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  1. Rezoning to 3x3 will probably resolve this repetition, other 3x3 lots too replicate but there´s some more variation !
  2. Hartford, what might be ! Some pictures of Hartford and the harbour area !, Sims favourite fastfood chain ! Logistics firm moving in ! Enjoy !
  3. Nice use of the ancient roman water viaduct management system set ! Mix with 20th century housing, reminds us whe´r not playing Caesar III or any other ancient rts, well done !
  4. Organic transit system development I much more like instead of generic lines laid north-south east-west in a grid patern.Maxis line employment often takes a twist with reality sorting out unlogical directions. Road, boulevards unballenced used are a mere side track. Nice downtown and parks. Building subway lots nice diverge of pre maid plopabel bat´s, well done !
  5. Rural looks need to be carefully maintained; antique brick streets next befor proceeding into asphalt roads ! Adjacent neighbour zone give it that old SC2K 3K feel as neighbouring cities. Post war fifties look should be next, so sixties bit furthur out, well done !
  6. Great interchange and commercial area´s ! Some more green, but that park nicely fit´s the occasion, well done !
  7. Hartford Valley Int on it´´s way ! When je look at today´s regional view one thing will strike out ! Hartford Valley International Airport ! I am glad I can now finaly delivere on my promise maid in last series Mayon Province 2.0 for a real airport. Mayon air travels has been for now a maxis only story, or I will cover airports ? Yes, but probably on a more small to medium size ! Hartford Valley Int conscists of three runways, one north-south and two east west, accordanly 18/36 - 27L/9R and 27R/9L. Hartford Valley business development needs to be top notch to support the existence of such facilties, transit acces by road and rail, entertainment and leusure facilities, hotels ! Enjoy !
  8. NAM 32 got this RHW disconnector piece ? When the bridge is draged over replace the GLR 15m by using the RHW disconnector and place the Tram in road piece ?
  9. Hartford harbour Reconfiguration ! Checking out all dimensions I discovered the harbours wher to narow to navigate ! When sizing it´s allways handy to try out the dimensions, for local ships these wood be fine, containerships however need as much as posible space. See here a sample of the adjusted width of harbour 1 and 2. Third harbour will be used for other purposes so don´t require any adjustment. Well the now the new adjusted configuration ! Enjoy !
  10. Hartford harbour taking shape ! As mentioned earlier Hartford harbour is a real treat for all those big containerships to dock ! More less straight docking angle makes it ideal for docking those ships and more ! Left side will be a chemical harbour and LNG facility ! Enjoy !
  11. Excelent harbour facilities ! Society control to keep a certain group at bay is nasty,. mostly low wealth, means low health, so industry or agriculture only ! Those blue container cranes look fameliar still got a light blue set with railloading, these seem more flexible ? Sim2 lots are awesome !
  12. Escaping the square grid jungle, medium zoning is the only option as there´s too much space to be lost ! HSR may have a different allignemnet soa there be a big station, now there too little space for anything ambitioous ? West avenue bridge beside HSR bridge may also have a single span, maybe not the most important waterway, still !
  13. Growable madness, kind of game I play daily ! Quirky, buldoze all lots wich don´t fit. Watch that the zoning for corner lots is Ok ! European style style selected and maxis lots disabled ? Last if grawable not corporate use the plopable W2W one´s, saves a lot of time ! Good luck !
  14. Rural look indeed a lot better in this incarnation of the region. Pioneer american look hard come by, SC4 game hierargy tends to overtake less wealthy development too fast ! Harbour and other industrial lot´s sometime less fitting or to dominant, well done !
  15. Very much like those palmtree´s at the beaches, special sand mod ? Container harbour a little bit unrealistic as most goods will be imported at Yuti; a airport or cruise terminal would be more fitting on one of the short straight sections, nice football stadium, well done !