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  1. You will always get low wealth CS$ businesses first. When your city grows, and if the demand ist right and you have a nice neighborhood (meaning low crime, low garbage, low air and water pollution and HIGH road congestion), then the CO$$ and CO$$$ offices will grow. And now are you probably asking, why road congestion need to be high?! The answer is simply. More traffic means more cars and that means more customers. And you can see the result in the query windows from businesses, it will say then Custumers High. I know, that is weird, but that is how the simulator works. After all, our beloved game is kinda weird, right?! Kind regards!
  2. I use a tool called PicPick, and the pre-assigned button is the "Print" button on the keyboard. Let you make ingame snapshots and save it automatically in your favorite folder. Kind regards!
  3. Is it only a single city that make the game crash? Can you start a new city without problems? Or a new region? Did the game run fine on a certain point? Did you put in new files recendly? If so, than it it most likely, that one (or two or three or more) files in your plugins are causing the problem. You need to clean out your plugins by performing a "Binary Search". Look here: I had those problems, too, years ago, and let me tell you, there are a lot of faulty plugins out there. You need to find and remove them, there is no other way, if you want to play this game. I also recommend the use of the SC4 Tools like iLive's Reader and Rivits SC4DataNode tool, which you can find here: And you mentioned, that you use the Steam version of SC4. I don't know anything about that version, it might cause problems. There are other specialits here, who know about specific problems with that version, if there are any. All I know, it uses DRM, and I hate that. There are digital DRM-free versions out there, like from GOG or Amazon. So, first of all, I'd say, backup your plugins to a safe backup drive and start digging... That's going to be fun... I am in my fourth! year of digging and I never have any problems anymore... Let us know, how it goes, we'll be here! Kind regards!
  4. You should... it's THE tool for auditing and finding all the problems. And it comes with a manual. You'll find it in the installation folder under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Braimscrambler\SC4DataNode". It also make an error text file in your user account "Username\documents\SC4DataNote" and you can use that to correct faulty files in your plugins with iLives's Reader as an example. It takes time to get into this tool, but it's really worth it. Kind regards!
  5. That's why I am still recommending the use of the SC4DataNode tool, so that everybody can check the loading order the way, it'll be loaded by SC4. You're going to be surprised, how SC4 actually handles the file loading. It got me to the spot, to reorganize my whole plugins folder the most efficient way the files are going to be loaded by the game. And it helped me find broken files, that were causing problems like CtDs in the game. Kind regards!
  6. I know, that is usually the effect using the DataNode tool... Quite complex...
    Another awesome detailed building! Thanks for sharing!
  7. If I can recommend the SC4Data Node by rivit here, to get a detailed idea, how the files are loaded. This tool is for analysing and scans of the plugins folder the way, the game will load the plugins. And you can find broken and faulty files, missing or broken dependencies, everything that messes around in the plugins folder. Once you get to know how to use it, you can optimize your specific loading order in any kind of way. That reduces the loading time as well. And even more, if you use a Datpacker tool. You'll find the SC4 Data Node tool here: And the Datpacker 2008 here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=26 Kind regards!
  8. Well, actually this doesn't surprise me at all.... Ha-ha-ha... Since Microsoft changed the Windows Update policy last year, it gets worse every month. I've turned OFF my Windows Update at all and check on every single update manually and with at least a month delay! Hoping, that in between somebody found the bugs and fixed them and if not, I simply don't install it... Kind regards!
  9. Well, I use Windows 10 Version 1607 on a test laptop and I need to say, that SC4 runs just fine in native mode. The installed version is a digital copy from Amazon I've purchased years ago. SC4 runs just fine with latest NAM, CAM and dozens of other mods and stuff installed, exactly like I use it on my regular old fashioned computer. Even SC4 related tools like the LotEditor, SC4PIM, iLive's Reader and other tools run just fine. Just have a little problem with the SC4Datpacker2008, but it did run before on Win10, so I know I just have to adjust a few things to make it work again. Kind regards!
    Another excellent rail theme building! Keep it coming!
  10. I have to agree here! The detail work on BATs released by our experienced members is just incredible. And to do this, it needs time and patience to grow the experience. I've never played C:S, and I've to say, the screenshots from ingame prevent me from buying it... 3D is not all, at least for me. And on top of it, the newer city builders are simple said NOT complex enough! I understand the idea to create a game, that is "casual" and simple enough to convince every player to try it. But that comes with a price, right? Don't get me wrong here, I think, C:S is a great game, but with all the mods and extensions we have created here for SC4, it is hard to find anything, that is close to it... Some people would say, we are spoiled... Yes, we are! Kind regards!
  11. Well, like @jeffryfisher mentioned, get the latest NAM, because it will take care of most of the pathfinding bugs in the game. And don't forget that you need a lot more poor R$ residents than R$$ or R$$$. It's like in real life. No housing for the poor guys, no middle wealth or rich people in your city... And this, of course, will need more CS$ or CO$ businesses... No jobs available (as you can see on the No Job Zot sign), and the people will soon leave your city. Everything needs to be in balance... like in real life.... Kind regards!
  12. Heck yeah, that's a Costco Relot... Awesome!!!
  13. And yes, I forgot one really important thing: You don't need to be ONLINE to play it... you can play it just by yourself! Anytime you want it... No servers needed, how awesome is that?! Kind regards!