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  1. Simtropolis, a beautiful...
  2. Just before breakfast...
  3. so what would a budget like that do in SimCity?
  4. The irony is that things are already out of scale - buildings were up-scaled in elevation by Maxis (as they said in the BAT manual - cheated a little), but automata were generally kept at world scale - US world scale that is - which is generally larger than the rest of the world. When they did upscale the automata it was in all three dimensions, but not excessively. A strange example is that the Maxis freight diesel doesn't actually fit the Maxis tunnel. Its like two separate teams designed these bits and didn't talk to each other. I've always kept my automata to design scale so for example UK trains are smaller than European trains are smaller that US trains. This isn't a problem with automata but when Props are made of them according to BAT scaling rules it starts to get a bit weird at times - like an automaton driving past a statue of itself itself at 150% scale. It is a game after all - if only we modders would stop trying to replicate real-life..
  5. As MGB says, the crossings in RUM were a fill-in because otherwise RRW would have launched without. Concrete slabs embedding rail and separating rail from roadway (often asphalt) was the method around here (OZ) as it allows completely stabilising the rail and the roadway - heavy rain tends to gouge out the road (potholes) gap between concrete strips. Ultimately I found these ones (as in first image above) too bright and a bit wrong to look at and had in fact made a new set that were grubbier and would have made it into the next RUM if it were not for the decision to take the @swordmaster style above in MGBs shot. The compromise we have struck is that street crossings - low traffic zones - will be bare rail in street and the rest stabilised with one concrete strip per rail. We think we've got 'em all and they look sufficiently weathered. Being consistent in style, colour and brightness is probably more important than the style in itself. And, as they say, if someone is keen on making an alt set - gird your loins - there are hundreds of them... and they are fiddly to make without mistakes.
  6. someone - please make that prop
  7. covered with red...
  8. The "bug" is a bug in SC4 that is invoked from time to time with lots that show transparent textures or have no base texture. It can also occur when memory is all scrambled up and it can't get the texture it needs. I'm sure that others can explain it better and what to do with it. The bug does not show all the time - this mod (and I made it long before I was aware of this bug) uses the transparent texture to avoid the usual problem of mismatching colors. I thought it a solution at the time - however its just a band aid. The mod itself is not bugged - its a texture mod - it makes no changes to functionality. Please get your facts right before shouting "this is bugged" to the world. Asking rather than Asserting will always get you further. == For the benefit of others, the reason why Maxis (or other beach lots) have difficulty matching the underlying terrain is because they are rendered by different processes in SC4 - lots are laid on top of the terrain, the terrain has clever overlay methods to get smooth color gradients, lots do not - and trying to make a lot to exactly fit the underlying terrain would require some genius. The only sure way to get good beaches is to use a good texture for the coastal area (hence this mod), then use Mayor Mode Ploppables (MMPs) to put everything you want onto the beach. There are several sets for this - ranging from natural items to parasols, kayaks and bathers to make a much more realistic scene - requires a bit more dedication but looks great.
  9. Hi Tyberius, our real problem is that which occurs at the boundary of lots. So Simmer2 has made a number of tiles that are boundary tiles on his lots (and in Lottex_SM2, SM2R2) - these make a neat join from the Reskin texture to the original lot texture. What this means if you use those boundary tiles then your lot can theoretically use the SM2 textures without side effect. The SW texture pack is the wildcard - since we have no idea how many of the 366 textures in that set have been used or might be. Because they don't match other lot textures in colour I would prefer not to change them. They match with the SM2/SMR2 etc. Attached below is the set of transition tiles Simmer2 has supplied - with this you can at least see if we have enough transitions - otherwise we can work with you to make some that might also be useful for others. Now these are obviously not the right colors but at least you can see if you've got one them. Just put this file to load last, they will override any you have used automatically and you can see them easily. Other lot tile sets will match outside rail in the end, as you've probably seen in CT14s pics. G5 Simmer2 LotSupport.dat
  10. Thankyou very much Fantozzi for that info - One less set to have to think about making.
  11. There are three Lot texture sets that are not at present configured in the RRW reskin . They are Lottex_FZ, Lottex_SW and Lottex_SM2. These sets are non-consistent with normal RRW lot textures in a couple of ways - they are darker than the other lot textures (presumably by design but which can be compensated for) and they show compression artefacts after unFSHing. (which means the originals are needed to do a good job with them). The FZ set also is semi-transparent - that is the ballast is semi-transparent which is unusual for rail textures. Normally grass grows over/between ballast and not under it. Aside[ A better technique might be to leave holes in the texture for grass to show through on a lot, or just color the ballast accordingly.] The SW set is a large collection of RRW textures re-IDed as LotTextures and in my view should probably be avoided (decommissioned) as the most common ones are in other sets, and these are unlikely to be (have been) used for a lot. Normally the Original NW texture is directly renumbered as a Lot Texture when needed, rather than an entire reissue with new IIds. The SM2 set has been catered for with the Simmer2 transitions already in the Reskin as these are designed to be predominantly on Simmer2 lots, so will not be converted. Jury is therefore out on the first 2 and I welcome views by stakeholders...
  12. @CT14 That logging lot sure looks good. I was quick because I just happened to see your post almost as you made it. The editing trick works because a model is really only a small mesh (or meshes) with a texture hung over it, and SC4 uses transparency to delimit the edges of the texture. So sometimes, if its in the right place, you can fool SC4 into believing the edge is somewhere else by poking holes in the alpha map. The same trick can be used when making automata to save a lot of triangles. In this case they were at the extremities of the model so its not very disruptive, but if you look in night view you will see that the rail is now unlit as its no longer part of the model. Small price to pay for a more unified look though.
  13. Nice one @CT14 - I've fixed it straight away to make sure I don't forget it. Link is to up-to-date BSC lot Support - just put over the one you've got -it also has the filling station rail fix G2 BSC LotSupport.dat
  14. rolled in from...