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  1. @Tyberius06 That's smart! Thanks for the idea!
  2. @Tyberius06 How is the diagonal RHW bridge over the canal possible?
  3. The beach parking is a great idea!
  4. @Dgmc2013 Nice pictures! If I may give you some advices, you should use the Euro roads from the NAM and some SAM paved streets and it would be perfect! @scotttbarry Interesting concept! That's perfect for a dense Asian city!
  5. @Krasner I think your bats would fit perfectly in my city!
  6. A bit updated: @T Wrecks Thank you!
  7. Arquennes: a smal regional city located on a hill along the canal, a bit more southern than the last picture.
  8. How do you manage to make such awesome updates that fast?
  9. You could make a new season of Koh Lanta in those islands!
  10. @mattb325 strikes again! If the hard drive is not the source of the problem, you can simply recover the data from it!
  11. Just leaving this here...
  12. Tremendous! What a great work! Very very beautiful things! You made Patagonia great again!
  13. Awesome interchange and beautiful suburbs!
  14. Great work! I especialy like the gif with the winding roads.