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  1. I'm looking for high density R$$ towers that I can download, I'm having some trouble finding them here or LEX. Any help would be highly appreciated and I would love as many of them as possible, especially 4x4 lots, for a large city I'm working on in a region. Reason being is that I'm tired of the repetition of R$$ towers and the game just keeps spamming 4x4 Zaidi Apartments everywhere lol I have a huge amount of downloaded commercial office and Services in my plugins, and some R$$$/R$ too, R$$ homes too, but I barely have any R$$ towers at all. Would love some high density R$$ and also some medium density too since certain 2x2 medium R$$s keep popping up like weeds, and I figure it's because the game has a limited selection of those particular buildings to choose from and that's why I'd like to really expand it. Also, bonus if anyone can help, is there any way to get the R$$ 1x2 row houses to show without having to make them historical? I want to get a nice row house section in my city but the many 2x2 R$$ lots keep taking over them.
  2. Go to the troubleshooting guide, then read problem #15 and it's solution. When you're done, play "I'm Back Home" from the soundtrack folder
  3. Ooh. Ouch. Mine’s done that too but that’s the biggest crack I’ve seen so far. No worries though, this is normal. The terrain is just adjusting to the new larger tiles, so expect there to be some seismic activity for a while. Make sure you don’t build too close to the new fault lines. Also, really make sure your citizens are well educated on earthquakes and that the buildings are up to code. The terrain should settle after around 100-200 game years with the occasional big one. Also, this mod works with Columbus Terrain Mod and most other terrain mods pretty well!
  4. Hmmm. That's peculiar. I tried this on one of my other PCs and it did just as yours did. Make sure you don't click on the center of the empty space, click on the upper left area of it, then you should see the “new city” prompt: Load it up and you should be fine: Once you save and exit out, it’ll show up on region view. I think the game does this because it still “thinks” it’s a 4x4 km map at first in region view since it doesn’t natively support 8x8 km maps by default. Just keep clicking around the space. Also, make sure that the .dll file is in the SC4 apps folder and the 2 .dat files are in your Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Tired of SimCity 4's puny little map sizes? Even the largest tiles are only 4x4 km, but this mod makes it possible for an even larger map size by adding a "Very Large" 8x8 km (512x512 tiles) map! That's 4 Times bigger than the largest tile in the game and 8 times bigger than SimCity 2013's Maps! SimCity 4 by default has 3 map sizes: Small 1x1 km (64x64 tiles) Medium 2x2 km (128x128 tiles) Large 4x4 km (256x256 tiles) This mod adds: Very Large 8x8 km (512x512 tiles) That is 4X larger than the largest map! Files included in ZIP file: -"8x8_km.dat" - Includes the larger map size option and adds "yellow" as the option in "paint" when editing. -"Compatibility_Module" - Allows for compatibility with SC4 Mapper and SC4 Terraformer. -"Larger Maps.dll" - Required to allow the game to recognize the larger map sizes as tiles and allows them to load as well as allows cities to be built on them. Also makes it possible to save these larger maps. Also includes two new songs that would make great background music to play while you build your metropolises on those nice larger maps! No dependencies, works with SC4 Rush Hour, with or without the patches. Please read the README first before installing! How to Install: 1. Open the "Larger Maps Mod.zip," then copy both the "8x8_km.dat" and "Compatibility_Module" into your plugins folder. You can also copy "Compatibility_Module" into the root directory of your SC4 Mapper and SC4 Terraformer installs for support of this mod. 2. Copy the "Larger Map.dll" into your C:/Program Files/Maxis/SimCity 4/Apps folder (Program Files (x86) if you use a 64-Bit Windows) Also, copy the two songs from the "New Soundtrack Music" folder into C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Radio\Stations\Mayor\Music. 