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  1. Heck yeah, that's a Costco Relot... Awesome!!!
  2. And yes, I forgot one really important thing: You don't need to be ONLINE to play it... you can play it just by yourself! Anytime you want it... No servers needed, how awesome is that?! Kind regards!
  3. Well, when I started playing Simcity 4 back in the days it was all about creating a Mega city with lots of skycrapers and stuff like New York City. Nowadays it's not a game anymore to me, it's a hobby. All the mods and possibilities you have around makes it still an amazing "game" to play with. Modding and lotting stuff to do, exploring every new release of the NAM and first and foremost: It's not a violent game... No blood, no shooting, no killing... Yes, sometimes it can be a hassle to make all the mods and stuff work and you need to be willing to learn something about how this game works. The learning curve can be quite a challenge. It helped me a lot though, I (almost) never have any problems running this game, except I screwed something up... Kind regards!
  4. Is there a chance, that you have the Poseidon Weather Controller from xannepan installed? This mod can cause some serious wildfires during bad weather and thunderstorm season. Kind regards!
  5. If you want them to appear in the Rewards menu next to lot one and two, you need to use iLive's Reader and edit the Property "OccupantGroup". The needed hex value is: 0x0000150b Then it should also appear in the Rewards menu! Good luck! Kind regards!
  6. Navy Lot 3 should appear in the Rewards and Water Transit menu, Lot 4 only in the Water Transit menu. The files itself should be located in the PEG-CDK folder. The files are called PEG-CDKN Navy Pier 3 and PEG-CDKN Navy Pier 4. It is also possible, that these two lots don't show up in the menu until all requirements are met. Kind regards!
  7. Hi there, no, in fact those ALN lot are missing the base texture to make them work with every terrain mod I guess. There is no missing dependency. You can save lots with NO base texture only, if you use PIM-X. But this missing base texture causes a problem known as the "Water-Bug". I did get this error message, too, while using the Lot Editor, and I don't know, what causes this message, so I saved my work with a new name. I think, this is a good idea anyway, because you alter the original file to your own taste. So you can have them both, the original and your edited version. Oh yes BTW: The "Save As" button is greyed out and cannot be used when you have a lot open in LE that acts as a Reward in the game. For this to save as the original lot you need to set the property 0xea3209f8 Conditional Building to 0x00. Edit: Well, I think the reason here, that you cannot save them with the old file name is, that they're in one .dat file. Have you tried to use iLive's Reader to copy the lots to a new and empty file in the Reader, save them, edit them then in LE and after you're done, put the edited files back in the original .dat file? In this case you would have the original TGIs. Just a thought here... Kind regards!
  8. You're welcome... Glad to hear that.
  9. Before you finally destroy a city you worked on, try my method: An easy way to determine eternal commuters is, save the game, than bulldoze and dezone everything on the map (water lines included), than run the game. The residents counter should drop to 0 (zero) pretty soon => no commuters. If not, you have some residents left => eternal commuters. And if you have some savegames from your cities somewhere as a backup, you can easily put them back into the game and check on the eternal commuters in various ages of your cities. I did that and found out, that eternal commuters can find a job somewhere and the overall number of eternal commuters can be reduced. It's worth trying I think...
  10. Great, that is awesome... Love it... But my work isn't done, yet I still have 50% of unchecked plugins left...
  11. After years of knowing nothing about loading order and how to organize the plugins folder I realized, that I need to keep my plugins organized. There is no other way to keep track of everything. A big help to me was finding this tool: Once you figure out how to use it (a good source is the included manual in the installation folder ), it'll give you the best chance to eliminate all culprits, this old game has, like CtDs by finding broken files, duplicates, missing dependencies and correct the loading order. With an stunning size of 7,80 GB uncompressed files ( over 22,000 files, over 5900 folders, (I guess, I am a hoarder, too) and using this tool http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=26 to compress my files, I am able to run the game without any CtD. It starts in about 1,5 - 2 minutes (ready to play in the city). With no compression it took 15-20 minutes for the engine to load. This game and its tools have a strong learning curve, if you are willing to do that. Finding your optimal loading order and correct all the faulty plugins is the key to play this game free of (almost) any problems. But everybody is different and maybe it's just me, that I want to have everything handy in my plugins (for now, work is still in progress). @CorinaMarie already mentioned a good source of information, how to start. Anyway, if you need help, we're here. You know, how to find us! Kind regards!
  12. Well, I did some tests in my test region awhile ago and figured out, that there was a little eternal-commuter-problem as well. So, while I did the tests I could determine, that the amount of eternal commuter can be reduced during playing. Seems to me, that commuters stop traveling when they find a job. My counts of eternal commuters dropped from 1001 commuters to 738 in a certain period, and I think, that's pretty awesome. Anyway, an easy way to determine eternal commuters is, save the game, than bulldoze and dezone everything on the map (water lines included), than run the game. The residents counter should drop to 0 (zero) pretty soon => no commuters. If not, you have some residents left => eternal commuters. Be aware, that you need quite a bit of money, when you bulldoze everything... but for just a test, there are the appropriate codes for the console, right?! If you do this with every city tile you have, you'll get quite an idea, how many eternal commuters you have (or not). I like the census reports, but there hard to read and understand sometimes, and I don't know, how accurate they are! Kind regards!
  13. No problem at all That's what we're here for...
  14. Hi, I guess you need to do the tunnel first and then drag the RHW over it. You might have to widen that section with the tunnel by one or two to give a tunnel an appropriate length. So, tunnel first, then RHW. Good luck! Kind regards!
  15. As I recall it right, these two plugins are known to cause problems. Unfortunaltely I don't remember, where I read this a long time ago. But @matias93 is right: if you installed these plugins before the trouble occured, these are verly like the culprit here. If you don't wanna use the build-in airports, you might wanna take a look here to get a lot of stuff to create some realistic airports. and here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2055 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2575 you also wanna do a search for the creators like Voltaire, PLT, xanepan. And this might lead you to this: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3040 Be aware: there are a lot of dependencies necessary to use all of these packs. And the last one is for sure incompatible with the two old packs you mentioned. But if any help is needed with that, we'll be still here... Kind regards!