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  1. Somebody should BAT the Big Bend, a skyscraper proposed by a Greek studio for New York. I mean, look at this! But seriously, if I could BAT I would do it. Simcity 4 needs more surrealistic buildings like this.
  2. Indeed, the Version 3 is much better
  3. I'm thinking about renaming my profile. "Terring" has been following me since 2004 (that's before my registration in Simtropolis) and I think I have a more cool name in my head.

    1. Fantozzi


      To me the avatar 'Terring' is connected only with good deeds. To me this would be similar to the question: why change your pillow if you sleep well on it?

  4. Is it over yet?

  5. Problems with internet connection...

  6. Is that a flying cat?
  7. The Great and Powerful Trixie approves!
  8. 7 Earth-like planets orbiting around one star (TRAPPIST-1), 3 of them in the star's Goldilocks Zone.

    So many wonders:)

    So many worlds to explore:D

    So vast the distances between us and those worlds :(

    1. Fantozzi


      And so much time to see. Imagine them looking at us. They would see me as a little child. As I rase my hand and wave to them. Now they would wave back. But I will be gone before I can see, they waved back to me.

  9. Thanks for following me :)

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      Don't mention it. Was surprised I wasn't already:)

  10. Sadly, I'll agree with him. Don't let these lists and the amount of links fool you. If you compare the amount of futuristic/sci-fi content with the amounts of historic and modern/realistic contents, you'll cry. There is a daily increasing number of things that are based on past and present, such as 19th century homes and 1960's cars, but when it was the last time you saw a futuristic building with green roofs or a sci-fi floating car with spaceship-like aerodynamics? There are tons of modern grow-able apartment buildings, but very few futuristic grow-able apartment buildings, There are plenty of old-school farms, but very few futuristic sky farms. There is a truck load of coal power plants, but very few nuclear fusion reactors. In other words, the futuristic/sci-fi part of Simcity 4 in a sad minority and I can't see enough evidence of improving this image. Furthermore, most of the stuff I have included in my list are plop-aple landmark-type decorations, such as landed spaceships and Coruscant-like skyscrapers. Just decoration. Nothing more. Of course you can make awesome stuff with those stuff, and I'm happy they even exist in a first place! But sadly, even these are not enough. And no, by simply adding those decorations in a modern city in random positions is not enough to turn your city into futuristic. I have seen many city journals and mayor diaries with this concept, of placing random spaceships and domes just to set their cities into the future. It's like adding a few chocolate chips on a vanilla cake and call it "chocolate cake". It doesn't work. I'd like to say more and why I think this is happening, but I don't want to hijack and derail this topic. However, let me say one last thing and I'll shut my mouth. Thank goodness for SimMars!
  11. I know this song. It was one of my very first discoveries in Simcity 4, so I'm a bit familiar with it. I have heard a couple of stories about why this song is so terrifying, why it's unchecked by default, and why they even include this song into the game in the first place. I mean, it's a song you should expect it in games like Silent Hill and Tiberian Sun, not Simcity! Some people says that Primordial Dream was the only track that played in a pirated copy with the first cracks that were released for the game, so it was kind of a piracy protection, which was added to the playlist of the normal game later. Other says that this song was supposedly to play after selecting the Obliterate City option or during a disaster, but it was making the game crash, so they just let the track exist. And other says that if you check this song in the list, then it's the only song that plays! There are no evidence about those claims, so I can't confirm if those stories are true. If somebody wants to make a search about it, let her/him go for it.
  12. This is why I used to make my beaches by using MMPs, instead of those Maxis-made lots or any other lot. Just find or make an open land and add whatever you wish. Something like this: Not my best beach, but you get the idea.
  13. I like the idea of a positive and friendly version of the business deals. It will add some extra variety in gameplay. To be honest, however, I believe it has some excellent potential to be improved and be even better. Remember that these are just my ideas, so feel free to reject them if you wish If you feel that you could have made the deals more realistic and kept a bit more of the negative effects, do it. If nothing can stop you from updating your mod, just do it. This is one of the best things about modding, the ability of fixing, improving, updating and upgrading the mods. If you wish to make some changes, go back to your workshop and take your time. If you need some help, we're all here for you Another thing, and probably the most important (at least for me), is the lots themselves. A great reloting is highly recommended, because right now they don't look as friendly as they should. This might require some BATting skills, allowing you to make your very own versions of the buildings. But because I don't know if you can make actually BATs, I believe that you can use your lotting skills to change them, like adding various props to cover the original buildings. Here are some ideas: The Eco-Friendly Waste Dump still looks like the last thing you want to build in your city. My suggestion is a high-tech, warehouse-like recycling center, that stores and modifies the toxic waste into Eco-friendly and useful materials. The Humanitarian Army Base still looks a bit too militaristic. My suggestion is something like an Aid Camp, that can provide some healthcare bonus for the poor Sims as well. The Particle Testing Range looks more like an abandoned missile silo. How about a high-tech facility, with radio dishes and advance laboratories? Something like the Particle Cannon from Generals. Finally, the Social Rehabilitation Center still looks like a terrifying jail. If you can/wish, try to replace it with something that will actually look like a rehabilitation center, like a hospital with a beautiful park in front of it. All the above are just my 2 cents. If you have something much better in your mind, go for it
  14. It's 2017 here in Greece. Wishes for a better year from a poor but loony country :D

  15. Don't you hate it when you don't have the money to support whatever you love and enjoy? :(