3. Load up the game as normal. How to Use This Mod and Get Larger Maps: 1. On Region View panel, go and create a new region and name it as you please. Note that you'll only see the usual three map sizes. The 8x8 km map does not appear by default as THAT would require modifying the .exe file. 2. Exit game 3. Go to your Documents/SimCity 4/Regions/"Name of your new Region" created in Step 4. 4. Right click on the config file and open with paint. 5. Zoom in. You will see 3 different colors that represent the three map sizes: Red (1x1 Pixels) Small Green (2x2 Pixels) Medium Blue (4x4 Pixels) Large *Yellow (8x8 Pixels in this mod) Very Large* You can expand the region size by clicking right down menu and expanding it down right. 6. To create 8x8 km maps, go to edit colors on Paint and select yellow. Make sure on right pane it shows as: Red: 255 Green: 255 Blue: 0 7. Draw it out where you want with 8x8 pixels and fill it out. (Make sure the other map sizes are whole or they'll glitch). If you want multiple 8x8 km Maps, draw more 8x8 pixel squares. Mix in other colors above for mix of map sizes. Fill the region with yellow if you want all 8x8 km maps, just make sure you have room! (32x32 pixels can fit 4 8x8 km maps). Here's an example of the 8x8 km map properly drawn out: 8. Click save and exit paint. Start-Up the game. Might take several tries to get it to work but it'll work. 9. Once the game starts, you should see your very large city tile on region view. If it's a Blank Space, just click on the space, since it'll load anyways and build away! (It'll show up on region view once you save and exit back out) 10. Enjoy your much larger space!!! If you have any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the README file. This mod is fully compatible with Ploppable Cows and Nuclear Starbucks! Major Bugs/Limitations: - Roads cannot be built past 4x4 km west or southward. UPDATE: Just fixed the issue and updated mod. It's possible now, but will cause clipping. - Game will crash after a certain prop limit, and there may be prop pox on larger cities - Saving takes a very long time (about 5-10 minutes on my PC) BACKUP YOUR GAME BEFORE INSTALLING THIS MOD! Minor Issues/Bugs: - God Mode mountains and valleys may clip with ground and trees after 4x4 km - Very Large cities get very laggy - Water may not be wet enough after 4x4 km - The furthest zoom out isn't far enough due to very large map size - 16x16 km was originally planned as well but would crash the game and cause an infinite loop that corrupted every hard drive in my computer and their backups (Thank goodness I backed everything up online). - 8x8 km maps decrease the chances of that happening - May cause little sims to colonize your living room and build tiny metropolises. This is due to the side effect of the mods - Music may cause minor frustration - Not compatible with my 3D Camera mod - U drive it works but if you pass 4km, your PC may crash - Minor clipping outside 4x4 km - Staring at the loading screens may crash the game - Showing emotion may crash game - Mod is fully compatible with NAM, CAM, SPAM, SAM, SLAM, RAM, JAM, FLAM, DAM, CLAM EXAM, INSTAGRAMA-RAM and SCAM - Taking screenshots might crash the game. - Taking screenshots with print-screen crashes the game and your PC - Taking screenshots with your iPhone crashes the camera, game, PC and may break a tripper and cause power outages. Samsung camera works though. - Disasters work with no issues (in real life of course) - Using "Obliterate City" will obliterate your city, region, and your entire game. (due to corruption) - Game will crash if loading city while sustaining a frown in real life - Music may cause minor frustration - May change your whole game forever - May cause depression - The yellow pixels can also be drawn as 16x16 pixels for a 16x16 km map. DO NOT DO THIS. Stick with 8x8 km. - If you do load the game with a 16x16 km map, your PC may explode. Proceed at your own risk. DISCLAIMER: PCWHIZ24 will not be held liable for any permanent corruption, loss, depression, injuries, fires, blown eardrums, FBI visits, power outages, or miniature living room colonies caused by this mod. Aside from those minor bugs, it's still a great mod considering it's a game from 2003!
