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    Hellenic Republic (sounds more cool than "Greece") - Europe - Earth - Solar System - Milky Way - Local Group - Virgo Cluster - Laniakea SuperCluster - Local Filament - Universe - Multiverse - Omniverse
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    Science: astronomy, physics, ecology, mechanics, cosmology, astrobiology, quantum physics, biology, extraterrestrial civilizations

    Technology: space exploration and colonization, future technologies, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybernetics, bioclimatic architecture, genetic engineering, interstellar voyages, experimental aircrafts

    Society: Anarchism, resource-based economy, Venus Project, cybernated government, transhumanism, world citizenship

    Entertainment: new age electronic music (Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre e.t.c.), Celestia, documentaries, science fiction (Isaac Asimov, Arthur Clarke e.t.c.), Britney Spears, cartoons (Once Upon A Time...Space, Futurama, Inspector Gadget, My Little Pony, Ninjago, Looney Tunes e.t.c.), video games (Simcity, Spore, Command and Conquer, Midtown Madness 2 e.t.c.), books

    And there are more...
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  1. Oh please, life. Give it to me. Give me already the opportunity to get out of this mess and start living like I want!

  2. micromachines

    Upgrades, updates, new ideas and designs, new challenges and solutions
  3. Many of my pages of my CJ and my lotting projects have been contaminated by this. All those "look who's popular" stuff had made me stop using PhotoBucket and start using Flickr. You have 1 Terra of free space to upload whatever you wish. It looks to good to let it be, but it's the best deal we have right now. I suggest you to relax (the most important), get as many pictures as you can from PB, upload them on Flickr, and take you time to fix your links.
  4. Since it's a Simcity 4 topic and not a Cities: Skylines one, I moved it to a more suitable category. Have a nice day Moderator Terring
  5. "I believe we 7 billion human beings are brothers and sisters. We are all born the same way and are raised in the warmth of our parents’ and particularly our mothers’ affection. Loving kindness doesn’t come about because of religion; scientists say that basic human nature is compassionate. This is a sign of hope, if we apply our marvellous intelligence and nurture it properly. " Dalai Lama
  6. The crisis has been averted. Praise the Great Dirktator and his loyal allies!

  7. There is a problem with the forum posts, but don't worry.

    "Investigating the new issues with templates. This is believed to be an unrelated to the session bug. Thanks everyone for your patience."

    Cyclone Boom 

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      Cyclone Boom

      Yeah, might as well post this in a status. Probably the next best thing to the thread title with nothing else currently working.

  8. And here is a video that explains the bases of this epic and creepy achievement.
  9. micromachines

    Escape and creation. Something I used to do a lot when I was a kid, and I refuse to stop it even after 32 years of life, is creating my own states and escape from the misery of our reality. States where the past, the present and the future co-exist. Where "realism" and "being normal" are just jokes and not the rules. With solutions instead of problems, and adventures instead of stagnation. Great thing can happen, even in a state smaller than a room.
  10. "Things don't always happen as we planned, but that doesn't mean that we should ever stop reaching for the sky." - Aric Y. Harris
  11. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." - Benjamin Franklin If I remember correctly, that was the dilemma that creates the V for Vendetta story. In a world which is going to Hell, what do you prefer? Being a part of it, or having cameras on every corner, surveillance vans roaming the streets, and a fascist government that hunts any citizen that finds "undesired", in order to feel safe? "If you're not willing to give up your privacy, you're supporting terrorism". We are already losing the battle for privacy and we are still winning nothing. I have 2 theories about why this happens. The first is that they don't want a nasty backlash if they proactively arrest a suspect without any tangible evidence, other than a behavior they find suspicious. The second is that they just let these things happen, in order to use them as reasons to deploy even more laws to reduce freedom and increase the feeling of fear. But you can't fight the dictatorship of terror with more dictatorship. Of course I can be wrong, but either reason is terrifying (especially the second one). I think that the best ways to stop terrorism are by education and solidarity (and some vigilance), to find out the root of this atrocity and remove it all together, without sacrificing our freedom, our privacy, and our lives.
  12. I remember I wanted this building in my SC3K game. Better late than never
  13. "When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always." - Gandhi
  14. I promise that when I return to active playing, upgrading and expanding the Barsoom Project will be my very first priority