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  1. Thanks again, I replaced the stops with Tram in Street. Tram T in road didn´t go, not even with the Immortality killer so unfortunaly, let´s say it´s a reminder for the tram operators to watch out for the trams comming out of the street, wich probably have priority over the GLR operators ! kind regardd, kschmidt
  2. Thank you, for the nostalgifc looks I used the Tram T on street, in the meantime I also have Tram on Street Stops so the road stops if noticed may go ! Glitch, roundabout where, red glitch maybe selected for buldozing but isn´t present. Hope you like this explanation ! kind regards, kschmidt
  3. Immortal or not ? Anything else ? ! This I encountered to lots wich where not removable by buldozer ! Where these lots indeed immortal or ? First a growable nice park lot behind the Opera house ! Redevelopement for some commercial parking and green side pedmall blocked, nothing no clouds of thunder ! Time to use RJ Immortality killer ! Buldozing all lots, job done ! Wich growable lot this belonged to is unclear ? Second case: Clear case of overhanging lots or not ? SFTB Swiss station have been cramped on this site earlier. Somehow the road got connected through the station area. Rearranging the site furthur down the line, just buldozing it ! As you can see this isn´t as the lot supposed to be ! Again Immortality killer added and the lot buldozed seemles ! Thank you R.J.! Reseach showed if no road placed so close the BAT it will be simply buldozed, mortal afther all ! Reploped lot in all it´s glory ! We are now very happy ? Allmost ! What about those advert sign´s in this picture no less than four times, prop pox ? Enjoy it !
  4. Old canal lots mathching NAM´s Canam texture; as Canam got some water automata feature these will not works with the Simgoober CAL Brick or regular Canals. Old canal lots mostly use NAM´s Canam, Simgoober Canals have different textures and landside´s. Canam got some automata features will will not work with other set´s. Obviously using them in seperate area is most common. Canals for most need to hold water so any transition to real rivers or sea need to be done by locks unless there only used for non fuctional beautificationpurpose with a water mod, they will never connect to sea, all sea parts fully drawn as water mod simulate it, well done !
  5. Bazel - Bern - Fribourg Highway ready ! Bazel will be some of the little towns covered in this the ANNO Europe series ! More in the next CJ ! Take a ride, probably will take some time and effort before Bernies will like this new way to go around ! Long stretch to Fribourg South I haved added a extra exit Fribourg North ! Fribourg nice town halfway to the Lake of Geneva ! South of this exit starts the roads into the direction of Zweisimmen, Montreux and Luzern ! So much RHW stuff ? RHW isn´t the mayor object of ANNO Europa series. Some maps with smaller cities will have the room for some RHW work. Modern European up to today highway´s won´t be around, focus is on a mix of semi highways like int the 60´s era ! Hope you enjoyed these pictures !
  6. Mayon Province Second largest town "Hartford" on it´s way ! Some ages ago I gave a glimps of the Hartford Spider web. Mayon Province develope has been on it´s back ever since. ANNO Europe series is well established and will continue with Bern for another episode soon. From may till september Mayon will be back with Hartford City and beyond ! Here some pictures of the area and the mentioned spider web ! First contour´s of the city center, on the left part of the spider web, on the right the main railwaystation area ! Most mayor infrastructure is in place ! The riverside harbour is situated on a diagonal shaped coastline. Large container ferry´s will so have their ideal dockingside ! Hartford Spider Web ! All in One solution for all mayor highway traffic corridor´s out of Hartford to the west and north, Maybe not totaly perfect but..! Enjoy !
  7. Great wood loging industry; stone quary and or depot would be more nice instead of second road based woodlogging depot. Nice chateaux and gardens ?! Creativity, terraforming and MMP´s excelent work, well done !
  8. Excelent transport network ! Pedestrian bridges and NWM shoulod have a uplifft; pedmall and as a avenue like sollution like below isn´t much relastic in such a setting. Cross rail rail elevated maybe a bit to crowdy, moving it closer to the Allianz arena may be better, Rail staton could do with a subway entrance underground connected alley, well done !
  9. Great display of those Caré corner BAT´s. Some are from the Paris Collection. Traingle are the Helsinki bastion. Few 3/4 side. Diagonal may have as orthogonal. Search for W2W corner or else some links ? Nice parks and plaza´s. Tram in front of the Gare Orsay hasn´t thought of as Budapest for all was a subway city, well done !
  10. Excellent work ! First picture small house estate in real presure of development with those high and medium rise buildings. Second picture wide curve bit odd with little house development, side walk like tennis field, well done !
  11. Bern RHW Interchange ! Europa ANNO is quit one large city in all. RHW doesn´t have a mayor roll, less connecting cities most not to talk about a real network. Bern, Budapest,Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich do have some part in the future. Nevertheless inner citie connection might ultimately result into a conversion into avenue´s orNwm´s ! Here some mayor interchange in Bern ! Space is a compromize so no nice flowing curves, these are 80 km/ph maximum roads ! Acceleration lane wasn´t there in the first version; second version got one below the single one way viaduct. Above this lane a RHW slope with a FAR ramp wich in a great effort got connected. RHW work perhaps won´t ever be my speciality still i<m satisfied it´s done ! Beyond to the right there´s a tunnel and a FAR merge ramp on his way into the direction of Fribourg ! p.s. Fantozzi sugested turning of the wave water effect, quit nice as maybe this will return in cities like Copenhagen or St Petersburg ! Enjoy it !
  12. Thank you, This series indeed isn´t about nice seaside´s. Graphicaly I can only change these in the main installation of SC4 as this region is run from a Username folder. Future cities like Copenhagen or St Peter´s burg will certainly have theme back, have a look at it !
  13. Thank you, wave effect turn off ? Some part of the shore´s need to be deep for the bridges, some maybe less deep. Still there´re some uneasy shore parts wich have been re-terraformed ! RJ - Disable Bridge Wash Effect (v1.0) this mod ?
  14. Thank you, Bern will prosper well. Sc4 Rushhour still got one unexplored topic on my list Got the mod to block maxis stuff. Building style´s allows me to go all european onlyw with some bat hickups hear and there ! This hopefully allow me to grow the specialy SFBT W2W Bern set more easily !
  15. Grass aswell possible but you maybe have color differences !