  6. I've been gone for a really long time, my apologies for those I've left hanging for over a year and a half since the last update. Now we finally find out what happened.... But first! For those new to this CJ, or need a refresher, here's the first entry, to learn the history of this town and how it all started: It is recommended to read through the beginning or previous chapter before coming back. ^^^^ Previously on... Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of an Era - Part 1 "Massive super-cell thunderstorms are coming due to a massive atmospheric instability that occurs ever decade or so... "Police Chief Robert, get everyone to the high school or anywhere safe! This town is in serious trouble!" Massive Hailstorms begin pummel the city early as the super cell moves in^^^ A few rare images taken by a news crew in a news helicopter just as they got drenched in the rain water... This was over the course of 2 minutes. The 3D images were taken from the crew just as they headed back. They may even have images of the tornado from this angle too. Thousands rush into the high school shelter as the skies grow more ominous...be it the gym, or anywhere safe, while others evacuate... An EF3 tornado touches down northeast, moves southwest, tearing through the town... Manufacturing Sector: It spares the downtown, until an even MORE massive F4 tornado touches down and rips through the heart of the town... GO!! LET'S GO! To the high school! NOW! The tornado shreds everything in sight, moving downward, Ben and his family is in the blue car seen above, and the Mayor and both his kids are in the red car, not seen in pic above as they're too far below. Let's go!! We need to get in NOW!! The town's mayor and Ben (his best friend and business partner) has made it into the high school's shelter with their families along with thousands of others after narrowly avoiding a massive EF4 tornado. Unfortunately, the tornado targeted the Maxis-designed school, which wasn't designed for winds this strong. The deafening roar grew louder and louder as we braced, and I could already hear the building beginning to come apart. You could feel it in your chest, almost as if a space shuttle was talking off right outside. I huddle with my wife, son and daughter, thinking this is it. We're going to be wiped right off the map, just like that. Me, my family, and thousands of people. Just moments later however, the roaring began to subside, giving way to the sound of torrential rain and terrified cries of everyone around me. ..... Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of An Era - Part 2 We're still alive. I look around the gym, with the only lights coming from the small windows, as well as frantic chattering from everyone around me. "Everybody stay inside! We don't know if another tornado's coming..." Yelled Chief Officer Robert I turn on the radio and I can barely make out the reporter through the static: "A massive EF4 tornado has been spotted north of *static* storm chasers the last couple hours...Several small towns in this area...cold front...*Static* There were at least 2000 people taking shelter throughout the school, with about 500 crammed into the gym. The city's firefighting team, police and doctors were in here with us too. I walk outside and felt the cold rain sting against my face. I could almost make out the track and field under the flood, and what was left of the apartments in the distance. The trees were completely stripped of their leaves, and branches. Just then I noticed the wind pick up again. I walk back inside. We come out about an hour later and see some people out there: Downtown is completely gone: Nothing left of the theater or forest. The tornado left a serious trail of destruction: (WLHS is to the left) Night falls and the rain finally subsides. The next morning is cloudy, cold and gloomy as a cold front will move in later that day. Families all come out of the school to see if their homes made it. Me and Ben would be driving with a crew that clears the roads to help people get around again. It wasn't long before the true extent of the damage was revealed... The tornado barely missed Woodland High School (WLHS). Was heading southward then just barely touched it as it turned west to obliterate everything (See the pic above this one). It may have come back around but the school was spared, along with 2,112 lives that were in it. The death toll is over 100 so far. No chance for anyone who was caught outside during this monster's onslaught. Downtown as the crew already cleaned up most of the mess. Most roads (except northern road) have been cleared. Some houses were somehow untouched. The Western Residential Sector is in shambles. That USED to be the Manufacturing sector of town. Fun fact: That lake wasn't even there before. Me and Ben drove through the town, helping wherever we could. Hey...remember that beautiful blue mansion seen at the beginning of the previous update? "It's gone. All gone." Said Ben, as we looked around. It was one of the few mansions in the city. It belonged to a humble friend of Ben, Chief Officer Robert, who's helping set up temporary tents with the crisis crew. We cleared a path: Distraught families try to salvage what's left of their Woodland homes. Robert returns with this wife later to see their mansion...much to their dismay of course. "I'm impressed," said Robert, at least the porch survived. "What about your stuff?" Ben inquired as he looked at the wreckage. "Don't worry about it, material things are only so important. That tornado was the most terrifying thing I've ever witnessed in my life. I got to watch it eat this beautiful town, and spit it back out. but... "What?" I inquired... He looked back at me just as the sun comes out for the first time "It spared us. I was outside the school from a distance when the monster went for it, then, right as I watched it get swallowed up, it just turned. Almost like it could sense everyone there." "That's incredible. That had to be a sign without a doubt. Now we rebuild..." I said. Ben