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  1. Roghue Island Interchange Revisited ! Tonight I adresed some issue with the Roghue Island South Interchange. Two issues where amendment: one the elevated one way flyover exit from highway 4 to highway 55 and ramps entry and exit´s from the Hartford City ! One way flyover corner pieces didn´t show right direction so was in fact only cosmetic. Entry and exit wheren´t there at all so a detour must me made via Cape Mayon to reverse into the Hartford City direction ! Issues´s now partly resolved ! Still a detour to Cape Mayon or using the highway 5 bridge is needed to return to Hartford City. Just before the Cape Mayon tunnel there´s a new exit to Roghue Island; any future exit however remains unresolved because there´s no suitable place to place a entry with accelerationlane; ultimately a special tunnel would need to be constructed underwater and costs would expand into a tremendous amount of simoleans ! See the lovely over the rail tunnels winding RHW highway 55 ! Diagonal rail portal pieces are by Takingyouthere; functional there´s still some work to make them fit in better ! Enjoy !
  2. Nice facilities, loading - unloading facilties would complete it, as you can see in my updated CJ Mayon Province 2.0 Hartford harbour wich I have plublished today !
  3. Last picture power may have no use or can be replaced by PEG Conduit or obsolete ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  4. Dark grey look of aboandoned buildings is believe the only look there is, more important seem mods to keep buildings occupied, there a mod not showing degrade the dilapidation mod, unfortunaly there seems to be no re occupation mod around, so demolition only way to get something new. Some building maybe look delepated but are still occupied so be carefull with dark buildings !
  5. Personaly I like a more clean line when it comes to airport structure, a tight path as it´s a security perimiter would be more appropiate, nature plops are fine as long there not in the way of airport operations. If you have a as extesive airport bat collection there should be a fuel depot and more importantly a fire department around, well done !
  6. Rural feel very much preserved by using SAM dirtroads, downtown a bit more of coblestone streets near the docks might be more appropiate. some strugle to keep semi modern buildings out of the way, to set growable excisting on historic, well done !
  7. Supurb city development ! Lush neighbourhoods and downtown allong a sub tropical river. All transit nicely created, great MMP´s, shame it got prop pox in the end, somehow you allways see it with those parking lots taking shape. Parking lots might be for the blame if used regularly but also PEG BDK Beach Development Kit Dev is suppose to be quit bugy. Well done !
  8. Construction bat´s make building up in a CJ more lifely; ploping everything down every thing and hitting the button can become quit dull ! Still someting notable need to come to replace these lots as these are only for this timed occasion, well done !
  9. Very nice tropical city ! Colonial use of W2W maybe a bit to extensive, real great choice of latin american bat´s still short listed. MMP´s very nice tropical scene ! Absene of real tropical hotels, restaurants and cafe´s makes it a little lifeless ! WW2 got these aswell: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=568 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2732 some other w2w and not forget non w2w restaurats. Well done ! kschmidt
  10. Some interesting CBD skyscrapers and a landmark is that sextant flat semi diagonal building structure below the parking lot in picture three ?
  11. Nice use of the WW2 european blocks, hasn´t yet myself made such wide deep blocks, well done !
  12. Some roads and specialy the road connected to the avenue north-south on the left may need widening with those highrise buildings beside, as long there oneway streets it´fine but low midrise always changes to mid highrise showing increased stress on the roads around !
  13. Great unlocking of these cities ! I know waterways isn´t the thing but those maxis pier don´t add ? Some simple PEG lots would beautify it so much ! Would look better, only dependecies ! Terraforming a straight coastline and flat surface to support it´s all ever only asked for, so much nicer ! kschmidt
  14. Railstation hasn´t seen that before yet, sorty it only used at one side, obviously a relot of somekine ? Bus terminal bit large somekind of inbetween models wood be nice, customized for Greyhound, Stage Coach, USA bus charer, well done !