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    Another gem from a very talented artist! Thanks for sharing, we always need quality midrise residentials!
  1. very important tip here... This one, too... Always backup your city sectors... Better save than sorry!
  2. Ok, now I want to throw my three cents in here. An easy way to determine, if you have eternal commuters or not: Save the game, load the city again and bulldoze (delete) everything that is in this city, even the underground waterpipes. And I really mean bulldozing by hand. If you don't have the budget to do so, just use the moolah cheat to get the necessary funding. Then let the game run again in rabbit speed and pretty soon you should see 0 (zero) residents in your city. If there are any residents left, those are eternal commuters. I do this procedure once in a while to check on eternal commuters... Kind regards!
    And here another fine creation... Awesome work as usual, please keep it coming! 5/5
    Beautiful... just beautiful...
    My eyes went like ... OMG, what a creation! Thanks for sharing...
    This is one fine and awesome relot! I luv it! Keep it coming!
  3. Well, that's not a merit of Maxis, because the Maxis Studios are dead and as @SimCoug already mentioned, they totally messed up SC 2013. No, it's not dead, because of this awesome community... It has become the best game, since this community fixed a lot of game bugs, ähm features, this game came with and enhanced it with new mods like NAM, CAM, IRM and thousands of wonderful new buildings! Thank you all for your hard work to keep this old game running! Kind regards!
  4. With this community at hand and all the custom content, that is available, SimCity 4 is not a game, it's a hobby! It gives us players creativity, satisfaction and joy... Just because you can do, whatever you want. And because there is no goal to reach, no end of the game, that's why it still has a huge community. Endless fun... And after all this years there is a solution to almost every problem, this game has. That's one big advantage of playing an old game. Experience... Besides the fact, that do don't need to be online to play it! And it's violent free... No blood, no war...It's simply a nice hobby! Kind regards!
  5. Well, I've seen this with a lot of water delivering buildings, like some custom made Water Towers. When you plop a Water Tower / Pump you have to always make sure, that the water travels trough the pipes. You might even need to consult the water chart and see, if the total amount of available water is higher after you build the Water Tower/Pump. If not, play around with the water pipes and connect the Water Tower/Pump in multiple ways with the water pipes... That should do it, like @CorinaMarie already explained... Kind regards!
  6. I have the Amazon US version of SC4 and I had the same problems years ago to purchase it in Germany. They wouldn't sell it to German customers. So I asked a friend in the US, he bought it and we made a file transfer overnight in a Dropbox... This digital controlling stuff really sucks... Free internet my a... Kind regards!
  7. I am pretty sure, that you're looking for this: Kind regards!
  8. You will always get low wealth CS$ businesses first. When your city grows, and if the demand ist right and you have a nice neighborhood (meaning low crime, low garbage, low air and water pollution and HIGH road congestion), then the CO$$ and CO$$$ offices will grow. And now are you probably asking, why road congestion need to be high?! The answer is simply. More traffic means more cars and that means more customers. And you can see the result in the query windows from businesses, it will say then Custumers High. I know, that is weird, but that is how the simulator works. After all, our beloved game is kinda weird, right?! Kind regards!
  9. I use a tool called PicPick, and the pre-assigned button is the "Print" button on the keyboard. Let you make ingame snapshots and save it automatically in your favorite folder. Kind regards!
  10. Is it only a single city that make the game crash? Can you start a new city without problems? Or a new region? Did the game run fine on a certain point? Did you put in new files recendly? If so, than it it most likely, that one (or two or three or more) files in your plugins are causing the problem. You need to clean out your plugins by performing a "Binary Search". Look here: I had those problems, too, years ago, and let me tell you, there are a lot of faulty plugins out there. You need to find and remove them, there is no other way, if you want to play this game. I also recommend the use of the SC4 Tools like iLive's Reader and Rivits SC4DataNode tool, which you can find here: And you mentioned, that you use the Steam version of SC4. I don't know anything about that version, it might cause problems. There are other specialits here, who know about specific problems with that version, if there are any. All I know, it uses DRM, and I hate that. There are digital DRM-free versions out there, like from GOG or Amazon. So, first of all, I'd say, backup your plugins to a safe backup drive and start digging... That's going to be fun... I am in my fourth! year of digging and I never have any problems anymore... Let us know, how it goes, we'll be here! Kind regards!