looked, paused and said "better make it tornado-proof this time." The sun set was the most beautiful golden sunset in a while, as the sun peaked through the clouds and temperatures went below 60 degrees. Mayor Mathew sent many resources from Woodland River City, including generators, food and water supplies. Turns out his town was spared from the storm, although suffered a lightning strike. Chief Officer Robert wasn't kidding. As it turns out, the town was hit with two tornadoes, one smaller F3 and one F4. (F3 is the yellow, and F4 path is red, which came shortly after the yellow F3 one) The paths with their damage radius... The green arrow in between is Robert's location. He was in an underground shelter just as it hit the police station. He stayed out driving through the town telling everyone to go to their shelters and directing his officers beforehand. He came out of the shelter from the nearby building and took to the fields just in time to see the F4 tornado (red arrow) as it headed for the high school. The final death toll was 228. Over 1242 were injured, 22 life threatening, but survived. The Next Morning was nice and crispy. Dry, cool air from the north made the weather nice and windy, with perfectly clear blue skies. While most of the population has moved to various shelters in the nearby towns, less than a thousand of them stayed in several tent shelters set up through out the town, and the few remaining houses in the city that actually did survive. This is the main tent shelter area, there are three smaller shelters throughout the town, but the majority stayed here: ^^^^Note: On the lower right of the image, is the remains of Ben's mansion. It is right above the path of people walking in, by the four white tents, where a 5th one separated by a yellow one right next to the main road. Now...back to the mayor panel... Only 3000 simoleons in my funds, and population of 736. Whoopee. We're still receiving 1000MWh/month from Woodland River City. Re-adjusted the funding sliders for the schools to cut expenses. Rebuilding Begins... A small temporary water tower is built, and demolition crews clear off the lots and make room to rebuild: After some time, a landfill at the edge of town was built, putting me back in the red, but no problem, we now have 20,000 in the bank! Population is now over 2000. That is the end of this Chapter, thank you for reading this, I hope you all enjoyed it and the 3D images, and we'll see you in 2 more years for the next update! Jk...jk. I will not take as long, promise!
  7. After a long break, we return to continue our story once again! A lot has happened since I was gone, so this will be a big update... The town has really grown over the years, and despite the threat of fire and economic problems early on, all the towns are now flourishing. However... It's been relentless...the heat... it just doesn't end. Today in particular is even hotter, with temperatures soaring to an outrageous 98 degrees here in Woodland, while the neighboring River City is a more bearable 95 degrees. In the middle of November. Yes, that wasn't a typo. Normally, we would be getting cold fronts around this time, and the average highs around this time are usually 75 degrees. But not this year. Why is it so hot around this time? The planet's seasons. In this planet, every 5-7 years, we get an extreme version of what most call "El Nino." (Note, that this CJ takes place on another Earthlike-planet but that's for a future update long in the future...) Today was a fateful day...The day the town would be changed forever... "This heat is killing me and this city. If this doesn't end soon, I'll have to cut power to sector..." (weather channel in the background) Weather Channel: Temperature records are being broken everywhere... We got a massive cold front conflicting with the warm air mass that has stagnated over this region. This will bring relief in a few days but not without severe atmospheric instability. We have a massive wall of thunderstorms moving southward... I call Ben on the phone... Ben: "Hello?" Me: "It's me, I'm coming over, we need to ask Matt for more power or this town will run out of air conditioning" (It's around 3 PM by now) I quickly take the 5 minute drive to Ben's mansion: *Ben is my business partner/Co-Mayor and best friend who has helped me with negotiations all throughout the years. He owns 3 of the CO$$$ shops in the town (including the one with the blue roof to the right of the mansion) He dedicates his time to his family who lives in this city as well, and does his best to make it a better place) "Did you hear about the thunderstorms?" Asked Ben. "Yes, they can't be too bad" I said. "Hopefully it'll bring relief from this heat by the end of the week..." "Ben, we need to call Matt (Woodland River City), we need more power or this city's going to shut down!" Ben dials the phone and calls Matt... Matt: "Hello?" *Matt is the mayor of Woodland River City, the neighboring town west of WL Town. North of WL River City is District 1, and South is Pleasantview. Ben: "Hey, it's Ben here, mind sending us more power over here? We don't have enough for this city and it's getting worse..." Matt: "Are you crazy? We're overloaded here, Pleasantview and District 1 already asked me, I got no more!" Give me the phone... (Ben hands me the phone) Me: "It's the Major, how much do you want? Look, I'll give you $10K, $20K..." Matt: "No can do major, if I give you more power, I'm going to have to cut my city's power and my townsfolk are going to kill me. They're already mad about the fire...Do you want that on me? Do you really wan- A deep, booming thunder bellows outside, shaking the windows. Matt: (Still on the phone) "What was that?" "I think thunder..." I said. (I put the phone on speaker) Then, a loud explosive bang/thunder is heard on Matt's end... proceeded by: Matt: "Holy ****...Oh my god, I gotta go now!" *Hangs up* Ben looks at me with a worried expression. "I have never heard him curse before. Ever." He said. We go back inside and turn on the Weather Channel Weather Channel: