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  1. Oh, you like King Crimson! In The Court Of was my first LP.  *:D

  2. Easter Monday am - where did the weekend go? ... Said the straight man to the late man Where have you been? I've been here, and I've been there and I've been in between King Crimson - I Talk to the Wind
  3. The standard Maxis Tunnel Portal is so on a low-loader it * * might * * fit through here. But as train automata interact with the tunnel as if it were made of dark matter anyway the game will happily compress the freight while passing through the tunnel. Underpasses are way taller than this and hardly represent a hazard by comparison...
  4. @Fantozzi - all of your inventive solutions are valid options. I'm more bound to the conceptual problem than the lots. You've seem to have found an area that is hard to emulate satisfactorily in this game - and you know what such challenges do to us. However the concept of Pythagorean cows does tickle my fancy - and if you could get a baton twirler in front of them you've got a new marching team...
  5. @Fantozzi - the look of the cattle using the empty space is certainly an improvement and looks far more natural - but still leaves a lot of cows for the area. At the risk of contrariness it almost suggests that the opposite should be the set up - i.e. empty pasture with MMPs on cleared squares so that the clumps are entirely at user discretion. (apart from the home lot) Of your farm tracks could I make the following comments. Given the tractor looks to be as tall as the shack then the tracks should probably be half the width they are - as it looks now they are about 8m apart. By making them thinner (more tenuous) it does leave more space unused but they wont dominate the lot as much.
  6. * receives demand for butter and salt * * inserts humming black box *
  7. Unfortunately, its never ...
  8. As you have so well illustrated the clustering distribution problem, I don't think that even having three prop groups on a tile - timed, random or otherwise will fix the problem, because the sampling grid (i.e. a tile) is too small. If it were possible to have larger field tiles (like 3x3) or more than one tile type per farm then you can contain the grouping to those tile groups and hence the space between clusters becomes large relative to the size of the cows. It is surprising/odd that the frequencies of appearance don't seem to match theory though. What this suggests is that you can really only do groups well on a piece of the home lot - making this larger and emulating a milking yard or roundup yard or the like would be possible. If the pasture attached to the home lot is the same it would be very hard to see where one ended and the general field tiles began. I don't suppose a farm can have more than one tile type or larger field tiles? As for grouping cows into one prop I can only imagine that being achieved by rendering it so as one prop (or combining meshes in the model) - as at the prop level there is no means of defining position or group, although models could be offset in their render so randomised selection of them as alternates could be (made somewhat) asymmetrical. All of which suggests that MMPing may well be the easiest option for people.
  9. Another way would be to use timed props - so say a clump of cows could be near a tree and the next time you look they're gone. Spread enough of them about and you could have it empty and populated at the same time.(in a manner of speaking)
  10. Quite agree @matias93 - interventionist actions are a hallmark of advancing self interest. However, I can't say I'm sure whose interest this last one is advancing though... mine is bigger than yours?
  11. that this sentence ...
  12. before the Klingons ...
  13. indescribable joy by ...
  14. to see if...
  15. A purple bee..