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  1. The end of planet offer

    It's sad for MC but it's really good for the players IMO. Now they gotta do serious advertising and start selling A LOT!!
  2. no update of any kind

    Not when or what, the "insider info" does exist?
  3. Cities XL Mac: Problems installing with wine.

    Ok, it doesn't work. After the update it opens "block note" instead of the CXL login screen... I will try to put in the folder the game already updated tomorrow. EDIT: Wineskin only opens the login window for half a second then crashes
  4. Cities XL Mac: Problems installing with wine.

    Strange, I have a whole new 15" MacBook Pro with the 9600M GT so I guess I don't lack in rough power. I'm making some progress with Wineskin, I'm running the Cities XL updated right now, I'll try to see how it runs!
  5. Cities XL Mac: Problems installing with wine.

    I tried CrossOver and Cider. The problem is that these virtualizazion programs can't reproduce a Windows' windows () so we can't port it to Mac. If only MonteCristo putted the authentication screen inside the game instead of putting it in a window we could have had our city building game... EDIT: and I also tried VMWare. The problem with VMWare is that you just see the UI and the cursor and the whole game world is just a black thing.
  6. Police HQ re-maked

    on simcity for Mac i can't see the building. i only see grass
  7. I had the same problem. The game used to freeze at the beginning if I pressed any button but if I let it run few secs the RCI went back to normal and everything worked great. Now it no longer happens. Dunno why.
  8. NAM & others files.

    Ok, the mod that doesn't work and made my bugs was NAM_GLR_STATIONS_PATCH. That's the patch for draggable GLR and stations and whatever.
  9. NAM & others files.

    Hello, I installed NAM with the NAM Installer for Mac (beta), I installed the last version (which is june '09 if I remember). The problem is when I add others files such as the roundabout with subway and bus station (the version modded for Mac). At that point in the game I have in the costruction menus a "space" at the bottom of the icons and when I pass my mouse over the icons I find out that ALL the "buttons" have the icon of the button that should be above. Like: Railroad - nothing happens Passengers station - build Railroad Freight station - build Passenger station Monorail - build Freight station BLANK SPACE - build monorail. If it's a problem with the NAM installer tell me how to install NAM because I tried but haven't found any instruction in the NAM read me or whatever.
  10. Cities XL on a Mac?

    VMWare fails too, the game load but when you go to the city view (where you build the city and do everything) the world turns to a black screen with only the GUI.
  11. I know, MC hasn't released Cities XL for Mac but has someone tried to play it with CrossOver or VMWare Fusion? I ask because i don't play Cities XL a lot only cause i don't want to waste time to reboot on Windows (i have Cities XL on bootcamp) which is slow and full of useless programs that start when i boot. I tried CrossOver but it fails since .NET framework fails to install.
  12. How to install regions?

    there is nothing wrote on the page... but increasing the height while in god mode worked great
  13. How to install regions?

    Hello, i can't figure out how to install regions. No problems with the config.bmp but i can't add the terrain from a grey scale image pressing alt + ctrl + shift + r After pressing that i go to the image and press OK but nothing change -.-. Can you help me, please? EDIT: sorry for all that spam but nothing said that the topic was posted and when i refreshed my topic wasn't appeared :S EDIT 2: ok, the image wasn't greyscale now it is and everything worked. but only the top of the mountains are out of the water (i downloaded the map from here)