A massive super-cell is moving southward above the frontal boundary... Far from most populated areas but any small towns are under severe tornado warning, including - Just then, a white flash. The power goes out. Another loud thunder follows. We go back outside... The sky is beginning to look Ominous, it's like two sides taking over...one side it's a beautiful day, the other side it's a nightmare. It looked like a wall ready to swallow us up. The beautiful day side would get smaller as the storm moved in. Me and Ben urgently got in the car and we drove up to the fields, just outside of the industrial zone to check the storm out and get a photo for the news: (Note the freight trucks trying to get as much freight as possible to the warehouse before the storm) Me and Ben stand in the fields, looking out at the massive storm clouds. We take a photo of the scene... Just seconds later, the wind picks up and then, hail...lots of hail... We make a mad dash to the barn nearby as we get pummeled by hail and dust blows in our face. We run practically blind but make it inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzS3S1chOiI (Play this during this scene, I don't know how to embed the video in) "We need to get everyone to safety. I have a feeling this storm's going to be bad," said Ben *Glass breaks* (I look down and pick up what appears to be a baseball-sized hail) "hmm...what makes you think that?" I asked sarcastically as I held the chunk of ice in front of him The hailstorm only lasted for about 10 minutes, with only a few larger pieces falling. Panicked townsfolk ran to the nearest stores as they were caught off guard. After that, a downpour that affected mostly the East Residential area (4:47 P.M.) Once the rain let up, we came back outside. The shape of the super-cell storm was very well-defined. The sun came out once more, for the last time. At least, today...Before the massive storm would swallow us up... (Note the bridge to the left where the river is, that's the bridge to Matt's Woodland River City. Pleasantview is on the lower left and Woodland town is in the middle) "Wow...I have never seen anything like this in my entire life." Said Ben. "I mean, I always wanted to but not here!" We drove to a near commercial building that still had power somehow and turned on the TV. Weather channel said it's only going to get worse... Just then, Matt calls... Matt: "MAYOR!! You need to GO!! Take everyone to a shelter NOW! I just saw the most massive tornado...it is huge and it's moving straight for ya...I'm warning you!!" "We need to find a shelter, Thousands are going to die if we don't." I said. "Where the heck are they going to go?" Asked Ben. "There's no basements... He paused. "Wait! I forgot, I installed a siren a year ago...It was meant for fire alerts but it could be used for this too. It's pretty loud! I never tested it but I think if we sound it, everyone can evacuate or take shelter, but where?" "The High school" I said, "The Gym walls have reinforced concrete, and it's the strongest building in this town! There's no basements here, only in River City" "Alright, major," Said Ben," The alarm is in near the town square, in the back of one of the two Waffle houses. Go sound it off. I have to drive to the west sector to pick up family members and a few kids. I'll also call the school's principal and the news crew to alert everyone. Now Go!" (Ben drops me off and drives to the West Sector) Amazingly, given the ominous clouds above, once the news crew got updated on the situation, they basically took over all channel for an emergency broadcast hopefully that may save a lot of lives. This is kind of what virtually every TV in the city got to hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDnTDY4JmwE (It wasn't this exact message but it was similar, the difference is obviously instead of Alabama it would say Woodland City, and it would be telling everyone to head for the high school instead of underground but this is just to give a rough idea of what they heard. Scary...) Just then, the tornado appears just North of the town....I drove over to the Waffle houses: After asking around where the alarm was, to which no one knew, I call Ben, who was at The West Elementary School Me: "Ben, where the heck is the alarm? I can't find it?" (Ben in the red van left of the plaza near the playground as he picks up his family, cousins and kids to take to the shelter) Ben: "It's in the back of the building, look for the little pulley" Me: "Got it!" One of the Kids shouted "Mom, it's the tornado I see it!!" Ben: "Let's go! Now!!!" With everyone in the car, he speeds off... The siren finally activates... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIypdzgZAaI The loud siren echoes throughout the town. It is then when the real panic begin to set in. Residents rush to Woodland Town High School's gym by the hundreds. Some drive, and others walk from the nearby houses/apartments, while others evacuate to WL River City. (As the alarm blares, people head into the school The gym is located on the lower right Wing of the school from the main entrance) Officer: "Come on, move it! We have little time!" (Chatter of people in the background) The wind starts picking up again. Ben: (On The phone) "I'm on my way back to pick you up" Me: "I'm right at the Main Street intersection" As Ben Drives, the tornado can be seen in full view. Here's what they basically see: (Even though this is a real life example, they were driving next to a farm so just imagine that the buildings on the left are the West-Sector Homes! People who had no time try to leave or run to the nearest buildings (or wherever they can at this point.) Either way... Times up... (Note the traffic from people STILL trying to evacuate to WL River City on the Lower left...The only road that leads out of town) As Ben Drives down Main street, a second, even bigger tornado appears from the North Industrial sector moving south It's heading right for us, we gotta go now!!! Step on it!! The School's just two blocks down!! "I yelled as I jumped into the car with the frightened family and kids... *Brakes screech* "Come on!" Yelled Ben, "We need to go!!" The roaring begins to get louder as the tornado approaches We make the mad dash against the wind to the school entrance, as well as the two kids. The gym is located on the right wing, just right of the main entrance LET'S GO!! LET'S GO!!! HURRY!!! We barely make it into the shelter. The roaring from the tornado is just deafening as I enter the gym with at least 1000 people crammed inside. We huddle together with the kids as begin to cry. "Oh my god, it's right over us!" Yelled the mom. *Cries and screams are heard in the background* Help us!!! Loud unbearable roaring followed by glass shattering... To Be Continued...
