilly terrain.
  4. Actually, all cities in the US use a some sort of color scheme for zoning. Maybe some city that one of the original SimCity designers lived in used a color scheme of green - residential, blue - commercial and yellow - industrial for their zoning maps. Obviously, actual cities have many more zoning types than SimCity does, so their zoning color scheme will involve a lot of different colors. For example, the city I live in uses 3 zone types for business, 3 types for industrial, and 9 types for residential. The business zones are colored red or purple. The industrial zones are colored bluish/purplish. Residential ranges from green to brown. Another nearby town uses red - business, purple - industrial and yellow - residential.
    Fantastic set!! Your BATs are an automatic download for me. The variety of buildings you have provided for the game is greatly appreciated. Can't wait to add these to my madhatter section in my plugins! Keep up the great work.
  5. Have you checked your flammibility map to see if there are any 'hot spots' in your forest? It could be from a nearby building or if you don't have any water supply to the tile. Also, any area within a fire station range should not see any fires, since they are automatically put out.
  6. I would highly recommend to anybody to get the GOG version. It is not "entangled" up with Origin or Steam DRM. Also, it works great on Windows 10 or 7 (I have tried both).
  7. covered with red...
  8. gaseous bumbling bovines.
  9. 5822 Not until the collapse of the economic system forcing the set up of the american dictatorship. Probably at least six months. (No empire lasts forever).
  10. Luckily, I pinch myself and wake up from the dream. You are suspended over a large vat of hydrochloric acid and only hanging on by a greased roped.
  11. James Cameron Best movie from the Terminator franchise?
  12. Never had, but would probably love. Rally races?
  13. There would be a lot more green, untouched, wild areas left. What if we could stop cutting down the rainforests and restore them to their former extent.
  14. Battlestar Galactica Taking a nap or going to bed early.