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  1. Timeless display of UK residentials, w2w, commercials and mix of random styled sets, special like picture 41 with the irrigation canal, well done !
  2. Very nice trainset; CSX loco out of touch for european scene maybe more like a german loco used instead !
  3. Bern, der Schweiß ! This month we first visit the land of watches, chocolate, cheese and beyond ! This month three part "Show us what your building" took some effort away of this CJ build but gives a showcase of what might lies beyond the city building corner; specialy I like to see the grow of the SFBT Bern set wich would be awesome. Landmarks for this city aren´t well avaible so a lot to research. This map just like the Munchen map covers a imaginative part of the Berner land. Let´s start with innercity area ! Bern tram network got like a T shape in the downtown area, line to right going to the station area ! Kirchenfeld area accros the river on the left, houses a lot of educational facilties like the State library, Natural and Historic Museum. Rural west of Bern developing into a modern town ! Swiss gantry is quit different from German & middle european one´s , not completly acurate but to give this a little bit of accent I now use the swiss gantry mod with faded pole´s to give it a more modern look ! To conclude some pictures of the city tile ! The basic city layout is established, next time we continue filling in some gapes. This city will be on of the three swiss cities in this series ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  4. EQUAL TOWN 3 Some more growing stages of this experimental town or city perhaps ! Business quarters secondstage completed ! Public and commercial demand required addition of a airport ! First Highrise Office in town ! Residentials neighbourhood not yet affected ! Agricultural demand still present ! Last the rich and famouse found their place ! Ballanced town afther three episodes building. Sound enverimentaly, Agricultural present but probably cap soon reached, first highrise developing. What will we see next ? To be Continued !
  5. EQUAL TOWN 2 ! Rewards, we add some. Industrial get on it´s way ! Farms and Manufacturing industries poluting ! Business area low and medium and a convetion center ! Education cultural and spiritual life have been enhanced. University campus ! Privat schools ! Churches, Tsybo Cultural center, Letzenburg Clinic and David Collet stadium ! Cheap Student housing ! IKEA arrives in town ! Business and HI-Tech area ! Growable progress and rewards have there influence on town life. A sample town in wich all is planned. No traffic, enviromental problems all lights on green ! Grow stages to be observed first and second stage displayed. Europa ANNO set limited to european sets, we see what the later building stages will bring when everything contimues to prosper ! To be continued !
  6. Firing hot alternative to the waterdam break flooding, well done !
  7. Great city, newyork sets and so much varity and landscaping, well done !
  8. Very nice town ! GUI maybe hidden with minimize button remover and the U-drive button thrid on the menu turned off makes it more beautifull, well done !
  9. EQUAL TOWN ! Experiment with growable BAT´s only first ! Let me introduce a equal divided city. Poor part of town has no vegitation, Rich has lush all around § Zoning on both sides is equal. A chess board patern is used for the different zone types high density middle, low outside ! Poor side stalling ! Rich side blooming ! Movies all arround ! We now go to Yama speed ! Estates well developing ! Overal development is lacking. Abscence of landmarks ? All basic needs ar met. What else wanted ? Next time we add industries to the equaisian add the rewards and go beyond mediocre education ! To be continued !
  10. Growing Merlot everywhere, but this doesn´t say there grwable agriculture lots or SPAM ready !
  11. Plopable farms, great choice, more labour intensive as growable but at least a last resort if there´s no demand for argriculture at all,, well done !
  12. Very very, nice MMP work, love the conformity of the nrothrn neighbourhood , well done !
  13. Those farms showed up quit quickly probably grow them first,and zoning the city aftherwards ? City growable development takes up quit fast, agricultural cap normaly reached very soon afher starting the simulation Mix of downtown highrise buildings is awesome, real pleasure to watch grow; considered to run a asia like city, like Hongkong or any other for a change, well done ! Very nice downtown detailed parks ! Diagonal fillers might take away the staircase like shape, well done ! http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1197 or http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3489
  14. Master piece of engineering ! Mayor parts RHW, some underground parts with the hiillside tunnel to subway transition. Brokage last time, restored, conversion from maxis quit a challenge, well done !
  15. EUROPA ANNO Industrials ! Last CJ there was a reply about all those maxis industries, rightly displayed. As answered anything else wooden fit, maybe some yewels left. This afthernoon I added and searched for this hidden assets, some allmost hidden others present other unfindable. Blue tiles mean the terrain isn´t that flat but that isn´t of importance for now ! Shown are the GAZ Tyres Company, DEDW Farmasuticals, Acme Toxic and storage, FG Warehouses, Koln Cable works, Dairy Factory and a lot more... Maxis heavy industrial poluting looks like this ! Manufactering industries ! GAZ Tyres, Koln Cable, Acme Cold Storage, Dairy Factory, Sovereign, Logistics,.. Acme Toxic Industries, DEWD Pharmasuticals, Pepsi and Coca cola, FG Warehouses Large Mall hidden somewhere.. Liked to show you the Megaton old and new car factory but for some reason untracable, maybe someone knows more about it ! Europa ANNO as shown do have some customizable industrial life, these might be used or pop up in a other regional map ! Hope you like this update !