  8. This is the story of a humble little town with big dreams, dreams to become a metropolis, and overcome major obstacles. In this journal, the Mayor (Me) will take on the challenge of starting with the zero simoleons mod, and build a city that will reach 1 million sims population, from nothing! (On hard mode of course) I can't take this on alone without sharing this, so I will document every step and every obstacle I encounter to ultimately achieve such a huge undertaking, and I will need all the help I can get! Together, we shall do this, test your knowledge of this game and help this city grow. The screenshots will be a mix of unedited with UI, and more aesthetic ones for the story. This journal will go in depth into the struggles the mayor and how he builds a city in an unforgiving world. The World... Also, these cities are in the same planet as The World Journal! Where does this take place? Note that this does not take place on Earth but on another Earth-like planet that hasn't been discovered in real life. There will be way more information on this later on in the story, including space shots but here's the general summary: It is close to our sun as well in our Galaxy. The differences in these worlds are, it's slightly smaller than Earth, (gravity 95% of Earth, 100 pound on Earth = 95 pounds on here). The planet is referred to as "Earth" by it's inhabitants, but we have no name for it yet. It has two smaller moons as opposed to one, and due to it's tilt and moons, every 10-20 years, there is major climate instability for about a year. Instead of Countries, it is divided into several republics their sub-divisions. The two main ones to worry about are the Blue Republic and White Republic. Cities can register once their considered a "city" to them depending on their political affiliations. (Democratic, etc.) There are many cultures around the world. White republic are primarily English/American-like, while Blue Republic are more European, English, Italian, French, etc. There are wars, there is famine, and problems just like our Earth, with the climate leveling the playing field every decade or two. I will be using no cheats, no demand mods or any major game-altering mods (other than the zero simoleon mod). Only NAM with CLASSIC traffic controller (the standard Maxis one) installed. Basically, this is almost the same UN-modded SC4 deluxe game but with cosmetic mods and buildings. Before I start, I choose my starting Mods, NAM being the first one of course: Note the classic traffic Simulator is selected, to make it harder for me Here is the plugins folder I'm using for all this: If there's any mods you guys recommend, please don't hesitate to tell me! (unless it's a cheaty-mod!) Basically...this is it for now. All the mods I need. I will add many more mods to this game, whether this could be larger custom BAT schools/hospitals or fire/police stations. The only rule is: No Cheat mods or anything that gives me an "unfair advantage." If it makes the game harder however, then I'll take it! The Beginning... We start out on a large map, with plenty of land for 1 million sims, and a beach south east. It has lots of forests, a few small hills and large plains. The only downside is that the location of the map is highly conductive to super-cell thunderstorms, making it highly prone to tornadoes and waterspouts (kind of like tornado alley), flooding and electrical storms. The settlers find the perfect spot, a nice little patch surrounded by beautiful lodge poles, oaks and many other types of trees: Take note, there is absolutely NO money to start with. How is this possible, you may ask? With a nice little $5000 loan of course! The city shall be named "Woodland Metropolis II" With no other choice, we will have to start our city in debt! We'll have to spend our money wisely, and we shall start very small... A small simple street. It's all we need for now. The Windmill seems like the perfect plant to begin with. We lower the budget to 10! A challenge like this really makes you keep mind of your budget, and to truly minimize your expenses. It'll be a while before I become profitable! We have a nice, small little town! Unfortunately, we're already at a loss...We're losing $30 a month, most of which is coming from the loan payments! Two small shops, a few houses and two farms makes up this quaint little village. It's hard to believe that one day, this place will have 1 million sims! In a desperate attempt, I zoned a small industrial factory just north of the two stores; But this required raising the funding for the Windmill to supply the power to the hungry factory! We're making more money but we're also losing more money! This could be the beginning and the end, with only $273 left! (Note how the main loss is from the loans, but we can't afford to wait can we?) So here we stand, with our money dwindling, we are already losing this town. Is this the end? The shortest City journal ever to grace Simtropolis? We have three options: 1. raise the taxes, 2. Take out another loan 3. Invest the rest of what we have and cross my fingers... Woodland Metropolis II has over 90 Sims, all low wealth, with two shops, two farms and a factory. We need your help! What can we do? Comment below for suggestions and we shall see in the next update if the crisis is resolved! Stay tuned...
  9. This nearly brought tears to my eyes. This has to be the most beautiful, realistic, just incredible update I have ever seen. This isn't even SC4 anymore. This is real art! Thank you very much for making something like this. I'm typing this on my floating chair on my room full of drool, my jaw's floating around somewhere.
  10. From the album Hall of Fame

    2nd Place entry from Night Scenes (S3-12-E) Extended 91 Rep 21 Bonus Points 79 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings Plantation Metropolis just after sundown, the 3rd biggest city of the White Republic cities and largest of Plantation Bay Region. It is the capital of Plantation Bay, a major tourist hotspot known for it's major company headquarters, beaches, amusement parks, game shows and events, as well as concerts.

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  11. SimCity 4 Deluxe Thank you!
  12. From the album Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

    Plantation Metropolis just after sundown, the 3rd biggest city of the White Republic cities and largest of Plantation Bay Region. It is the capital of Plantation Bay, a major tourist hotspot known for it's major company headquarters, beaches, amusement parks, game shows and events, as well as concerts.
  13. From the album Bridge Bonanza (S3-07-W)

    One of the large bridges that connect to Downtown Plantation Bay's downtown city core. Plantation Bay is one of the White Republic's biggest regions, with a population of over 30 million people. This is Alwakiee Metropolis, a center of commerce, with a residential population of nearly 700,000. (Yes, in a 4x4 km area!).
  14. From the album Photoshop Challenge (S3-05-E)

    People emerge from Woodland High School on a cloudy morning following a massive storm that produced 3 tornadoes. From my CJ: SC4 Zero to Million Challenge: A massive EF4 and 2 smaller EF3 tornadoes ripped through Woodland Town, causing mass devastation. The EF4 tornado, as seen in the previous update, was barreling directly towards the school that served as a make-shift shelter for over 3,000 people, including the major and his business partner/best friend Ben and their families, who made it in the nick of time. In a twist, the tornado changed course in the last minute, missing the majority of the school sparing nearly half the town's terrified population that were inside, and only destroyed the upper level science and math halls. While the majority of people took shelter in the gym, hundreds more took cover in the bathrooms, storage closets, teacher closets, and just about anywhere inside the school that didn't have windows. (The gym is in the lower right corner of the school). The area north of the school is what used to be apartments. Other people took shelter at the basements in the homes that had them. This is the preview of the next update for this CJ, which will show the rest of Woodland Town after the tornadoes.
  15. From the album Hall of Fame

    1st Place entry from Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W) Weekly 62 Rep 26 Bonus Points 51 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings Downtown Scottsdale Metropolis, built with no mods or cheats. Population: 209k This is the capital city of Rayleigh State, 3 States north of Woodland Town. Rayleigh state is known for the mountain of spikes, which until this day it is unknown as to how they formed. (More to come in the CJ) Both cities are White Republic cities. Woodland Town unfortunately, has been recently destroyed by a several tornadoes. Scottsdale Metropolis is the largest of Rayleigh's three major cities. The state is undergoing massive growth thanks to the discovery of the spiky mountains.

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